Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gaia News Brief 11 June 2015


The ability to manifest increases one's ability to trust.

For example, on the way to work on Tuesday, I was thinking, 'Wow! That bead company is my official supplier! How cool is that?' I look professional now.  Well, two hours later, I get a phone call from the bead company. I thought perhaps something was wrong or on backorder. Nope! I've reached Platinum status, and am to be rewarded with significant discounts from here on out!  I even had a 'representative' to help with anything I ask related to the jewelry.

You know that feeling how when God opens a door for you?

When you manifest it happens all the time.

My house, like many in the area where I live, has some movement in the soil. A specialist is coming. He wants to see my neighbor's homes too. Well, one hour later, my neighbor calls and asks to park in my spot. I say yes, of course, like always. Then I ask where she will be next week? I explain the need to look for cracks inside her home. And it turns out she's going to be on vacation, so she gave me her key.

This is why Creator Writings says, 'choose wisely what you think about' because the energies on Gaia are such that manifestation IS possible.

The Soul Connection

Sometimes there are certain people in your life where you just click.

The closest thing I have to a brother is my mentor and friend, Jonathan. He is from Taiwan, and is about two years ahead of me in the anesthesia training. For some reason, Jonathan has always liked me. He's taken me under his wing and showed me the ropes in private practice.

Last night Jonathan called.  He likes to talk. From where I was on the couch, I couldn't see the clock.

My son came and was ready to go to bed. We had spoken for two hours, and my dying phone battery was enough!

When you have friends in your life, who 'stick around', and also, who care about you, sometimes there just might be a soul connection from other lives you have lived.  Or they might be star family.

Is Jonathan aware of anything I do here? Not at all. Jonathan likes money. I am his cheerleader when he tells me how his business deals go. I am happy he is doing well, and is going to be doing even better when his new company is a success. He has offices in Asia and the states!

Do I send him Reiki?

Yes. Every day.

Has it worked?

Yes.  He is now taking OB call at a place I once worked. There is a lady anesthesiologist there. Someone made some cruel comments to her about her anesthesia plan for someone who had had back surgery with instrumentation/hardware in the same place where the spinal would go in.  The lady anesthesiologist went the safe route, and did a general anesthetic.

Well the surgeon made the anesthesiologist cry.

And Jonathan told her the same thing he used to always tell me, 'Did you make money today?'  (yes)...'Are you going to work tomorrow?' (yes)

'Then you WIN! Every day you work, you WIN, and nothing else matters.'  (he gently takes the focus off the abusive environment--and it is abusive to women still in my field--and reframes it to make the situation more empowering to you.)

An extension of this is, 'Did you wake up today?' (yes)   And 'Will you be waking up tomorrow?' (most likely, yes).

'Then you WIN!  Every day you wake up on Gaia, you WIN, and nothing else matters.'

This is because now on Gaia we have the ability to manifest--and with practice--we will learn how to create such that all of our needs are met.  Every single day. For all eternity. (we keep this skills forever and 'take it with us')


This is what it is like for us with you. We are counting down, like the keepers of these beautiful animals--3....2....1....

Your freedom awaits.

Until that time, 'act as if' you already ARE free.

Take that look outside the crate like these sea lions do.  Feel the excitement of the sea! Pace back and forth inside the container with enthusiasm!

And the moment that door opens--run! Run with all your heart to Home!

We will be watching and filming it with tears in our eyes, tears of joy.  We have made you healthy in spirit, where once you were starving and emaciated. We have made sure your spiritual needs--without your knowing it--have been met. You have swam in the tanks, not knowing that your 'fish' contained 'medicine' to make you well (all the blog posts from Lightworkers who are to be trusted...)

You will prefer being in an energy environment that is, like the ocean to these baby sea lions, vast and unlimited! It also contains everything you need to survive, to thrive!

This will look the same--and feel 'somehow different'--the energy. This is because at last, the realm of Heaven is due to arrive any day now to Gaia and Her people.

(He just SMILES and looks at us!  As his twin I can sense this is proud moment, something he has worked long and hard to make his and many other's gift to us. -- ed)

Please spend a moment in joyful anticipation.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla