Saturday, June 6, 2015

Double Happiness--Gaia News Brief 6 June 2015

Double Happiness

Last night Ross asked me to make a piece of jewelry to wear that has my feelings about him. I think he had in mind a healing bracelet, and to see the stones I would put together for him...

Instead, I found the silver charm for Chinese 'Double Happiness'. I placed a jump ring on it, and found a chain that would fit.

It says everything,  with such simplicity, and sincerity too.

We have been talking so much just the two of us, as of late. I enjoy it very much.  (even right now he plays this song--Time In A Bottle, by Jim Croce--he always sends me that when he is very content...)

Ross Goes Shopping

Yesterday our 'date' of sorts was to go to the grocery store together. I had a twenty dollars off coupon if you spend seventy five dollars.  Ross helped me pick the items--and told me to stay right on the target of the upper limit to get the maximum discount.

There was something I wanted to buy, but would have been over.

Ross said, matter-of-factly, 'Just leave it there and tomorrow come back with your other coupon that is just like this.'

He's smart and oh so practical!

I love him all the more.

Today I got the flowers--a 'Bliss' bouquet for only five dollars. Small, sunny and beautiful...

(Ross wants me to share what else I did. You know those cooler/water dispensers for camping--they are insulated and have a little spout? Well, to get away from the plastic in water bottles in summer, I buy twenty pounds of ice and fill the water cooler. As it melts, it's very refreshing, and it lasts about three days. It's officially 'summer' in our home now because today is the first time this year I've done it.'

Designed by...Merlin!

Merlin came through when someone requested I make a bracelet for them. This reader didn't have the money, but the image of what to make, what colors and what closure--came through vividly.

The next day, this person had a client book an extra visit--so with the extra the order was able to be placed.

Merlin was very particular about how this bracelet was to be put together. He had my full attention!  And it is pleasing to the eye! He included larimar, emerald, and ruby in kyanite, and other very potent healing stones.

I had no clue Merlin worked with crystals!

I guess there is always something new to learn about people, isn't there?

(no photos yet, it's a surprise!)

Thank You Internet

Today I was able to message my family in France (When are you coming?! they asked--I need to find a way to take some time off...a good chunk of time...)

I was also able to spend some time with a friend in Germany through online video chat.

I love being global <3

I hope 'universal' comes next!


I am going to keep it short because Carla has had a long day. I watched her as she spent two hours organizing her beads into trays and bins, sorting them by color. It is so neat and tidy that Carla is leaving it all out so when Anthony comes home she will see his surprise and how professional it looks!

Carla is getting MANY upgrades as we speak.

As a result, Carla needs a lot of sleep, much more than usual, even taking a nap today.

Because of the energies, Carla's hunger and sleep cues are erratic.  I am supporting her emotionally and energetically as the energy goes in.

It's hard on the body, but not impossible or difficult in any way. It's similar to when there is a hot day, you take it easy, eat light, and tend to sit near the fan to stay comfortable.

So if energy upgrades are happening to you--and if they haven't started yet, they will soon--try to roll with it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Have that piece of cake! Come to think of it, it will ground you...

You can always do what Carla does to us when she is still and the energy input is ramping up to where she can feel it--Carla tells us  to 'crank it up and get on with it!' LOL...

Carla is always giving us a hard time on her team...

Carla has so much courage.  I know. I watch her every day.

By the way, incidentally, she forgot to mention that her tax man is using the Divine Healing Codes, asked Carla to make a Reiki Request to Team Doctors With Reiki for his cousin who has inoperable lung cancer, and is going to look up 'Something To Add' too!

Carla gets the job done. And so do all of you.

Thank you so very much for your service.  (he bows his head in acknowledgement)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla