Monday, June 8, 2015

Patience--Gaia News Brief 8 June 2015


There has been a movement to look within...although on the one hand there is more clarity and flow in my life experience, there are also lessons.  My team of guides is putting me through my paces, the most brilliant of which was accomplished effortlessly and with loving support from Merlin today.

As you may have read yesterday, Merlin is sponsoring a line of bracelets. He told me after my very short--only one case! day--to 'make as many bracelets of his design' as possible.

I did my work I had to do, ate a quick lunch, and looked forward to making the bracelets.

And gently, calmly, Merlin suggested I make them outside.  I wasn't sure if he meant the back yard, or the enclosed patio.

I hate that patio!

And that was where he wanted me to go.

I hate it because I see it every day and it makes me both angry and sad that the plumber who reseated my toilet in August when I had the flood in my home left plastic and cardboard there in the corner for me to clean up.  I hate it because my house is moving on unstable land, and the wall is showing signs of impending failure with cracks in the corner. I hate it because there are cobwebs everywhere, and tons of black widows, and I hate them!  I don't WANT them living in my home. Any little place that is dark and hasn't been moved in a while is going to be full of them! And I hate them so much!

So every time I walk past that patio door, I look, and I have been creating a negative imprint.

Merlin is wise and doesn't want me doing that.

He wants me to feel that every inch of my home is in fact my home.

I had on jeans and my clogs, nice sturdy shoes, although if I may I would have preferred head to toe kevlar body suit for the spiders!

I started with the lint from the dryer. Then the spiderwebs up on the overhang. Then the old yucky leaves.

The black widows started coming out. I smashed them with the broom! I stomped them with my feet! And I never ever touched the plastic of the cardboard with my hands! I used the dustpan and matching broom to put everything up.

I also have an unassembled rabbit cage I'd taken out of Harry's room--when I had killed black widows the last time.  I knew that was probably full. When I opened it, gingerly, there it was, a huge fat one. I smashed it too.

For all my love of Nature, I hate black widows. I hope they never, ever, every come back to New Earth. Them and anything poisonous that can hurt, and cockroaches and rats in the houses too. And NO ANTS!!!  No bedbugs! No mosquitoes! I want none of that crap.  I don't mind REGULAR spiders. Even slugs are okay. But none of the other yucky things. I just don't want to spend my eternity with them because my now seems like an eternity and that has been long enough.

So in the sunshine, in the new, clean atrium, the energy of Merlin blasted away the negativity in my home as I created the bracelet with love and gratitude. The sun shone so nicely on the beads, making it easy to see the hole.

I would have stayed their two hours, but I thought to check for my son's basketball team assignment.

I went back to the bracelet because it's more fun. But then there was a phone call that notified me of an account change to adjust on my automatic bill pay--that needed the computer.

If you think this is over--no.

There is something I hate worse than black widows.

I could stomp on them all day and be happy compared to this:  the conference Ross told me to go to --the nice one I went to in 2009 with Anthony for my work--the one coming up--it has the man who didn't renew my contract when I was in academic medicine.

My heart sank. These conferences are small. We would see each other all the time. And I said, 'NO! If Ross is with me I will go to this. Otherwise, no way!'

Again, spirit is going after the black widows in MY soul!  I've forgiven. I've forgotten. But I REALLY ask is it necessary to listen to him lecture? Is it needed to say hello and make the small talk?  All for continuing medical education units?

I don't know.

I'd like to think about other things.


Ross is brilliant. He wants me to type up the 'Seven T's'--It's from a newspaper article that ran in the Sunday Paper about the Six T's to create a dream work environment. (there are actually seven):

  1. TARGETS:  workers have a realistic, clearly defined and challenging list of chores to accomplish. The blueprints have across-the-board buy-in. Management is excited and gives full support.
  2. TRANSPARENCY:  Impressive workplaces offer clear, frank conversations about successes and failures, and they smoothly pivot when required to meet the unexpected hitch or a changing environment. Bosses who admit to their own failings are greatly respected.
  3. TOGETHERNESS: The must-join workplace hires the best and the brightest, with a caveat:  Are they also true team players? The teamwork mantra must also include honest, two-way-street conversations among workers, middle managers and senior executives. Mutual respect is essential.
  4. TOOLS:  Tools and training must be provided, and the tools must work.
  5. TIME:  The compassionate boss knows work-life balance is a critical juggle for all workers.  It starts with institutional honesty about the time required to get chores done.  Worker-friendly time management includes accommodation of employees who want variable hours and days, the ability to telecommute, or private work or meeting space on site. But this should not tether workers to their phones or laptops 24/7.
  6. TRUST:  Micromanaging is forbidden. It's the most trusted employees who are given the best shot at career advancement.
  7. THANKS:  Open acknowledgement of good work does not cost much, and it is highly valued. The workplaces create a 'meritocracy' in which employees are routinely recognized and rewarded for performance--with awards ceremonies, cash bonuses, or email blasts.  

Yes, I guess I wouldn't have found these at my old work. There was vibrational incompatibility from the start.

Thank you.

A Parallel:

Yesterday as I was driving to my niece's function, I began to listen to 91X, my favorite radio station from medical school and fellowship. It came in loud and clear. Until I got to a certain part of the road.

Then the classical music 91.5 KUSC would float in on the station. I don't mind classical. And the song on 91X was kind of low vibration--I made a mental note to remember the song, but I forgot it.

I couldn't help but laugh at what OTHER station came in--the local Christian one. I've heard accidentally snippets of all kinds of talk radio things trying to listen to 91X--kind of scary what some people believe if you ask me.  What came through was a song about 'I'm burning for you Lord!' and I was like, 'Um? Is it HEAVEN that is supposed to burn? I don't think so!'

So all three were coming in and out of the station.

YOU are the consciousness at your own frequency.

When you meditate, it is like 91X--you get other thoughts 'popping in' just like on that part of the highway I get 'other radio stations'.

You pay attention and focus on the one you want to listen to.

All of them are good for somebody.

Only pick the thoughts that are right for YOU.

I guess I answered my own question about my old boss at my old work without realizing it!

It's time to pick up Anthony from school.

Between us--I think of these 'exercises' in clearing 'black widows' and 'negative imprints' is like this morning when I had so much dust on the windshield I needed to use the windshield washer function.  One squirt, a couple swipes, and I was good to see!


(Sigh)  Yes, I sigh.  I told Carla today for the first time I miss her. She couldn't believe it. She asked, 
'Is it the same as I miss you? I have this emotional body that I think the galactics don't have. Do you miss me like just a little? Or gut-wrenching bad like I miss you?'

I told her again, 'It is the same.'

And she was relieved.

Things are happening in short order.

You can tell by the amount of influence from 'the Dark Ones Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'...

Can you imagine trying to sell it--the stone that is beyond all price and was once owned by King Solomon?  

Or selling a piece of it? Cutting it into little tiny pieces of it? It would destroy the original masterpiece!

Or trying to make a knock-off--like a fake 'designer' perfume of it?

I'll let you be the judge.

The Seal of Solomon I wore for millennia--and it is right where I put it--on Carla's right hand. 

That is where it will stay.

There is no 'stone'--and the chalice is my bride, her heart--and it is stronger and more flexible than moldavite.

Moldavite is a very high energy stone. It is the remnant what remains of Sirius B--which blew up at the hands of the same Dark Ones who are ruling the earth.

It is finished! 

I will carry the earth so far and wide in order to get away from them, if need be.

Forever and ever and ever, Gaia shall experience the freedom that is Her Birthright.

And so shall you.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla