Friday, April 1, 2016

My Bonus Day -- Gaia News Brief 1 April 2016

We have had some incredibly slow days at work. Perhaps the surgeons are taking time with their families for Spring Break?

Today there is no work. And I couldn't be more delighted! I get to enjoy Anthony at home for one more day, as his Spring Break is ending.

Yesterday I found key reports for the lawsuit, and met with the attorney. It appears I AM indeed responsible for my foundation, but to fix it, I need to possibly go under my neighbor's houses which are connected to mine. I really do need a lawyer to get my house fixed.

It's going to be expensive, but I'm not afraid. Why? Because it's the right thing to do. To do otherwise would be to do what the previous owners did to me--patch and paint and sell. The cracks are getting worse by the day, slowly now, not fast like before.  It's to the point where I think it's a little beyond 'patch and paint' because it hasn't stabilized, and it started to accelerate when the neighbor next door did the remodeling.

What I want to write about is my perception and my ability to manifest. Both are increasing. I went out to breakfast today at the place I wanted to go but didn't ask--Antony picked up on it. It is nice to have someone spiritually similar in the home.  I'm having people offer things as soon as I think of them, I don't even have to mention them. It's nice. And of course, I am sending thoughts of Love, Peace, and Harmony across the wall to my neighbor's homes!

I heard the sitter talking about movies yesterday, that maybe she and Anthony would go see one. And I REALIZED to control people, you can't FORCE them to watch movies that have 'a certain amount of programming' in them. They have to think it's trendy, popular, and pay money with their friends to go see them. That's how it works.

I realized we really as a whole, while incarnate, don't like to work on ourselves. We like to have fun. And THAT'S how the whole control thing came over the population. We crave excitement, friendship and fun times. It's human. We don't LIKE to sit and meditate, or reflect on how to become a better person.  (This is very much like the psychological training technique that is used to train large mammals such as dolphins and whales who are highly intelligent--many rewards--positive reinforcement).

Then when Anthony's counselor started talking last night after I admired her Psychology Today magazine, she said she really enjoys the articles in Time. And they give balanced stories on the candidates...

Then it flashed before my eyes!

It's a big hoax!  All the voting and decisions and change of office is to keep the general population engaged in the system of control!!!  The information given is false. The thought that we decide our fate is a lie. (the electoral votes are what decides the president, not the popular one)...She was showing how she is secure that the system is what is presents itself to be!

Then after Ross told me to write about it, I saw this video from called #whenyouwakeup.  It's hard to find the link for you to the video. But a man has these sunglasses that show the truth. The billboards say OBEY when they are on, but look like normal when they are off. The hidden meaning behind the advertisements is clear when he has the glasses on. It's so true!

I hope you like the website. I posted the link to the movie on Doctors With Reiki on FB, too.

My Tour Of My Past

Last night in meditation, Ross showed me how I looked in all of my past lives with him. As the temple girl to Melchizidek, I was tall and thin. They didn't feed us much. I had dark hair.  When I was with Gamaliel, I knew I didn't have curly hair, but it was a little hard to see. As Amee, I looked a lot like I did at twelve but with small differences in facial features.

What was common was the look deep in my eyes, my consciousness.

I had a lot of questions about the whole thing, and Ross answered them.

He wanted me to share that part with you too.

Here is a movie from YouTube you might like--it's about Addiction.


Carla is enjoying a 'catch up day'.  Yesterday she got over the 'hump' with her lawsuit, and 'found' important binders with all the papers and articles she needed to copy for the lawyer to do his job. She feels like a ten pound weight has been lifted from her shoulders. (She has been having shoulder pain, on her right. It's what Carla gets when she is overwhelmed and too much is asked of her.)

So now that Carla has written what I have asked, she is off to go complete the requests from her lawyer, and also for her reappointment.

And also make a little lunch for her and Anthony.

I want her to have fish for dinner tonight, too.

I invite you to think about what Carla has shared in all of this writing--in her part, not mine--and how it affects you--how you see your world.

I want you to go take a look around on these websites too:

I want you to know we are in control now. This is only to expose you to how much information has been hidden from the general view. 

Enjoy!  I want you to enjoy your free time on earth, just like Carla is feeling very blessed at the moment.

And THAT is no April fool!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins