Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12 June 2015

On Manifesting 'Uphill' <3

This morning as I walked in to the hospital Ross said, loud and clear, 'I love you'.  I was so happy to have him say it to start my day...

Work was good. I had only one case, and I would have time to make it to my niece's graduation. I had traded calls to make it work, and even then, it was a long shot. But I felt 'in the groove' and was content.

What was ironic was that in the car, I 'felt nudged' to leave my iPad out of my work bag, and also, to leave a book out.  When I was drawing up my drugs and getting equipment for my case, I 'nudged' to a size seven endotracheal tube. I was surprised it was a male patient--as seven is usually for female. But the heigh was about my own --it turns out.

Spirit was right.

The State was back in the O.R. another day--random inspections this week. I thought they had left. But a colleague asked to take my bag and put it in the locker. Well there was one open with no key. So my iPad was safe in the car...

Spirit was right again.

I was told by spirit to eat a mac n cheese (Annie's) before I left. I was like, okay, ten thirty a.m....early lunch?

The Filipino nurses, at the minute I mentioned my niece's graduation said, 'You need flowers and a lei!'

They were right!

Fortunately the local grocery store carries them. Ross chose a 'Harmony' bouquet for Lauren, and I got both a double lei and a single one, with purple orchids.

I had been 'nudged' that 'there was one more bead for me at the place where troll beads are seventy-five percent off...

I got a fairy with two green beads to flank it, and two smaller ones to flank them.

It was from Merlin. It was his way of letting me know that everything was going to be all right, and not to worry about yesterday's comments on his bracelet and the price.

I really like it.

So I drove home. I mailed three bracelets out. I saw one who admires my work, a Vietnamese, who helps me at the post office.

I had one in my pocket for her. A Merlin bracelet. He had chosen it for her. I took out the silk bag, and presented it to her.

You should have seen her face after the disbelief wore off! She had the biggest smile, the most beautiful smile, and her face was glowing with delight. I explained to her the stones, and the value of the bracelet I had made. With excitement she showed her friends at work.

She is not the first to be given a Merlin bracelet.

Isabel Henn gave one as a gift--Merlin and I, and Isabel, chose a reader who has been at the bedside and home helping a friend transition, and supporting his wife.

The funny thing is, that as soon as Isabel paid for the bracelet--she got many orders and other money that just 'came out of the blue'.

This is a sign of Merlin.

His calling card--is to send just enough, when you least expect it. This is how you will know--and you can double check it with your pendulum and with what resonates in your heart center as true--that it's time for you to get one of his bracelets.

From time to time I will be making extras at his request. He is calling all those who are Sirian 'Elf' heritage to come and work with him.  This is with soul signature, and soul experience, a certain group of people who have incarnated their long enough to gain the necessary skills.

How do I know?

After I bought my necklace, with the faery--I saw and 'sensed Merlin' when a Keebler Truck drove by and had written on it, 'All it takes is a little Elves magic!'...

Merlin works wonders!

When High Manifestation Fronts and Low Manifestation Fronts Collide

As I practice my skills, sometimes I encounter challenges.

Today it was my sister, who is unaware of her equal ability to manifest as me, and who furthermore worries about everything.

I stopped by the house to pick up the tickets to the graduation--and to my surprise, everyone was home! They were supposed to have left an hour earlier.

The energy in the home was chaotic. And my sister was a maelstrom of indecision--actually, she had made up her mind--but inability to bark orders or to gain consensus or to plainly say what she wants.  We are adult children of alcoholics, and it's hard to do this for me too.  But for the second time in two weeks, the third time in a month, I did what a submissive dog does to avoid a fight--and I said, humbly and plainly, 'I will do what you tell me to do.'

I gave no help, because in this situation, I can't speak up. When she gets this way she yells at me in front of people for letting my hungry son eat two cheese cubes the size of dice at a food spread for the volunteers in her charity. She can't stop attacking, doesn't know she is attacking, and goes in for the kill if you cross her. Emotional kill.

She is a beautiful, loving caring woman, who loves her family more than anything.

She is also an excellent teacher for me.

I weathered that storm with good humor.  I sat in the sun for the whole ceremony. I took care of my mom and a family friend, and drove them to the party at my sister's house.

On the way out, my youngest sister had similar experience, and actually wrote a note to our sister who 'goes off' on us. She explained how we all care about Lauren, we work very hard, and Lauren would understand...we are all doing the best we can, and it is difficult, our lives.  She shared how actually, our sister apologized to her.

I lost a lot of money by trading work assignments to go to the graduation.

I have to work late tomorrow to make up for a little of it--to pay back to get the trade to work.

My sister's boyfriend had a ticket, but a wonderful work opportunity came up, and he just had to take it at the last minute...

The family from Washington State drove their trailer down to L.A.--for a cost of six hundred dollars in gasoline one way. And they are driving back straight through tonight to make it in time for work.

People LOVE Lauren. She is a walking miracle. And we are GLAD to see her graduate.

The moral of the story is that everyone makes sacrifices to honor our loved one, and that as a result, everything is blessed...that's what family is for!

The 'Ceremony'

Wow.  I can't believe what I saw.

  • That pomp and circumstance song--it makes me cry--yet, I am conditioned by the music to feel the emotions.
  • I saw the energy of ego and separation in all of the speakers.
  • I saw how hypocritical it is of someone to 'speak for the class' when they are among the best-suited for the educational process, and 'thrived' in it...
  • I sensed how the people with no decorations or medals or honors...have accepted being 'less' as a result of the educational process.
  • This ceremony marks the 'graduation' of a 'conditioned' young adult into 'the system' without anyone really knowing it--the next generation of workers for society.
  • Only 'high school approved' apparel was permitted, and 'no throwing of hats' was very authoritarian. My niece couldn't even wear a lei until 'after' the ceremony.
  • On the one hand graduation is a celebration of family and accomplishment--on the other, it is a marked deviation from the natural experience of learning in a non-competitive, non-threatening, environment that respects the individual.
  • There is no way the young ones are going to 'change the world' when Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart run the show. This idea of 'change' is yet another way to suck the young ones into the system, and it works!
  • Fortunately the young ones brought under their gowns beach balls, inflatable dolphins, an inflatable alligator, and even an inflatable 'male blow up doll' with anatomically correct genitalia--and they bounced them over their heads during the many long-winded speeches. I respect that flaunting the system just enough...
  • Unfortunately I saw a young man flash demonic hand signs and stuck his tongue out to his 'family'--thinking he was clever and 'cool'.
  • There was a very large amount of Lightwork planned for the event, including a Reiki attunement requested at the last minute by my guides--for the guardian angel of everyone present at the stadium. I was guided how to do it, and also, to give the Diamond Flame.  Cloud ships were actually all in a row, over the opposite side of the stadium from me...and I was most delighted to see them.

Things are not what they seem. We live in a world where black is white, literally, thanks to the generations of 'leadership' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

This ceremony of accomplishment and education is also what--with respect to self-knowledge, tools for happiness and success in a life well-lived (relationships, harmony with Nature...)--is in a way, if you look at it, the opposite...


Carla has had a long day. And I love her. It is time for us to say goodnight.

Have a good day everyone.

I love you.

Carla does too.


Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla