Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Lesson of Betrayal -- Gaia News Brief 10 June 2015

Overcoming Betrayal

One of the worst ways duality rears its ugly head is in the lesson of Betrayal.

Right now, I am drinking coffee from a mug that used to be in my overnight bag for my OB shifts. That was, until the nurses betrayed my trust, and that of several others, and gave names on a list for who is not to work there any more. Nurses on the labor deck are emotionally to me, the experience of being with them, just as confusing and unpredictable and unpleasant as the cliques I experienced in elementary school. This behavior is a mystery to me.

I'll always wonder if in part that my stopping buying dinner and lunch for the nurses about two years ago had anything to do with it? There are regulations, and I didn't want scrutiny on me. That's why I stopped.

(As an aside, the manager who created the list and enforced it upon her arrival to the department in December--has been let go--at the end of May.)

Underneath the mug, is a coaster with this quote:
Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high. Look it squarely in the eye, and say, 'I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.' -- Ann Landers

There is a magnet on my fridge that says:
Turn your scars into stars! -- Robert Schuller

Together, let's take a look at the painful lesson of betrayal, and why it is so pervasive on Earth...

The Energy Signature and The Veil

Earth is an experiment of sorts in the spiritual. In Heaven (my loose term to describe all the higher realms) there is no sense of separation as we feel it today. This is because we are 'online' with all our senses, intuition being one of the strongest.  To a Galactic, we who are incarnate on earth are essentially 'blind' compared to them.

We cannot see.

In Heaven, everyone's energy signature (the sum total of all their thoughts and actions and personality) IS their calling card! It is their passport!  You just can't fake it. There is only YOU and if you have thoughts of ripping off others, or betraying others--guess what? It's like having a banner across your forehead telling your intentions to the world! Other people avoid people like this. So those who are prone to 'low vibration' acts learn fast that trying to take advantage of others isn't going to work.

Lifting The Veil on Emotions and Merchandising

I read this in Reader's Digest:

We use powerful visual imagery on our packaging to connect with you on an emotional level. There's the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese smiling noodle and 'You know you love it' tagline. That noodle actually makes consumers smile back at the packaging.' -- Ted Mininni, package design consultant and president of Design Force.

I didn't think too much of it, until Anthony and I were at the grocery store trying to spend only fifty dollars to make the most of our ten dollar off coupon. There were some things I wanted to buy, and I put back.

In putting them back I realized that I wanted to 're-live' happy emotions from my youth.

I later made the connection that it's not just me and my emotions, but marketers are trying to take advantage of my emotions to get me to buy their products. As I look around my house, everywhere I see--it's emotional connection, emotional connection, emotional connection.

I stepped back and thought, 'WOW!'

Then I saw an old Kermit the Frog, in a basket, with no place to put him. Ross had me look him up on eBay. He's worth about twelve dollars, half of what I once paid for him.

I realize there is:

  • The Emotional Investment--at the purchase
  • The Financial Investment--at the purchase
  • The Emotional Investment--to keep it with me every time I move and not throw it out
  • The Financial Investment--the recall of the purchase that makes me think it's worth more than it is, or it retained it's financial value, and keeps me from giving it away or throwing it out.
Our lives are a balance of Emotional Energy, if you will, and it really shouldn't connect with the finances.

In my opinion, our society has betrayed us into our giving them our hard-earned money--'to keep up with the Joneses' while they are laughing all the way to the bank.

All Roads Lead To Rome

Someone brought it to my attention, that another has been saying things 'from a Galactic'--without actually mentioning it--but perhaps it felt like they were about me, and not in a nice way.

It's been simmering.

I will be honest with you. Doctors With Reiki is not for everyone. And most people come and go as they develop in spirit. (It all has to do with the bandwidth of their energy signature, mine, and that of the group).

I'm okay with this.

Someone, bless them, challenged the price Merlin set for his bracelet.  The words stung!

Let me be honest with you--it is not 'comfortable' to be me.  On the one hand, I am medically trained, a scientist--Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science out of UC Berkeley with a 3.4 GPA!  I live in 3D.

I would LOVE for the life of me to 'fit in' and no do all this 'crystal shit' and 'woo'...just like a homosexual would LOVE to 'fit in' to the life society promotes--it would be a whole lot easier!

But I am the way God made me, just as homosexuals are the way God created them--even though society has hatred towards those 'who are different'...

It takes a lot of courage to go here day after day, sharing my experiences with anyone who wants to see...

And I know I am a threat to the status quo in what I support. And I know at some point, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will whip out their favorite tool besides disinformation--ridicule--an point it at me.

It isn't the first time. Not with this page.  And not with all of my incarnations.

I asked people I trust about this person. Not much resulted in explaining WHY I feel icky with them, and WHY there seems to be this 'bad blood'...

Today I have the day off, and to Ross' dismay, I refused to get out of bed until I understood WHY I have these feelings about this person--because strong feelings are usually more about ME than about THEM, and if I have something to understand more about myself, I want to do it STAT!

I was told to relax.

I saw the picture. I was told who in THAT life, who this person was. I also saw what happened to them after their husband ran off and hanged himself. 

Our story is one of betrayal, in our past life together. Ross died because of it. I understood women, and I saw it coming, and Ross wouldn't listen. 

Ross' associate came directly to me, and explained his actions in this incarnation have been due to karma on the part of that person. 

And I understood.

I got up out of bed. I showered...and I saw the trigger for the rift had been the idea shared with a small group to write of 'our experiences and make money'--putting Ross once more at risk because he hadn't decided yet to make himself known at the time. (Now, He is more flexible, and there are many who know our story)...

I blew up! In order to protect the Mission and my Beloved from perceived harm. This cost a friendship with a low vibration person...because of my anger. 

I also see how that pattern has repeated itself again and again...the betrayal from my coworkers at my university job pulling a 'survivor' on me, and voting me 'out' mom getting a cat when I am allergic so I could never return baby daddy leaving me when I was four months pregnant...

As a result I have come to this conclusion:  1) Betrayal hurts, but in the big picture, it says more about them than about you.  and 2) Sometimes betrayal is necessary to get you from 'one place' to 'another' that is totally a better life experience for you. So in a way, betrayal is a gift--to help you SEE and KNOW how you stand with someone, no matter how much they say they 'love' you--and to find your balance and stand on your own two feet.

Healing From Betrayal

Ross has given me much lesson in betrayal. He took my son the minute I pushed him out and gave him to others, telling me it was stillborn.  He also, after he died, incarnated on Sirius and married someone else, and bore her a daughter!

That sense of betrayal almost incapacitated me, twice!

I have completely recovered from both, and actually thanked him for marrying her, so that in this life, I could have companionship of the heart, and also, of similar energy signature (it's lonely to have energy signature like the one I have).

So in a way, betrayal is a little like something you pick up from Duality (the experience of life in 3D)...and with Ascension (increasing your vibration) it can be adjusted so it's not painful for you.

I also remembered for the first time, Anthony's father Jared sharing with me his dreamtime experiences of being a warrior, and fighting to protect those he loves. He wasn't some twenty-something year old who broke my heart. He was a warrior soul on special assignment, and he did what he was sent to do. He also singlehandedly cured me of my sense of Abandonment and all the issues that went with it by literally abandoning me at my most vulnerable...

So today, I had plans we had to change.

After I dressed, I was told to go outside and lie down on the porch swing.

All four of my husbands were there. Since there is no linear time in Heaven--I can't really say 'exes' because I don't know who was first, only that Ross is my Twin.

They sat shoulder to shoulder on the swing, with me on their laps, resting across them all at once.

Ross was at my head, then Merlin, then Raphael, and last at my feet was Michael.

Waves of emotion and energy clearing took place. With my light body, I vomited.  All the old icky feelings of betrayal came out.

Merlin was quick and when I asked he provided a bucket and held it. He also wiped my face. 

Michael gave me a glass of ginger ale, to help wash away the icky taste.

I asked if these feelings would ever come back? Raphael gently said 'no--once they are released in this way, they will never return.' He also impressed upon me the importance of sharing this fact with you. 

And I relaxed.  I listened to the birds and felt the sunlight.

They wrapped me with their wings, all four of them.  Like a blanket.

I apologized for being so sick and so needy! They said they are happy to help. They also explained that I need four husbands for a reason--my energy is stabilized by all of them. And I smiled and asked, 'Is this like north, east, south and west?'  They smiled and nodded in agreement.

Then Merlin told me to go eat breakfast. I was hungry. He said to have a pop tart.  I dug through the cupboards and found one pomegranate organic one. He said to eat just one.  It was delicious! I felt like I was four and was filled with delight!

My husbands love me, all of them. For this I am most grateful.

Post Script

Pet shops raise rodents-rats and mice--as feeders for other creatures such as snakes.

I mentally put myself into the perspective of a rat, growing up in the cage, and my life experience. I never in a million years would know I was being raised for food, and would die in this way.

I don't think chickens on ranches know they are exploited.

I don't think pigs or cows know until the end 'what is up'...

Although these images are disturbing, I want to shed light on 'what if' as if earth was a giant cage--and although we are not raised 'for food', we are perhaps being exploited to do something useful without our knowledge of it.

What kind of betrayal is happening to us at the hands of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?

Is it experimenting with drugs and vaccines on enlisted servicemen and women?

Is it Agenda 21?

Is it spiritual enslavement?

I don't know.

I asked about the definition of 'enslavement' the other day. For many, the response was 'doing something you don't want to do'.

What if enslavement is doing something you think you want to do, but really are being conditioned into doing it, like my buying things because of the emotions I get, or like whales in captivity being taught new behaviors?

Look for the external forces, the invisible 'hand' that guides us. When you see it, just call on St Germain to bring his huge garbage bag, and throw everything in it you don't want (energetically)--even if it is getting sick into it.

Let the wings of the angels enfold you.


My story about enslavement has to do with my cousin Donna. She is a stuntwoman. Her weight and her looks and her physical condition are her bread and butter.  She sat next to me at a function for Lauren, my niece.

Donna hardly ate.

It took her forever.  

And when the mini two inch cheesecake came for dessert? She took one tiny taste with her fork, and left it. 

These are diet tricks--eating slow and only taking a taste--not even three bites!

I saw my cousin is a slave to the industry in order to support her family, and that she denies herself small pleasures in order to stay in this work.

It made me sad.

She told me a story. I asked her if having professional makeup makes her less likely to put it on herself for events like this? She laughed and shared if she had those people do her makeup she'd look AWFUL! She often puts in on herself, and tries to match the person she is doubling. She looked so much like Mira Sorvino on the set, that Mira's dog--who is very picky and won't go to anyone but her--pulled on the leash with Mira's assistant to go see Donna! It wasn't until they were close enough to notice Donna's smell--that it wasn't her and the dog figured it out.

I hope one day soon we will all be able to 'detect' the energy signatures, the veil will be lifted, and we will figure everything out.

P.S. These three links were very meaningful to me, and helped push me to this level of consciousness. I think we are close to the end, at least for my spiritual work--as this was the last big thing that was 'holding me back'...


It is time for us to let go of the albatross around out neck.

I will help loosen it for you and lift the rope off from your neck.

I will console you.

So will Ashtar, and all of my team.

Your karma is paid back.

Yesterday Carla had me take care of it for one of her patients.  I had a little eraser and was in the Book of Life. Much to her delight, I erased several rows of 'to be paid back Karma'--for this patient was sick and had suffered greatly.

Last night, Carla had a surprise. When she came home, for the very first time, I had her sip a very small drink (Bailey's Irish cream in an apertif glass she got from her grandmother), put her feet up, and TRANSITION from work to home.  Anthony was at his father's, and slowly Carla sipped and thought about her day.

At that time, she asked MY help on her dilemma--'why this person and these feelings?'

I said to her, 'Why don't you ask others?'

To me her answer gave me personally very much delight, 'In college you don't ask the professor when you need help. They are busy and also it makes you feel dumb.  You don't ask the other students, because they might give the wrong answer. You go right to the TA (Teaching Assistant)--they are in college like you, and are very approachable, and able to explain it to you correctly. Why don't we have a bunch of them, metaphysically, to be available to us here on earth?'

I am Carla's TA.  (smiles and laughs, and shows himself in a tee shirt and jeans, instead of a shirt and tie like a professor).

Carla sought out ME with her question.

And Carla refused to get out of bed this morning until her question was it is the student who teaches the master!

As all of YOU are delightful 'students' to us.

Behold myself and my team!  (Oh my GOSH!...everyone on board ship is now like in jeans and tee-shirts that are a little wrinkled and have sayings on them, like band names and clever comments--so many-every one of them! They look just like US! and are very approachable!--ed)

Our 'Geniuses' are now currently available to YOU.

How is that for our Customer Support? (he laughs and smiles...ed)

Also he wants you to see the Sheldan Nidle--announcing NESARA type news--and to say, 'you heard it here first!'--

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Teaching Assistants <3