Friday, June 5, 2015

Balanced Awakening--Gaia News Brief 5 June 2015

Ross says 'keep it quick'.

Yesterday I left you with the 'celebrate yourself' assignment from Ross.  I had the day off, and I wanted to make bracelets all day.

Just in case you were wondering how the day turned out, it was a fascinating experience in a different way of BE-ing than I've ever been...for the longest amount of time.

There has been steady increase in my ability to manifest things I desire, for example, beads so I can enjoy creating healing bracelets. Some of the stones I am guided to are really exceptional for healing, and RARE. But they just turn up.

I also have been 'managing upwards', for example, I made a request for there to be 'organic, pasture-raised, good for you' music on the planet.

The very next day, a plastic surgeon started to play the guitar that hangs on the wall in the doctor's lounge. He is a professional, has been playing since he was six, and he SANG songs he had written. They've been recorded, and he promised me a CD. But there 's no social media, no YouTube. He just does it because he likes it. He sings at parties and has a band.  While he was singing my heart rejoiced because the singing was from Source to him, and from his God-Spark to the world! There was no back-room deals going on, no profits, except to the artist himself when he takes a job.

I exist in a state of receptiveness to Spirit 24/7.

Today my team pushed it to the test!

I let Anthony sleep in. I slept in too. For me, sleeping in is six a.m.  I normally wake up much earlier. Anthony slept past seven a.m.

I served rice with milk and cinnamon. The piles of basmati rice on our plates at the Persian restaurant, I took home earlier in the week. They made four servings of 'arroz con leche' for breakfast. Anthony had a bowl today. Ross said to make the chicken sausages he likes to go with it.

We were late to school. But fortunately things worked out. I signed him up for summer program and went to the car.

Go to work!

I didn't even have my badge or my stethoscope! Instead of fighting or second-guessing, I went!

I was told that my anesthesia group is looking to me for leadership. I'm a little like a commander on ship with this project. And my consistency is important.  I worked three and one half hours.

Check this stone out--it's one Ross guided to me recently. I wear it in my pocket--they are not to be made into jewelry, these Goshenite beads I have for me. (  If you look carefully, in addition to opening your crown chakra, this stone makes it difficult to tell lies!  I have always prided myself on being 'hyper-honest'...I can't remember what I say, and lies would trip me up.  But this Goshenite--oh my gosh!  I'm even more honest now than that!  Things just pop out of my mouth...

At the computer, my colleague looks at me, like, 'This sucks!' and I say, 'yes, paper and ink ARE faster, I agree. This has too many buttons!'

There is a whole new side of me that is coming out with this stone--and it's very refreshing how candid and loving and polite I can be all at the same time.

Example--the day before, there was a last-minute guidance after dropping Anthony off at school, to go to Peet's Coffee. Why Peet's? Because I had a gift card I needed to use up.  I got there, I ordered a mocha, a special treat...and the darn card wouldn't read! The magnet strip was all messed up.

Well the lady couldn't fix it. Her manager had to. But he had to call HIS manager. So they comped me--FREE mocha! score!--and offered me more little paper free drink cards in exchange.  The math didn't add up, I would be losing money. So I asked for him to call HIS manager. And I waited. I needed to go to work, but I was consultant on my own clock, so I waited. After an eternity, and most of my mocha, he fixed it. He gave me a new card.

What popped out of my mouth next might surprise you!

You can go ahead and charge the mocha to this card, sir. and I handed him the card.

He almost fell over! He said, 'Thank you, I appreciate this a lot.'

Goshenite. It's a good thing. I have some more beads on order, and it might be used to make bracelets in the future!

So what did I do after work?  I ran errands. I talked with a friend. Anthony is at his dads. And I'm ready for sleep.


Carla's humor is coming back.  And that's a good thing!

Carla is sarcastic in an offbeat, and humble way.  It's not quite 'dry' sense of humor like my own, but I have had my influence on her from being around me in all of our lifetimes me, Carla making us laugh is the same as a very sick patient to a doctor when she finally puts on some lipstick in the's very good indicator that recovery is well on it's way.

Would you like an example?

Carla was thinking about the little hairs that she grows on her chin and has to pluck out. Carla hates them. Carla is Italian, and all Italian women get them 'about a certain age' (HE laughs! --ed)

Carla is in the car, driving, and once the thought crosses her mind about her chin hairs, she blurts out--'Ross? Is that part of the Twin thing too? We are BOTH growing beards now!'

And I laughed and I laughed, because Carla is right! From her own point of view, hers is not welcome as mine, but it is what it is!

We are preparing her for the final Transitions to the Highest Vibrations...we are stabilizing her for the last big ramp up in her energies. And from Carla--through Carla is more correct--all of this ramping up comes barreling downhill energetically to each of you. And from you--those who are active and interested and aware of what is happening on Gaia--act as 'hubs' to those where you are 'planted'. You don't need to say a word to anyone! Just be who you are, and your energy goes everywhere with you, raising the vibration a little bit all the time...and helping me and my team out in the process!

So I thank you, I ask you to join me in wishing Carla a good night, and I look forward to talking to you again tomorrow or the next day.

All my love and Carla's too,