Saturday, February 2, 2013

How To Wake Up Spiritually: Five Easy Steps

Many of you are just starting to wake up at this time. You are sleepy-eyed after a long hibernation in Duality, on this planet You call Earth but we call by her name, 'Gaia'. For Gaia is her soul, in fact, her entire energy system that is generously shared so all of Her Children may have Life.

This is Divine Purpose. There was a class of Pioneer Souls who fed me on my spiritual awakening. They were the teachers of the sacred mysteries and transmitters of the Light. I am a Gatekeeper. Imagine I am taking your ticket at the front entry gate to a wonderful park that is more amazing than anything you have ever imagined! I acknowledge you! I hand you the 'map'. And the little flyer with 'Shows and Times' on it.

Unlike an amusement park on earth, I have an extra card.  On it are these five easy steps:

  1. Think With Your Heart: your heart center chakra has access to all of the knowledge of the Universe. It is MORE than intuition. It is Intuition on Steroids! For you tap in to Source. So take where you 'think' in your head, relax, and mentally allow this 'Consciousness' of 'Mind' to move gently about twelve inches lower. As you go through your day, when a decision presents, briefly stop and mentally 'ask' this Heart Center. Compare that answer to your own. For in The Heart lies Truth. 
  2. Nourish Yourself:  Take a mental note of your general Vibration. Are you a Hummingbird? If you are, you are as 'flighty' and 'quick' on a Spiritual Level, and the day-to-day tasks of living on earth kind of bore you. You spend a lot of time needing to 'ground' to Gaia. If so,  imagine roots coming out of your base of your spine and reaching deep into earth to her crystal core and 'hanging on'. Also have these 'roots' come out of the soles of your feet in the same manner. Are you a Snake? Your mystical 'gift' is being more grounded to earth so that you can move silently and with little effort in your day-to-day existence. You have the ability to 'shed your skin' and 'match your colors' to the problems at hand. Sometimes you are so entranced by your natural ability to be 'earthly' that 'spirit' has taken a 'back seat' in your awareness. For you, imagine the top of your head breathing IN the Light with each breath, taking in everything that you NEED, and breathing OUT with each breath EVERYTHING THAT YOU DON'T NEED.  You are actually going to be of much help to others, as they are 'waking up', for your ability to 'blend' shall give your the 'street cred' that you need to be a Starseed in that role. If you are a Panda, you are everything in-between. You are grounded--somewhat--, open--kinda, and totally full of AWESOMENESS! (yes, that is a direct quote from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Watch it, if you have the time. It is a Spiritual Masterpiece. Both of the films.) You just need to 'remember', which leads us to our next point.
  3. Take in Spiritual 'Food':  That YouTube Channel you can't get enough of (Mine was Komurosan) is 'nourishment' for your Consciousness. There are Light Codes inside every Spiritual piece, even this blog. When you find something that 'you can't wait to read every day' that means you are getting activated for your Higher Purpose through this source. Just like in Reiki, through the attunement ceremony from your Reiki Master, things happen that are both unseen and POWERFUL through something that doesn't seem like much physically. And just like reaching Reiki Master level, it takes about one to two years to find your 'calling' as a Lightworker.  If it feels good, do it! My Pathway was this: I saw a medium, who sent me to Psychic Development Classes, which led to the full course of Reiki and Karuna Reiki training. I did channelling, psychic development circle. All of this while working to suppport my family! Throughout my life I have permitted myself to purchase whatever Spiritual Tools that Spirit nudged me to get, so I continued this during my awakening. Online sources grew increasingly important. I 'graduated' from Komurosan to Evita Ochel, Kauilapele (who had transcripts from the original channelled Ascended Masters that were on Komurosan). Around this time I tentatively began the blog at the guidance of Spirit. Feedback I got from my Psychic Development teacher was 'They (on the other side) LIKE this blogging you do.' It was slow. But by being MYSELF, I got to the next level-support and recognition. I owe so much to the kindness of Evita and Ginny Mackles for their acceptance of me as an independent Lightworker online. Right now there are several who 'cheer me on' in my work. You know who you are. The very first one, Dani, has known me my entire life. She lived right down the street. I have never known a day without her being there. Her words of kindness and Light combined with our familiarity on the block were the perfect combination to 'get me to give it a go', this blog. She shared my excitement when I got my first one hundred 'hits'! You are going to be like Dani and Evita and Ginny to others who are going to wake up in the next wave after you.
  4. Practice Discernment on all Spiritual Food: you check the expiration dates on you food before you eat it, right? This is the same. There is Disinformation out there. A lot of it. So, when you are 'taking in' a Spiritual Food, sniff it, look at it, touch it with your Heart Center just to make sure it's    'Edible' and 'Safe for Taking in'. If it feels good, do it. If it gives you 'indigestion', don't take it again. Remember there are no mistakes, just learning. And you will get the hang of it. Nobody ever learned to walk without taking a spill. It's just the way it is, and you will do fine at it. And like the milk in the fridge, a Spiritual Food can go 'bad' in a sense. Part of it is because you outgrow it and need a richer source. You 'graduate'. Part of it is because most channels have their 'ego'-flavor into the 'food'. Sometimes that 'ego' makes it 'change' and you can tell that those 'light codes' are just not coming from that source for you any more. Just know something else will arrive that will be 'right' for you, and all is not 'lost'.
  5. Let Go: This is not weight loss or plastic surgery where you can expect 'results'. This is a process that is slower than waiting for an orthopedic surgery to heal, or an ICU patient to get better. Progress is imperceptible, like watching the grass grow or the paint dry. But that grass--you sure have to cut it! Every week in summer! As you listen to your inner guidance, you might be moved to change some activities or friends, possibly even your line of employment. Follow those 'nudges' and you will increase your Vibration ever so gently, that you will find yourself in position to be of service, Spiritually, to others who are in the next 'wave' after you. I grant you this recognition as a Star Seed and Lightworker now. One day you will pass this gift on to others.

Reiki Doc

P.S. You can't BUY this. Right now, there are some workers who support themselves through their Spiritual Work. The better ones might have a 'donate' button or a 'love offering' box with no set fee. Others will have a fee that is negotiable, or payment plans. Watch out for contracts, commitment of time , lots of advertisements on the website, and the feeling that they might like your credit card and wallet more than you. It is okay to ask for Higher Guidance when you have a question about something like this. I use my pendulum on it all the time. Along with Disinfo are the Hucksters. I have had two individuals suggest I use their 'whatever it is they sell' and 'tell others'. I say, with over thirty-five thousand hits, this blog HAS captured the attention on online ad marketing services. But Spirit at this time says, 'NO'. I know for me, my rule of thumb has been 'if it is from Spirit it is for free'. There is no 'money' in Spirit. Money is Man-Made! But there is Abundance in all of its forms. There is an 'energy exhange' at present. If a Lightworker does something for you, and that is their line of business, if the fee is comparable to the fee for similar work in your locale, and it feels 'right', proceed.  My spiritual 'energy exchange' is with Spirit for all my work I do. I take 'gratitude' in for 'payment', as I support myself with my work as an anesthesiologist.

The coyotes are howling up a storm outside. That is the mark of Kokopeli, the Trickster God. I take my hint, and will shut up! LOL