Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gaia News Brief 13 June 2015

Mercury Antegrade?

Right now some drunken college roommate renters across the way are singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, 'nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me...'

The lead singer was Freddy Mercury.

Funny, isn't it?  That Mercury Retrograde is over, and I can't sleep because of the neighbors.

And I had a really wonderful day if having it filled with 'lessons' is your idea of a good time.

For mine, it isn't.

Even after I finished work at eleven at night, drove way out of my way to the sitter's, and after waking Anthony up enough so he was totally disoriented (I had asked in the morning if he wanted to come home late or in the morning after sleep--he wanted this)---we drive all the way home only to find a car in our parking spot! It was after midnight!

Whose was it? Was it the daughter of my neighbor who was moving?

I have a right to tow--there is a service. So I called the neighbor, and her daughter. It wasn't them. So I looked looked looked online to find the name of our patrol company.

I had a spot in 'visitor', but the patrol company is so mean without clearing it with them any car spent overnight in 'visitor' gets towed too.

Well, the drunk party boys overheard me and Anthony, and one ran and moved the car...

Today I had a patient flatline. Yup. Transient cardiac standstill because the insufflation for the laparoscopy went up too tight and pulled on the peritoneum, triggering a heart-slowing reflex.

I had just been all cozy sharing the warming blanket--half on the patient's head, half on my lap right next to the head of the table--when I saw both the EKG and the pulse ox had no signals.

I ripped off all the blankets and checked to make sure the EKG leads and the ear probe were all connected--they were!--so I told the surgeon to STOP, turned off the gas sevoflurane, and drew up and gave two medicines to increase the heart rate.

It came back, but blood pressure was low--it was real.

Although the patient was without any problems and woke up fine, in my work, everything can go from normal to danger at the drop of a hat...when it does, the training kicks in...even when you're sick.

The Chills

I woke up today with the chills and muscle aches. I'd had a headache two days ago; I'm not the kind to get headaches.

Getting out of bed took real effort.

I was ten minutes late for work--well, actually, twenty.  I told the scheduler to tell the surgeon I was sick but I came in anyway, that's why I'm late.

It turned out that one other anesthesiologist had the same illness one day ahead of me, and felt 'better' but still was on the mend.  So did a surgeon, and his had lasted three weeks!

Sometimes it pays to be honest.

My RN friend Laura came in on a long case we were working on, to my work station, and gave me a neck rub. Then she worked on my forehead, and it felt hot to her.

It's funny how nurses make you listen--even when you are a doctor. There's this tone of voice and you just DO when you are sick what they suggest. She asked if I would like ice for my head? I said, 'yes' without really knowing what she had in mind.

She brought me an ice pack that ties on, like to a knee or elbow, but she wrapped it around my head with the ice like a visor.


And the ice melted really fast.

She was right.

Right now I am overtired, and hungry, and sick. I just can't sleep. I'm getting downloads of energy--that same familiar feeling of tingles and sequences of pulses of energy in my body.

So I write.

Yes I get sick.

Yes I use Reiki.

Yes I use the codes.

Yes I use healing crystals.

But my aura was weak. From the shock from my sister's being hurtful to me. The last time she was, I got sick too. Any tiny crack in my aura--and lack of taking good care of myself (we are so busy I have three days worth of breakfast dishes in the sink)--and BOOM!

Laura, the RN, said, 'We always get sick because it's a signal we need to rest.'

She IS right!


Carla is going through a lot at her work. Another patient almost died on her today too. It was at night, and as the PACU nurse said, 'he is half dead'.

He really was. He had the gasping breathing going. But the family 'wanted everything done'--so in the OR Carla had a really hard time keeping the blood pressure up and the heart rate and breathing relatively 'normal' under the effects of anesthesia.

This takes it's toll.

As also does waiting.

Carla said today that she has to believe the lies she tells herself that she is content to be here in the remnants of the third dimension.

Carla is multidimensional, and has been since taking Karuna Reiki in 2010.

It feels better to her when the vibrations are elevated (he puts his hand way up over his head to make a point--ed) is more comfortable for her, she can relax.

It is the LOW VIBRATION of the neighbors, not the noise, that make it so she can't sleep. Carla felt violated to find the car in her parking spot at the end of a long day. That doesn't help her fall asleep either.

The energy upgrades are preparing her for her assignment. Like the healing codes and their frequency are to you--we have similar patterns of healing with our technology which is advanced. This is a simple term for the restructuring of the layers of energy that constitute 'us'--our body, mind and soul--when we are incarnate on Gaia.

Where am I getting to with this?

Am I making you feel sorry for Carla?

That is not the case.

For Carla is an example of what it is like to be a human incarnate and a spirit that is Sirian--a soul that is from Sirius and the Pleiades--from a long ways back in time...

For all the answers that you seek, you will find them (points to his chest--ed) within.

You will always find them, and here (points to his chest again--ed).  That is the vehicle of the cosmos--the human heart incarnate--there is nothing special about it, mystical or magic!



Practice using your hearts!

Talk to it--your heart--like you would a guide like myself, an Ascended Master.  It is better than an Oracle!  Always listen to the guide that is within.

Carla:  Ross wants me to give an example.  My vacation plans are up in the air. Where do I want to go? And Ross made me be quiet, and ask my heart.  These stirrings came up...and I realized, I wanted to go to New York at Christmas for a meeting I used to go to for my work. I wanted to bring Anthony to New York for the second time in his life. I wanted to enjoy the town, and also visit the Carnegie Deli.  I realized I wanted to go to that meeting where the Chairman was with my bad memories--to face my fears. I asked for both times off, and got them. I need the education units for next year, when I need to renew my staff privileges. The answers were very surprising to me, and yet, at the same time, solid and 'resonated' as 'truth'.

Ross: I am back. We will let my little insomnia anesthesiologist--is that like a giraffe with a sore throat--listen and type because it's a whole lot easier than having to think at this point! LOL

There is only you and your heart.

That is all there is, for all eternity.

No matter where you are, alive or dead--it's just like that song, 'My Heart Will Go On' at the end of the movie Titanic.

It's not the blue and diamond one that sank to the bottom of the sea. (Points vigorously to his chest--ed).  I want no confusion on this!!! (he laughs--ed)

It's the one where you live and breathe and exist in perfect balance of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--for all eternity.

Why not take a moment to get acquainted--you with your heart center, your heart center with you--and take the steps to 'come right up' to where I sit.  And Ashtar too, who is at my right, and Carla--believe it or not!--who is also in the physical--is at my left for eternity too.

I'm waiting to hear from you (cups both hands behind his ears--ed) are always welcome (points to his chest--ed)

I hope you get our hint. (smiles--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla