Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gaia News Brief 18 June 2015

Straight Up From Venice

I picked Anthony up from school today. We had about ten minutes to get to his first basketball practice.

He was in the after school care, and playing a game.

I told him we need to hurry.

I handed him his uniform, and he asked, 'Where are my (basketball) shoes?'.

I said I forgot them. He can wear them on Saturday at the game.

Then he asked me to pick up his phone from the office, and get him a rubber band so he could put his game cards away.

I did it.

I also went and carried to the car the empty cooler with the dirty creme brûlée containers, the backpack, the dirty clothes from his dad, and the huge heavy sack with all his desk stuff in it.

When I came back, the girl who had been looking at me funny the whole time, Venice, looked straight in my eye and said, 'You have an open heart.'

I wondered if she meant my new larimar heart?

She added, 'You have an open heart. I like it. I hope Anthony appreciates what you do for him.'

I shrugged and said, 'Everyone thinks they have it rough.Anthony is the same.'

She nodded in agreement.

I knew in my bones right then and there that her family--with the Autistic brother--is much different from our own, and she has seen a lot. (I sense she has a tiger mom, too, the authentic kind from the authentic place...not like me.)

Ross's Gifts

Ross sent me to my local metaphysical shop. He said, 'just look around--don't spend anything.'

I found a book, a marvelous book, the Pisto Sophia, a pendulum, a candle, a piece of pink calcite with beautiful bands on it, like a 'worry stone', and aromatherapy oil frankincense and myrrh...for my diffuser...

It was free.

The last time I cleaned house, deep cleaning, I found four rewards cards in addition to the one I had in my wallet. It covered it.

He also invited Anthony and I to just skip dinner at home, and go to Carl's Jr.  Anthony breathed a great big sigh of relief when I asked if he would like to eat there?

Anthony got a bacon double western cheeseburger, and later, for old-times' sake, the chicken stars.  I had what Ross recommended, 'The chicken'--the Santa Fe sandwich I had when Anthony was a newborn and daddy used to buy it for mom and me.

The last was to just take a shower and relax tonight. I have a kitchen sink that's full...he says, 'you can do it in the morning. Just make bracelets'.

I will.

The Replacement

I have a very special keychain for my post office box key. It's from Coach, and Anna helped me buy it. She is a reader who has been with us ever since we met at that store at the mall by my home.

Well I lost it.

The post office was nice, and I explained how disorganized I am. It was a fee, but they had an extra. As I looked at the keychains--I 'collect' them--they 'find me'--one key looked familiar! I already HAD a spare--with a B52's Love Shack Hotel Keychain on it!

But you know how I am with loss.

I looked at Coach--no replacement.

I looked at Amazon--nope.

It's very special AND very rare.

So I went on Ebay and replaced it.

This is a HUGE step in avoiding negative imprints and all that bad stuff. It's not much more than I paid for it five years ago. And it's just like new.


This is for my Lady, and I love her.

Thank you AL, LD, and IH for reaching out to Carla when she needed it most. Thank you too, MG, JG and SL, for your masculine guidance at this difficult time.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla