Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 June 2015--The Truth On Dying

These Are The Stairs To Diamond Head

Yesterday I took my last class for my certification as a reader and a healer. with Anne Reith, PhD. She is my 'mama' in Reiki, and has taught me 'everything I know'--at least, until I became able to figure things out on my own.

We are ALWAYS learning in life. And frankly, what I learned yesterday wasn't exactly what she was teaching.  I read the class syllabus in forty five minutes on my own. I went ahead. The rest of the time I quietly read the Pistus Sophia.

What I learned is it feels nice to go back to your old teacher.

I learned there is a huge difference between beginners and advanced students in the confidence of interpreting their perceptions, but the ENERGY of the whole class was actually 'higher' than when I was learning back in the late 2000's and early 2010's.  These new Lightworkers are 'on the ball', and we have lawyers, nurses, accountants and wedding planners looking for a 'new career' now too.

I realized the reason I hadn't taken that class is that the hierarchy of angels that is presented isn't accurate, and the statement that 'archangels don't incarnate except for Metatron and Sandalphon' is incorrect.

If I had taken this class at the beginning of my Reiki training, I never would have enjoyed Ross' presence the whole class like I did yesterday. He wrote me TWO notes, but also told me to 'pay attention' when he was done.

I also bought a chalcedony pendant to wear for nurturing and support when I need it most.

Not Playing Nice

This link from Creator Writings made me confide to a close friend that Source wasn't playing fair. I don't WANT this kind of 'challenge' as I face the Transition of Isabel.  What I WANT is to be held and given kisses and reassurance that all is well.

My 'Un Date'

After class, I was hungry. Ross said, 'Go someplace where they have mashed potatoes near your house'.

I had to google it. WHERE do I go to find mashed potatoes?  The Boston Market. I've not been since I was in New England with my family in 1993.  I had the turkey dinner. It's a funny place, where they don't give you a tray. They carry your food for you. And there's no place to bus your dirty plates. You just leave them on the table. I had to ask, and I looked at them, 'Are you SURE?'...

After I took a walk and found the most beautiful fountain and lounge area by the food courts.

I also found a candy store. I'm not a big candy eater, but this one made me delight because I found candies from my youth. I knew my first friend Jackie would LOVE it! And I bought two candies my daddy used to like --Boston Baked Beans and SkyBar--to quietly celebrate him today.

I also bought two things that were from Ross. <3 I love them both.

Sitting in the lounge chair, buying a coconut milk chai latte, and coming home late made me feel so much happier about life.  It also helped me adjust to 'life after the class' where I had both a beautiful guided meditation from Anne (I saw my guardian angel Laetari and Archangel Michael), and the chance to do and get readings from the people at my table.


I call Divine Father 'Daddy'. Don't ask me why, I just do.

I was driving home, and needed gas. As soon as I got on the road, Daddy 'popped in'. He let me sit on his lap and gave me lots of kisses and a big strong hug.

I looked at him, and I started to complain about what was to happen to Isabel. Her loss. And all the losses I have experienced in my whole life. And all the ones I've seen as a doctor.

The tears started to flow.  And I SPOKE with him without words. It was a deep cry from my soul, that was like a wounded animal--going up and down--and somehow I was 'talking' and 'He' understood.

What I communicated was that I don't LIKE death.

Seeing your loved ones not moving, so STILL totally freaks me out on a soul level.

Death is messy. Someone has to clean it up. And it smells REALLY bad too.

How that 'last memory' of someone you love is in that freaky still state.  I can't take it. And the thought of it happening to someone I care about is just too much for me! I had to TELL Him how I felt, and to ask Him to make it better.

We discovered that if she 'goes up', and 'doesn't experience pain', I am okay with it. I don't like it, the loss, but its BETTER than 'the usual way'.

He clarified and asked, 'If I take her UP you are okay with it?'

I said yes.

I also asked Him if he could fix the death part of the Life Experience? Naturally he turned the question on me, and asked what I would suggest?  Melting to ashes wouldn't give loved ones much closure, but it would be less messy and wouldn't stink. Popping 'out' of the picture would be clean but also too mysterious.  I told him I didn't really know of an alternative. But I confessed I REALLY don't like death, and we live under the fear of it down here ALL THE TIME, and that's not good. We get taken advantage of by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart because of this inborn fear of death, this drive to survive...

If you are wondering about the death experience, here are two links that help describe what takes place both with the body (as a physician I know and share it) and the soul (as a metaphysical trained I can explain too):

I was crying so hard Ross and Daddy had me drive PAST the gas station, and go to another one about one mile away.  I had to reach for the tissues, and dry my eyes once I was there.

As I neared the place, Daddy gave me to Ross, and Ross comforted me. He also told me to go straight to bed, to get rest, for I am working today.

I did.

I feel better.

Ross won't let me read it! LOL! Not until I write a message from him and put in a picture.

okay okay okay my beloved! okay okay okay!


Carla has a view from the bottom of the stars. I have a view from the top--and it is SPECTACULAR!

See the orb to the left? It is in the ten o'clock position.  That is me in my ship. It is cloaked. Carla was at the top and I was in a scout right there to watch both her and Anthony. Carla had a challenge of sorts, because Anthony wanted to climb the fence, walk out on a ridge unaided, and go where the teenagers went to the other spot up there where one could sit. He had one leg up on the railing and Carla had to pull him down! She said, 'No! No! No!' but Anthony wouldn't listen. Carla had to restrain him, physically, and use every strength that she had to keep him from falling off the ledge because he didn't know the risk involved. She kept him in the fenced official viewing area but it wasn't easy. So I was there 'just in case' to support them both, Anthony with his 'thirst for adventure' and Carla with her desire to raise him to adulthood in one piece!

It was a beautiful place. At the heights I can travel just a little closer to those I love, because the veil is thin, and the technology for us is easier than to land.

I am in this ship.

I fly everywhere across the cosmos...but only in a bigger ship because scouts are for short distances.

Many of you fly in them too, you pilot it--with your soul when you are asleep.

Souls, as Anne explained, have two parts:  a Higher Self and for lack of a better term, a 'Lower Self' which is incarnate in your body.

Carla realized that the old saying at church, 'You were made from dust and from dust you shall return'--isn't correct. The BODY is made from dust. But YOU are NOT your body. It is your SOUL that is immortal. And YOU--your Consciousness, your Soul--are made of STAR dust that is indestructible.

It can go higher or lower, with your vibration. And you may have a lot of steps to climb --metaphorically--to 'get to where I sit'...but all of you will make it. You go at your own pace, and struggle just like Carla did with Anthony (he's too hot. his feet hurt. he needs water.--all the way with patience to get him up to the top.) And you know what? As Carla read his schoolwork, his journal, THAT was one of the most memorable experiences of his life. AT THE TOP! The BOTTOM and the CLIMB had all been FORGOTTEN by him.

Carla remembers!

Carla remembers the struggle, as a mother, and the coaxing and the water and the sunscreen. And even the 'getting bored' at the top and wanting to come down! For all of these are normal for a boy his age.

That's why, at the very top, I gave Carla a new Reiki Symbol. I don't know if she ever posted it, or not, but it's called Diamond Head. 

It is used for accomplishment when one completes an arduous journey.

Isabel and Carla's paths diverge--for a short bit, for all of us live forever, and 'short' is relative to us and varies in the perception for you...

And I am going to take care of Carla.

Isabel--don't worry. Carla is going to be fine. I'm right here with her.  So when Father calls you--in whatever way He sees fit, just go and don't look back.

When it is your time, and you go up, you will understand at once why it had to be.

I love you Isabel. Just like I do all of my precious readers who both love and support Carla in her work.

Yesterday I made a visit to Sonsie. I put my hands on her shoulders, and Sonsie felt my energy. It was my gratitude to her, for her Love of my wife, and her caring and her concern for Carla's heart.  She knows how tough it is for Carla to face death of anyone close to her--or 'loss' is a better term for Isabel will 'go up'...Together we shall comfort Carla. And Father truly understands her heart, Carla, and how much she had to confide to him her worries and trust that Father has heard her heart.

They are close, Father and Carla. Very very close, closer than one might know. Carla tells him everything. And Father, 'threw' a pie in her face, slowly, gently pushing it just to make  a mess, and made it coconut cream pie, one of Carla's favorites, while she was on his lap, and Carla giggled, because she knew both at once that she is giving Him a hard time, and that she is LOVED, so very much loved, with all tenderness, by us both, Father and me.   

I helped Carla clean it, and I ate some of it too.  

Carla is very happy now, and trusts with her whole heart in 'what comes next', both for us, for her, and for Isabel.

This is a significant loss for Carla. I hope you all appreciate it, and will support her when it happens. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen next week, it could happen years from now, as everything is unpredictable. 

What is set is that at some point, Isabel will go back first. And Carla will be left behind. Just like she was with our lifetime..thousands of years ago.

And I still love her! My wife, my beloved, my twin! And I ENJOYED taking class with her with Anne yesterday. And also 'passing notes'...just like when I was a student 'back in the day'.

Carla has to get ready now. There is work for her. All day perhaps.  Anthony will have a sitter, and Carla will be able to rest the whole time in the comfort of her house.

Isn't that better than a call room?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla