Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gaia News Brief 3 June 2015

A Man's Home Is His Castle

As the energies rise on surface Gaia, every day I am 'hit' with new realizations. Just yesterday, as I drove through the neighborhood, I experienced 'a man's home is his castle'...

I could both see and feel the amount of energy the people have invested into their places  the new stairs and balcony here, the courtyard fence there, and of course, the lovingly tended garden.

At the same moment, I FELT that in some way all this energy has been 'redirected' into duality and away from one's spiritual growth.

It was as if a racehorse has been conditioned to stay in the barn.

Or as if a mustang was tricked and gave up it's fight to be free.

Humans are nomadic by nature.  The Bedouins in Africa, the First Nations in North America, and the Hawaiian Natives in the Kingdom of Hawaii...all would travel with the seasons and set up camp where food and water were plentiful.

Because of this, my wise mother took me aside, as a very small child, and said, 'Carla? Always remember the Earth is your bed, and the Sky is your ceiling. Great Spirit loves you, and know that no matter where you are, you are always HOME.'

I had to think about that one! Because everyone I knew already lived in houses!

In her own way, mother was introducing me to the concept of my own Sovereignty. 

It was just me and Great Spirit and Great Mother Earth that is REAL, and no matter what happens to me it is only Illusion.

Elsewhere in the bible, someone who is wiser than me, said something to the effect that a man's body IS his temple.

In these days and times of great struggle, and great change, remember you have both a Temple, and a 'castle' if you will.

Try to pay attention the Temple, and even though the whole 'castle' concept has its appeal- its value with the comforts of home--your Temple is forever  (balanced Mind, Body and Spirit in high vibration).  Always remember your 'castle' is only for this lifetime.



The other day, I thought long and hard, and I decided that the mice were mean. Mama Mouse got sick and died, and at the end her body had bite marks all over her. Her children had ignored her for weeks before she died.

So I cleaned out the cage, scooped up all seventeen moms and dads and babies, and donated them to the nearest pet store, where I have an agreement to 'take things back' when the snake doesn't eat.

Last week, I had the rat from Hades, that scared the snake and bit me. He was a 'large medium size rat'.

This week, at the end of the day at work, I got TWO 'small' rats.  I prayed and asked for 'All Divine Assistance' to have Cecil eat.  I saw all my guides up there, not very serious, and saying they would help, but I felt like there was a little teasing going on in there too.

It was late in the day.

Ross had me offer the first one to the snake.

He wasn't interested.

I pulled it out--all grey--and offered the next one--black hooded white that looked just like the mean one in miniature.

Still the hungry snake wouldn't eat.

Ball pythons are nice to hold but are incredibly picky eaters. They go by smell, and I put mouse shavings in with the rats to fool him. His food smells like mouse, but is more nutritious rat.

Cecil wouldn't eat.

And it was too late to go to the pet store.

I ended up putting them in the clean cage with fresh bedding, a wheel, and the water bottle.

The hooded one is very cute and cuddly. He just sits in my hand and is mellow.

I named him!  I named him 'Homer' like the Simpsons cause he is a little fat. (He's a boy, I checked!)

The skittish one who is grey, I named IZ--because he talks a lot in the cage when he was with snake.  He is also a boy.

I kind of feel like 'someone' planned this.

A close friend who agrees--it's either a Divine Plan or a Lesson. With this knowledge I blurted out that I should have named them Ross 1 and Ross 2!

I didn't WANT any more pets! LOL

But they ARE so cute and cuddly. I've been robbed of 'cute and cuddly' in this life due to my allergies to dog and cat.

We'll take it one day at a time...Ross! (now I'm teasing him back too)


I like cheese!  Or should I say, "I like peanut butter'?

I am guilty as charged!

The anniversary of Carla's father's death is tomorrow.

It is also the deadline for her finances. She has a meeting.

She is up to her head in 'have to's' and 'honey do's'...she almost cried yesterday because she felt overwhelmed.

I and my associates promised her we would guide her.

Carla loves all living creatures, even plants.

When there is a tree brutally 'cut back' by the tree trimmers, Carla is shocked by the wound, and prays for the tree to heal.

There are tree ghosts in the neighborhood, where they used to be but ambitious 'pioneers' want to have 'more space' for their 'projects' and rip them out. Carla feels the energy in the places of the old ones.

The trees never blame the humans.

But Carla does a little.

Sometimes Carla wishes all the influence of man can be thrown out, and the original blueprints for the landscape could be put back.

Sometimes Carla wishes all the homes would 'go away'--to let the land heal and rest.

She really dislikes the road systems, and even though she uses them, if Carla had a magic want she would make them all go away--and be replaced--like the homes--with the Galactic Equivalent that is 'Earth Friendly'.

This gentleman, and organization made Carla's day!  She was delighted to see someone had the courage to do something and help with the oceans.  (she also felt a familiar energy in this founder, and it feels very much like an incarnation of Francis Bacon)

This other news from the Netherlands also made her happy! All the children who are growing up and receiving 'sexuality education' starting at kindergarten (that is 'age appropriate' but teaches 'life skills'). Carla recognizes this is good particularly for those who are experiencing incest and molest to be taught it's okay to say 'I don't want to be touched!'.  Here is the video on the topic she saw on Twitter yesterday--

On the way home from work, Carla noticed that the gas prices are dropping by about twenty cents a gallon. This too is a good sign for her, as petrochemicals are a major industry that is held by those who do not have our best interest at heart--and as the control over the industry is weakened, so is the ability to raise the prices too.  It is starving the cabal, each penny that the price drops.  With the destruction of this control, new, healthier alternatives for transportation are free to come forth as they have already been invented and have been suppressed. (the one who made a car that runs on water was afraid he would be killed, and the day after he was on TV, he was, during the seventies, Carla's mom says)...

Carla is not looking to conventional news sources for signs of progress in the removal of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. She used to! But she realized THEY are the ones who OWN the media broadcast industry! This will have to be one of the last things 'to go'...

To be honest, Carla is not looking to the 'alternative news' on the internet like she once did--for every source of news that is pure, there are at least FIVE out there who are trolls--paid by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--to publish 'partial truths' or 'disinformation' that sounds 'credible'.

Carla uses her intuition more than anything, as well as communication with her guides and trusted friends who are incarnate on Earth.

Carla has let go of the outcome. Carla trusts in our relationship to Her, as her guides, and that we are in control of the situation.  She even asked Merlin--who spoke with her on her way to work--'once this is all done and the planet is free, will there be anything left for us to do? Will we get bored?'

We are THAT close! For this type of conversation to occur is a sign of advanced awakening that is all over the planet!

Hold on to your hats!

LOL! Carla is kicking me under the table because I am poking fun at her for calling me a rat! LOL!  (he is in a very good mood and I am blushing a little at his teasing me--the overall effect is warm and caring--mischievous but caring!  Just like my relatives with their wicked sense of humor back in New England who call me Cah-lah....  ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla