Sunday, June 7, 2015

Compassion--Gaia News Brief 7 June 2015

Charity League?

My beautiful niece finished a six-year commitment today with her national charity league. I went to the tea, and enjoyed listening to the stories of tribute as each young lady took to the stage to give her 'farewell' address.

Some women became very emotional. They expressed deep affection for their mothers (the charity is designed to strengthen the bond) and their 'family' in the organization.  One was very astute, and thanked her father for the financial support for the membership in the group.

I had thought similar. For a charity league, it takes a lot of contributions and dues to keep things going. Most meals for events such as fashion shows are forty dollars a plate. For the big event, it was two hundred. Although I never understood how ballgowns and charity go together, I was pleased with the maturity and speaking skills of the graduating class. I enjoyed listening to them very much.

I also enjoyed the slide show before each one, showing images of the graduate from infancy through childhood to adolescence. It is remarkable how little ones grow up!

I realized for some people, it was no stress--just more activities to fit into the schedule--and for others, depending on their psychological makeup--it was a burden in a big way.

Life is what you make it.

No matter what.

What Am I, Chopped Liver?

My son recently had a very large role in the school play. His father and his father's girlfriend were there.  After the play, my son said, 'Mom!' and came to me, while looking over his shoulder.

Once he saw his dad, he made a beeline to him, and his father's girlfriend--all the way across the room.  He talked with him to some length, with the two smiling and nodding to what Anthony had to say.

Then Anthony ran to the refreshment table!

I saw him, cookies in hand, drinking punch...and I asked to take a picture with him?

He said, 'Not yet--LATER'...and he took off to see his friends.

I was hurt.

I had bought the suit, tie, shirt, shoes just for the play. All new, from a reputable store.

I thought about mentioning it.

Intuition stopped me.  I realized the relationship with Anthony must feel very safe for him to be like that...I 'turned it around' and saw his relationship with his father is weaker, so he tried to impress them. After all, it was the 'MOM!' and coming to me first that was an honor overall...

Well, today, my niece did the same thing. You know how in those Academy Award speeches where the actor never mentions the spouse, then they quietly divorce later?  She only spoke about the peers and the activities in the charity league. When others were crying and saying how much they will miss their mom and how their mom is their best niece could barely contain her excitement to be done with the six-year commitment.

She never wanted to join in the first place.  It's not her thing. And her best friend from the start quit.

My niece knows herself well enough that even though this activity was her mom's thing (our cousins invited them to join)--she was very compliant and went along with everything.

Her love for her mom speaks for itself...with her obedience, her diligence, and her finishing what she set out to do.

Sometimes you just don't have to say it.


Today he designed another bracelet. I made it this morning. I understand his intention, and when I complete his request, I will notify you of his plan with this new design.

I just want you to know he takes his sponsorship of the healing jewelry seriously, and he's got input at this time.  I just 'sense' the energy of Atlantis in this new one, and it's beautiful and really elegant.

For the bracelet for the reader yesterday, he gave a beautiful explanation of the stones, and their significance. I wrote this out by hand. I hope to mail it tomorrow.

The Energy Of Home

Long Beach is a quirky town. (I know! That explains EVERYTHING, right?)

Most of it has a vibration I remember--like a smell will bring you back instantly to childhood--for sensitives like me, there is a vibration 'memory bank' like with olfaction too.

Until you get to a certain proximity to downtown.  I've never liked the energy there--it is oppressive, and makes me want to run.

There is a reason for this.

And I understand it.

It's not the 'inner city'--it's something worse.

There is a lot of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart and their 'ritual' in Southern California. Apparently Long Beach is pretty 'up there' for that.  I made connections today with other areas I've 'noticed' that energy in the Southland (that's what we call it, the general area)--and it makes a lot of sense how that energy came to be in that area. I don't want to sound mysterious but I don't want to point fingers either, and if I say more, I will be pointing fingers.

I think that once you know the secrets and understand the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they lose their power. For only when one person doesn't know--is it a secret. When both know--it's not secret any more!


Carla is sailing along in her awareness.

I am looking forward to what comes next!

She had a reading for you today, around five p.m.  She had to take care of Anthony. But when all is said and done, I want you to know, the message got to Carla first.

Be sure to look at the post that she makes about it with her little card spread in FB and Twitter tomorrow.

I thank you for your patience with our team.

You won't be disappointed.

(He snaps his fingers, with his hands up next to his head, actually, a little taller than his head. And he does it just once. Then his arms come down-- ed)

I also encourage you to take a look at the 'Do you go to church' question on the DWR page. (he asks me to pin it to the top)

With spirituality and the church, there is a bell-shaped curve for one's spiritual growth. For those on the lower end of the vibration spectrum, organized religion and church helps one to grow in spirit, and focus on spiritual things. This is like the 'workout at the gym for the spiritual muscles' Carla mentioned...

...up to a point.

Once a basic vibration is reached, there isn't much that can be taught by a human, especially in the organized, often very third-dimensional hierarchy of a religious organization.  We reach a point of 'diminishing returns'--and for those in this relatively 'higher' vibration, organized religion tends to hold them back in their expression of their spirituality and their desire for spiritual growth.

This is why there are no right or wrong answers to the question Carla put before the group; depending on one's natural frequency (vibration of the aura and the soul)--there is a match in behavior with regards to 'brick and mortar worship'.  This is commonplace and generally understood by those of us here in the Higher Realms it is all a passage of growth, just like Carla with her niece today at the organization for the charity.

One dress could pay the rent for a homeless person for a week at a hotel...(he holds his finger up for emphasis--ed)

I want you to think about that.

I want you to think about the insanity of what is common and everyday...and try to take a new 'sight' at it.

I want you, like beautiful Carla here at my side, to have EYES that SEE through all the junk and rigamarole that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have ensnared you.

It is then, and only then, shall the Truth set you free.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla