Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gaia News Brief 14 June 2015


I'm cranky today. Sometimes I'm just not the happiest camper in the world when it comes to my spiritual life.  When I get to this point, I acknowledge I am at a point of major spiritual growth, and I'm uncomfortable with it. I ease into it, lower my expectations of myself WAY down, and against my own wishes--go along for the ride.

I have no choice to do otherwise.

There is only one option.

You can't hold back a hurricane or a tidal wave.

And with a Creator Writings like this:, which reinforces some pretty horrible tarot readings, I do my best to keep my thoughts 'neutral' and my emotions 'quiet' so I do not manifest anything spectacularly horrible.

What's my bitch?

My 'concern' to put it in a PC way is that although I stick my neck out, WAY THE HECK OUT, and put my professional reputation--both as a physician and as a friend and as a Lightworker--every single day with this blog and my work... I ever have much say in any of the changes that are poised to take place? Am I invited to know the plan? Does anyone want my 'buy in'?


And I ain't no princess in a tower sitting on my tuffet waiting for my knight in shining armor!

My mission is complete and has been for several months--and I KEEP working and 'fighting' if 'fighting' is a term for  actively pushing the envelope for the Light, for the cause, and for Gaia's people.

Nobody tells me anything. The last I was asked was when someone asked if I would like the changes to happen sooner or later. I was like, 'SOONER!' and had to use all my diplomatic restraint to keep from adding a huge Homer Simpson 'DOH!' to the end of it.

This was in summer of 2012.

So here we are with my closest friend and ally due to 'go up'--one way or another--and I spoke up to this person about it.

You see, in echocardiography, we get images by bouncing sound waves off structures--near the heart. There is such a thing called 'artifact' where something looks like something, but it is not an actual thing. It's some kind of effect of the technology that makes the image like that. So as a rule, we look at two separate views. Something can't fake something if you look at it two different ways and it's still THERE.

In orthopedic surgery, a bone isn't fixed properly until an x-ray from front to back and a second one from side-to-side show that bone is aligned in all needed directions.

So I asked, 'Are you SURE you're sure?' and 'Would you please mind double-checking?'

I also went to sleep ready to interrogate Ross. But I can't recall any of it.

My friend doubled checked. The Boss and also her HS say it's time for 'sayonara'...

This Gaia Portal sort of alludes to it as being truth too:

I have LOTS of feral energetics. And I am ready to bite the head off the first Galactic I meet. I am sick and tired of the way things currently are--with the government and the people.

I demand my 'money-back guarantee' before I 'buy' the party line on all of these things.

Spirit sent me the 'Logical Song' by Supertramp this morning when I was in Harry Bird's room...
here it is

This is a super Christian band, and I 'sense' spirit is poking fun at me for wanting 3D 'logic' when 'they' are in charge.

The Meramis was above us last night at the ballpark.  SaLuSa was in it, but I didn't 'sense' his energy. There was a TON of scouts on the horizon. Just like at the graduation two days earlier.

They are measuring. I can sense when they are up to something like that. And yesterday was the first time I was comfortable with the energy of the crowds. If you have been reading this blog for some time, you will understand why my comfort with the energy of crowds is important. I have made great progress in this respect. Ross didn't do so well with the crowds at the end. That's the hurdle I have to overcome.

I am confident now in my abilities. The graduation was difficult because the collective emotions of the group were very potent. I was able to anchor them and stay grounded to Gaia and hold my frequency of the Light.

Ross's Kindness

I was humiliated yesterday upon arrival to the security check over my dad's whistle from the playground (he coached after school for many years as a teacher) that's on my keychain.  I was told to 'toss it or put it in the car' and 'whistles are not allowed in the park'.

I exclaimed to Anthony and the lady number 41--'This is daddy's and he is DEAD!'

She said, 'I'm very good at my job!'

I stepped back, looked her in the eye, and said from my soul, 'And I am MUCH better at MY job than YOU are at YOURS!'

We hiked back to the car and put the beloved reminder of daddy into the trunk. (I told her I wasn't going to use it. I've been to three games already with it in my pocket and been just fine. Still no can do according to her).

Ross stepped in on the long hike back to the stadium.

'Turn the other cheek Carla'.

I went to her gate, and said, 'I owe you an apology'

She said, 'No apology is needed'.

It wasn't a REAL apology but I said it and ate the humble pie.  I turned the cheek enough.

And she knows she upset a fan, the source of her paycheck and beloved place of employment.

(If she had said, 'I'm sorry, but these are the rules, would you mind?' I wouldn't have been as upset)

Well, AFTER the game, I found this:

Ross wanted me to get it to put back with my whistle. This is important--healing negative imprints before they 'set'.

But I had my heart on a tiny little baseball mug.  I told myself, I have too many mugs. I can always get it later.

Well, Anthony has his own money, and he bought himself three baseballs with the Angels logo on it. After I bought the keychain, Anthony said, 'WAIT!' and he wanted to buy a mug. Ross had told him to buy something that cost nineteen dollars (he looked down on the ground and saw a slip of paper with a number 19 on it).  He was looking for things that cost nineteen dollars, which the mugs happened to be.

I spoke up and said, 'Well that one isn't the one I prayed for. I wanted the baseball one.'  to see it click here

And we bought it.

I knew Ross was listening! And it made me feel much better to know I was heard.

Earlier, before the game, Anthony was humiliated. The woman next to him who got a ball that rolled by the fence promised to give him the next one.

She didn't. She got it and she kept it, even though her friend had given three balls like that away.

Ross had told me he'd take care of Anthony, not to worry.

During the seventh inning stretch, a tee-shirt got fired up like a cannon into our section. Anthony ran ran ran to get it. But another man got it first.

He looked at Anthony, and asked, 'would you like it?'

Anthony said yes. And I was super excited when he came down the stairs with his prize!!!  I could tell the man was happy to have given this excitement to a boy and his mom.

I felt it.

(It's his third tee shirt--they are identical--we just happen to sit in the right place I guess?--I think I feel Ross smiling. I know right now by the energy it's him, who has been helping us all along. )


Carla is having a rather rough patch. Carla wants to trust (points to his head--ed) although she is trained too much in science to allow things to progress.

Carla, we want you to know we value your input. I (emphasis on the word) value your input. I do.

What I am trying to say is it is complex. You are one part--a very huge part for me--of many.

There are many 'fingers' in this pie.  It is commendable for you to speak on behalf of the safety of yourself and others.  (he flashes an image of that girl leaning way over the fence to get the ball--her legs up, and I put my hand instinctively on her calves to prevent her from tipping all the way in a fall. She told me -I can get in trouble if you hold my legs. I apologized, and said, I didn't know she had done this before, and further, I am a doctor and it's in my training to 'save lives'. She smiled and understood.--ed)

Are you willing, Carla Maria (he says my last name), to let go of that which you trust with your experience, your eyes and ears and senses--for just a little bit?

Are you ready like Thomas--to accept that 'doubt' and 'fear' is but a 'thing of the past' and will not serve you where you are about to debut?

Are you ready to accept that apart from the news stories, that 'all is well' Carla?

(as an aside, I had archangel Michael cut the cords between me and my sister Christi over the last interaction. It literally was hemorrhaging my energy, from the hurt and her desperation to really helped.--ed)

(there is a HUGE energy of silence as he looks at me. I am rereading what he has written. I won't respond blithely and without considerable thought.--ed)

Carla:  I am willing to undergo the changes to become that which I truly AM, and have always been, and ever shall be. The status quo is doomed to failure. Gaia is like a very fast truck heading for a cliff, a runaway train, and we are locked in. There is no escape. I accept your terms, and having said my peace, will speak of it no more. So be it. If your team has the specialty of 'saving runaway trains' and 'catching flying trucks' I am in for a pleasant surprise. And if not, at least my misery will end in either situation. I accept. I accept,  I accept. I will speak of this never again, to anyone.

Ross:  so you are not happy?

Carla:  I'm not feeling the love. Why should I fake it and put it in my response? It's official. I concede and will go and play catch with Anthony.

(Ross really smiles and chuckles over that--ed)

Ross:  Just like that?

Carla:  Just like that.

Ross: That is how Carla flips us the bird--with a curtsey and turns her back. You can't help but smile after her warrior soul has its say. (he shakes his head and smiles --apparently I've always been like that--since a baby in our first lives together too.--ed)

Ross--speaking to you--I want all of you to listen. If Carla has her doubts and is willing to put them on the shelf and play catch--Carla who knows me and sees the depth of my interaction with herself and others...I now ask the same question of you. Are you willing to accept that 'all is well' and to trust in 'what comes next'? Even if there is significant upheaval in your personal lives? (recall the Creator Writing).

That is my question for you at this time.

Carla answered it.

Now it is time for your own heart to do the same.

I'm going to go take care of Carla. She needs me. When she gets like this I have learned she is unhappy, and if I don't act soon, the depression will take root. Carla needs fun. She has an inordinate amount of 'duty' in her life. A little sunshine, spontaneity and fresh air will do her some good. Although her illness is better, Carla likes to be VERY CLOSE to others when she isn't feeling her best. She would always lie on the couch and watch TV with her family and nap instead of staying in her room.  Carla needs the same with us. With our current policies and revisions (up here about what is to happen/take place)--I haven't kept my part of the 'bargain' as a couple. I will make up for that with her today. And Carla, always, always, always, forgives me when it comes like this.  That's what couples are all about, especially Twin Souls like us.

One day you will be like that too, in your heart.

Just like us.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Ashtar is promising me a message 'soon' to explain things in an official manner as what to expect.