Friday, June 5, 2015


From The Rabbit Hole

As  you well know, I am working on manifestation, and prefer doing my spiritual work in the higher planes to bring things down to the physical.

It's more 'elegant' and 'efficient' use of my energy than to 'slog it out' in 3D.

The last week has been something quite the opposite. There was an article by Sandy Stevenson recently who talked about those who are 'airy fairy'--too 'ungrounded' to be taken 'seriously' by others as Lightworkers. (

Airy Fairy describes me to a tee--losing things, being late for appointments, forgetting things...I always attributed this to my hectic lifestyle!  But in a way, Sandy is right--because 3D is just about as boring as it gets to me. And time-consuming. So when it comes to my finances, my W2's and slips like that go into one box, and the receipts into the other.  At the last minute, I cram.

My tax man is very popular with people all over the world going to him. When they move away, they keep him. So I can't always get a time slot early in the year for my appointment. Through the magic of extensions, I am able to work with him in late spring.  Over the last three years I've worked up from July to June and next year to May.

So I've been cramming! Sorting piles, organizing them, crunching numbers and then spending four hours with him going over all the results.  In 2014 I switched to being a different 'business entity' from what I was, and it takes more time for it.

During the long session I was struck with three things that may be informative to you, as someone 'on the inside' exposing 'what goes on' to 'those who might not know':

  • When you are a sole proprietor, you write very large quarterly tax estimates to your state and the federal governments. It is not clear where these taxes go, because in addition to the state and IRS organizations, there is a 'self-employed' tax lumped in. You never get a statement or any explanation of where your money goes, or have any say in how it gets spent.
  • When you are a corporation, you become your own employee--and have to hire a 'payroll' company to write your paychecks to yourself. The reason you hire a payroll company is that they are in the know about every little regulation--and make sure you are complying with it--every tax, every law--and they change frequently!  It's worth the seventy-dollars a month expense for them to write the checks! (my deduction from my corporate bank account is TWICE what ends up being given to me, and THAT half of my own money which I get is taxed as personal income)
  • The other half of my money that the government 'siphons off'  is for funds with letters, FICA, SSI, and PIT--the last is 'personal income tax'--a 0.1% fee to fund public works such as parks...on every paycheck that gets written. It doesn't show up everything on the W2, but if the EDD in California figures out you didn't pay your 'fair share'--you have to pay a hefty fine. Even if you don't know what the fair share is, or what those organizations with all the letters ARE!
It was a whirlwind of numbers and facts and rules, so much so that I got the feeling I was back in high school playing dungeons and dragons with my friends, and Nayyer was the only one who understood the rules and would quote them. Half the time we wondered if he was making them up to serve himself the whole time.

So as a result, I am 'grounded, grounded, grounded' and I have new appreciation for the skills of my tax man (he won't be cheap), of my perseverance with the piles of data, and my ability to trust in 'the process'...

Celebrate Yourself

Today is my last day off from my 'vacation' where I worked as a consultant for my department as a computer expert.

I came in at nine, left at noon, because frankly, people can only take so much of 'new computer' anything.

Ross woke me up and told me today to 'celebrate you'...if I want to teach, and I think I will enjoy it, go to work. But don't do it 'for the money' it for the project.

Anthony goes to his dad tonight. I always get a little sad about it.

And today, I'd just like to make bracelets. I have ordered many new and exciting stones--for beads--today seraphinite and andalusite.  It will be amazing what I will create--in every vibration--and I look forward to the healing I will be able to accomplish with my 'found again' skill at working with the crystals.

I also want to exercise too.

As you may have noticed, I haven't moved past day four of the yoga challenge. I haven't exercised or even walked--just a little basketball with Anthony. Part of it is I've been sick. (two weekends ago). Part of it is the massive UPLOADS I've been getting from Source. 

Yesterday there was a message from John Smallman--who sounds very much like Ross! ; )  --- that said to 'don't focus on the meditation--just BE'...and earlier yesterday I was nudged to share how I truly meditate.

Are you ready?

The most accessible form of meditation is when I commute. Driving is almost like walking for us in Southern California. Just like you don't fall over when you walk to relax, driving can be relaxing too. Even in traffic. So, "Carla's recommendation number one" is to add meditation to your life without taking any extra time or being "something else to do" is to--turn the radio off in the car and put the phone down!!!

(Removing yourself from 'entertainment' is an EXCELLENT instant boost to meditation)

Secondly, I lie on the ground on a blanket in the sun, when I am at home. And I don't think. I do 'feel' a little, and share my emotions with my 'teams', and let them go. It's more of a removal of blockages, like taking off your shoes and jacket once you walk in the door.

I take naps--on the couch or the porch swing--I lie on my side for about twenty minutes, 'let go', and THIS is when I see some of my most amazing visions.  I always know when it's time to get up, and it doesn't take long. This ALSO helps when the downloads of energy are quite strong.

Sleeping in bed doesn't do it. Only quick before I fall asleep and quick again before I wake up, where the two worlds are 'connected'...

If you wanted a pie chart of 'Carla's meditation time'--it would be three-quarters in the car, three quarters of what's left as in the sunshine and nature, and the last sliver would be in 'nap' mode.


My father Richard was very close to me. Those of you who have read the blog for longtime know he wasn't perfect. But as the sixth anniversary of his passing arrived yesterday, I saw more of the GOOD than the not-so-good....and I thanked him. I knew he could hear me, and I told him many things about my feelings for him, my total forgiveness for all that had not been right, and my plain old missing him--my thanking him for always providing for our family and being 'around'--made my 'team' stop and gasp with surprise how very rapidly I am 'growing galactic' on them without their realizing it.

Because of my progress, and my insistence that I want Daddy to be there for me when I go 'UP'--either in Ascension or death, whichever comes guides let me in on a secret.

They said, 'Don't you KNOW who your daddy is, Carla?'

I didn't.

He is not just my daddy.

I saw him lift up his countenance like taking off an old tee shirt, and I saw the angelic being underneath...

It's Metatron.

Yes, the one I really didn't like and made him come when I rang a cowbell.

He played the role of my daddy in this incarnation!  Ross said, 'We couldn't let you go to just ANYBODY in this life!'

Father is the second incarnation of Metatron. A full incarnation. And the first one still lives.

I was in shock for most of the day, a happy shock, but a shock nonetheless at Metatron's patience and love for me, and how strong the veil can be.

No wonder why He chose a woman from New Hampshire (which is where daddy is from) to give a personal reference for Metatron as being 'okay'!

Their blue eyes are the same! Both Metatron and daddy.

I never thought I would get a gift by saying tearful thank you and I love you and I miss you to my father up in Heaven--the one who taught me so many activities that I can feel close to him now fishing, or at the ballpark, or playing basketball...

But I did.

Heaven is very wise, and very nice.

I'm still crying happy tears now as I write this for you.  Ross is very deeply moved too, and has his arm around me.

Our growth as souls really inspires them--back 'home'.

And for those of you who are wondering, my earth mom is an incarnation of some being too, but they are not saying. She did a really good job of covering that up so I could learn my lessons.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

(Ross declines to speak today. He says, 'I am perklempt' (Jewish or Yiddish term for overcome with emotion. He sends you his love and waves hello.)