Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bliss Lane -- Gaia News Brief 30 April 2016

This is me and my guides, LOL. I'm learning how to use the incredible gifts that have always been ours.

I am loved.

Yesterday I enjoyed immensely having time to volunteer at a school fundraiser before school. I helped in the kitchen and Anthony played the drums.

Then I got the call to stay home, and not come in to work.

Technically, my vacation has started, but it's a 'stay cation'. And I have a little call this weekend to settle out. It's mostly backup, I should be home.

With that high note I went to Target, and found wonderful things to organize my beads. There are trays that stack I REALLY like (I sort by color and then by stone). There was even a little bar cart and stool in rattan on clearance. Carts help me bring all the pieces into a place where I can select energetically what 'feels right'.

I came home.

I wanted to ship to London the bracelet I made. Someone is waiting for it.

But I got stuck on the computer.

I got stuck, stuck, stuck and skipped lunch and lost my afternoon.

What did I do?

There were a lot of important things mixed in with all the spam. So I found them, threw out the rest, and finished. I was coordinating with the lawyer. And the foundation guy. I skipped my MOCA minute (everybody wants something online now--and for board recertification I have to take a 'few tests' online every month.  Lots of questions I answer in one minute apiece.).

I found out I was overdue on my property taxes. I paid. I had lost the little envelope with the second part I owed.

I picked up Anthony from school.

We stopped by In and Out because he was really hungry and wouldn't agree to Souplantantion I wanted. There was a baseball game that started at five he wanted to see.

We worked on 'his project' for school. It has to do with the Renaissance. He wants to build a castle.  We have a blueprint of the layout of the grounds. I helped him--line by line--make it to scale in pencil as an outline on his cardboard where he wants to build.. He wants to build it with popsicle sticks and glue. We found out that garden shears will cut a popsicle stick with a clean edge.

THEN I worked on my bracelets.  And I organized until nine p.m.!

I made the most difficult ones.

The woman who is cutting my hours has a  young daughter and son, and feels like a terrible mother. Another woman who is in the group of six who is holding a coup against the single women--I liked her. I made her a mother daughter set, because she has twin girls.  I made it last week, but I didn't give it. Why did I make it? I don't know, exactly. Just because. But this last one? The one who calls me endearments but doesn't mean it? The one who is going to drop my income by three thousand dollars a month, and the other single woman's that much too?

How could I make it?

I did.

Someone asked me, 'how could you have a relationship with those who hurt you?' and cited specific examples.

With God all things are possible.  Even this.

I felt love in my heart as I made the bracelets.  It has white moonstone (looks grey), blue Czech beads, and Peace Jade.  They remind me of the ocean. And they look beautiful because they match as a mother-daughter set.

It doesn't matter. Those people who are cutting my hours are never going to be happy. They are sick. Sick in the soul, sick in the heart, sick without the Divine--even though they go to church on Sundays most of them and smile to my face.

They are stuck in 3D.

And they haven't got a clue.

I will find my way to what Spirit wants me to do. And all I have to do is be 'friendly and polite' to anyone who hurts me. I don't have to be close or even show an interest in them.

Friendly and polite.

And do what Spirit invites.


Losing the veil can be fun!

Carla had a fascinating communication back and forth with John Smallman yesterday.

While she was cleaning the emails, she found an old thank you note from him for her last donation.

It was dated April 2014.

Carla could have smacked herself on the head over that one like in the commercial 'wow I could have had a V8!'  or like Homer Simpson going 'DOH!'


Because she counts on his messages to help her through. 

And she hadn't stopped to thank him for it for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

So she sent him a donation that was shared from those who donated to her. 

He was delighted both for the recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude.

She was delighted to honor a faithful and accurate channel.

John does not know about us, me and Carla. 

I am fine with that, and Carla is too.

She is so thankful for John's faithfulness in all of our incarnations we have loved and supported one another.

The same goes for you who were on Earth with us 'back in the day'...we are filled with loving gratitude to you for your love and support for our work and our souls and our hearts!

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Souls

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  1. Wow, a lesson learned, pat on the back for me, it's nice to know I am doing something right. I, too make bracelets, & like you, dear Carla, I was selling them at give away prices, 'cos I was competing with other sellers, Chinese people, but people expect bargains at markets,I suppose they didn always realise all the Love that went into each piece, and the Crystal energy.... I always had a printed list of the Crystals I used, & the general meanings of them, but, weren't best sellers. I gave a few away, If I found someone who wanted to talk about Spiritual topics. I also tried Angel Card readings, with a 'free ask the Pendulum a question'...not too many takers, I also offered Healing, mostly just energy hands on or Reiki, but not too many takers. Maybe I was at the wrong Markets. I advertised a price per 30 minutes, (way under the normal price others charged)but usually ended up doing an hour. I so Loved when I was doing what I Loved doing. But, I felt like a failure. I must stop harking back on that part of my life, it makes me feel sad. I still have a lot of bracelets & a few necklaces, all handmade by me, along with other stock to sell, not sure what to do with it. I had a go at an Etsy shop, but I am not a computer design person, I just could not follow the instructions. So, I have an empty Etsy shop, plus I had your other problem, except that it was with cameras. I have 4 cameras, but when I tried to organise to take pics to sell my work, something always went wrong with the camera. Maybe that was Spirit's way of telling me it's just not gonna work, Sylv,give up. I have been working a lot n understanding the concept of sending Love & Light energy to Dark ones, but I always was like that, I always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, a 2nd chance. I wasn't liked for it.
    Thanks for letting me offload, it's so soothing to put things into words that bothers one I am finding, but still cannot write these things on my own blog. It must have been so difficult to do this, Carla. I am so in awe of you.
    Thank you for letting me share your life a little, I laugh & cry whilst reading.....I am so grateful,
    In Peace, Joy, Love & Abundance
    Sylvia Melaynia hugs & kisses xoxoxo