Friday, February 22, 2013

Cliff's Notes on Fiscal Cliffs B, C, and D

There is no patient attached to the monitor--this is from my morning safety check

As you may recall, in December the 'Fiscal Cliff' was 'postponed' until March 1: the six hundred million dollar cuts in defense and national security, PLUS a two-percent drop in Medicare Reimbursements to hospitals beyond the cuts seen in previous years. This is called Cliff B.

Hospitals who are busy lobbying on this issue now, were told in January to expect these cuts.
Recently there has been some hope of an agreement to postpone the cut. 

There is ANOTHER cliff, Cliff C, also known as the Continuing Resolution (CR). This is the emergency funding that has been on since October 1, 2012 to fund the government because there had been no specific budget agreement. It is scheduled to expire March 31, 2013. On April 1, 2013, all non-essential operations of government will shut down. Defense and VA Healthcare will still be operational. (I do, however, think elective surgery may be postponed, and only emergent cases will 'go')

The LAST Cliff is the Debt Ceiling, which is called, 'Cliff D'. This is how the government 'borrows' into the future to pay off existing debt. The limit to borrow money expired in December 2012 and was extended by Congress to May 19, 2013.

So there you have it. This makes it so much more easy to study, Cliff's Notes on The Fiscal Cliffs.

Things are looking incredibly complex, are they not? Do not worry, however. There is a Safety Net once the $-*%# hits the proverbial 'fan'. READ: NESARA and the St. Germain Prosperity Funds.

Stay tuned! You heard it here first.


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