Monday, June 1, 2015

Gaia News Brief 1 June 2015

All Is Well!

On schedule, with just a little slacking off from me--I have completed more than half of my project I have asked for help in manifesting because I really do not enjoy working on such things.  If any of you sent Reiki my way, THANK YOU and please keep it up!

Anthony, bless him, asked for 'you to play baseball with me'--for his evening request for today's manifesting.  And I did! I took small breaks, we did play catch twice in front of the house.  He laughed so much, and so did I. The sunshine was incredible, and we were happy.

Our bonus was barbecue in the front yard with our lawn chairs like we used to. And after dinner, we did my favorite thing to's a little twisted...but every Easter I save a few peeps marshmallow candies for roasting over the coals.  I like my marshmallows on the burnt side, and the coating of sugar on the peep candy gives it a really nice texture as well as taste compared to regular marshmallows. Besides, it just seems so 'wrong' to be roasting these things it's actually a lot of fun.  They make nice s'mores, too!


Anthony and I are in a predicament when it comes to food. He really, really is a meat eater. I gave up my vegetarian life to bond with him, and support him when he had rough times about a year ago.

Ross, bless his heart, is speaking up.

I appreciate the guidance.

Yesterday he said 'fruit and yogurt only!'... Anthony threw a fit over his breakfast! He wanted ham and cheese omelet. I was like, 'Anthony, I don't know why, but Ross said!' (there were basketball evaluations, and a lighter meal would help Anthony play, I think?)

Then yesterday at lunch Ross said to go to the Persian place, and have the koobideh--but only the chicken!  Well Anthony protested because he only likes beef beef beef! Again, I was like, 'Anthony, I don't know how to explain it, but I have this FEELING we will get really sick if we eat that meat that isn't what Ross says...'  (once their soup made me get sick...)  Well, we ordered, and not only did Anthony enjoy the chicken, he even tried the sumac seasoning and liked it too.

Today for breakfast I made the ham and cheese omelet. I heated up some potatoes from the other day. But I also made 'arroz con leche' from the leftover piles of basmati rice from the Persian place.  My ex Frank used to make it all the time, with cinnamon stick and sugar and milk. This one I 'jazzed' up with a little more cream and substituted maple syrup for the sugar.  Anthony threw a fit over that. I gave him a tiny applesauce bowl with a taste.

Well guess what? He liked it!

At lunch, guess who spoke up again? Ross! He said, 'Carla, don't cook anything--get things from the cupboard and fridge.'

I caught his plan--to serve salad to Anthony for lunch is unthinkable!  Ross had me offer the last tiny coke from New Year to go with the meal. I put in lettuce, carrots, cucumber, strawberries and black beans from a can.  Ross had me put fruit together for a next course, and then to offer yogurt if he was still hungry.

I had a flash of inspiration, and put a tiny taste of Bob's Big Boy Bleu Cheese salad dressing in another applesauce cup for Anthony--who refuses all dressing.

I told Anthony he could pick out what he likes, but I have to be able to serve him a salad every now and then. It's normal.

Well Anthony picked out everything but the lettuce. As he ate, the story came out. I had heard part of it--Jared is wanting to do the Blood Type diet, and can only eat turkey (we three are all A+).  I saw visions of Anthony and vegetables...and wanted him to get up to speed and have options when he's there...

But here is what I didn't know:  at every meal Jared makes Anthony eat a side salad, with raw spinach 'because it's healthier' and Anthony doesn't enjoy the food or the being forced not one bit!

Gently, very gently, I explained how bleu cheese makes lettuce taste better. It was Grandpa Richard's favorite. But I only gave a little bit because 'it is very expensive'.  Anthony was like, 'WHY is it expensive?' and I explained that bleu cheese is not cheap.  I showed him how you can stick the tip of your fork into it and taste it, and if you like, dip the lettuce into it.

He loved it!   And now he has an option to eat besides tomatoes when he goes out!

I was SO delighted with Ross, I just thanked him and thanked him for being such a WONDERFUL father! He knows both sides of Anthony's life, and intervened just enough to make it better.

Guess what? Anthony got full on the fruit--just two handfuls of red grapes--and never even wanted the yogurt!

Well, Well, Well

The new moon is building. I'm not on OB call! Did I tell you that last year Ross said 'it would be my last OB call ever'--it was two months before I got word. But I am done and I really enjoy being able to get sleep and not be terrified over full moons any more (pregnant women have kids more for some reason we all notice but can't explain)...

The next few weeks are my absolute favorite time of year. Summer is due to arrive and I get so very excited when it does.

My favorite day of the year always has been the first day of summer. It's even more favorite than my birthday, which is in July.

I have a week off--sort of--my assignment is changed so I help with the computerized anesthesia records as it's needed.  There are no clinical responsibilities.

My life is at that same happy place I had when I was a kid--we see movies on Friday night, or have pizza. We enjoy each other and laugh. Our meals are easy and relaxed. We have our routine. I am getting to sneak in a little exercise too.

I am so grateful! And filled with happiness!

I even made a new bracelet...

This is my own design--Peruvian pink opal, freshwater pearl, peridot, lava, rose swarovski crystal, and rose quartz. I think I have just about every part of the world covered with those beads! And definitely every continent!

Awakening on ESPN

The St Louis Rams donate one thousand dollars as a team to a local resource center for homeless every time they get a sack of the other team's quarterback.

But one of the main supporters of this had never even SEEN the place!

Here is a video of how he, and another player, changed their perception, by being homeless for one day...please watch...

All is Well--Again

Tomorrow will be the busiest day of the week. Thank you for your understanding if I am a little slow to respond to your messages, or slow to get the healings announced. I always do them--but sometimes it's hours later when I get the opportunity to let you know.

Autumn Kenney

A very sweet little girl with a terrible disease went Home today. She is one where as a physician, I would check because on her page her mom runs, I could tell from the daily announcements things were 'not good' about a year ago, when 'there was nothing more her doctors could do' and Autumn was sent home on hospice.

Her parents are amazing, and kept her alive two years past her life expectancy of five years--which is forty percent longer than predicted...all with their home care.

What is funny is that I was 'nudged' to go look on FB for something else, and as I was going upstairs, our college neighbors who are WAY loud and many houses away, were playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on the electric guitar, right while I was going up! It was a sign, but what?

I think it was that Autumn had passed.

This is not so surprising, because our energies are all tied in to Source, to Divine Mother and Divine Father.  So when one Transitions who we are 'connected' in some energy way--for example, my caring for Autumn and her family--the ripple is felt--just like an earthquake would be felt some distance away from the actual event...

I'm so glad I had the chance to know--less than one hour after it was posted that she passed.

Goodbyes are important.

Especially for me.

It's been ten years, and I am still smiling over the miracle of Anthony! This was when he was a newborn... My dad is to my right...he's in Heaven now too.


I love Carla. And it is her bedtime. I am going to tell her it's time to put her laptop away, to to turn in for the night.

Sometimes you need a husband to do these things for the ones who he loves.

Tough love for Anthony, and even more though love for Carla (finances and now bed).

I better make them know my influence before it's father's day! LOL  (he cracks a joke--ed)

To all of you, Goodnight.

And I am watching you!  (he says it so kindly...and you can count on him.--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla