Friday, February 15, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 19

December 10, 2007
I just had one of my scariest ones, ever.
I was trying to sleep with Anthony and a spirit came to me. Male.
M: “I love you.
me:  I love you too.
M: Why do you love me?
me:  Tell me who you are and I’ll let you know.
M: I saw it—Obi Wan! He was small and his spirit looked like wilted lettuce. 
(ed - this is my cardiac surgeon I have worked with for ten years. I told him everything about my being 'different'. He is the first to have called it 'a gift'. Once, when something bad happened in the O.R.--I had turned the pacemaker 'off' instead of on 'pause' and the patient had no native rhythm coming off pump, my surgeon, who had a temper, bellowed 'Mother of GOD!' at the top of his lungs to get my shaking hands to figure out how to turn the new 'game boy' pacemaker back on. The patient had no functioning heart and was technically 'dead' without the pacer. In less than ten seconds--but what felt like forever--I did. The patient came back, surgeon had been doing open heart massage the whole time, and we came off bypass smoothly. He knew exactly 'what was up' in the 'Blessed Mother' department with me. His spirit came to me often, and what you are about to see is his 'Higher Self' or 'Astral Body' communicating. His earthly one is very 3D and happily married with two kids, communicating with me at work or by email, and being an emotional support to me as a single mother. More like teacher-friend, or brother, than lover.)
me:  What’s wrong?
OW: It’s my mom…
me: Is she okay?
OW:  She’s sick and she’s not going to get better.
me: Are you able to be there for her?
OW: Yes, I am able to be there for her, but that’s about it.
me: You were able to cure so many, but not her…How come you moved far away from her?
OW: It was my training program (at UCLA) then I stayed close to those that trained me. And…I didn’t like the weather (back home)
He wanted me to talk to Blessed Mother.
me: Do you want to talk to her through me, or just to give her a message? (I waited)
He shuddered and cried…”I can’t, can’t let her go…it’s mom!'
Blessed Mother was watching. She said to have him hold her hand and she would show him why it was his mother’s time to go. I took his hand and placed it in hers. I turned to go, but she said she wanted me to come along, too. Not to hold his hand but to hold  her other. I saw her explanation to him:
There was a ‘vegetable patch’ in the dirt, a field, kind of like corn. When the plant couldn’t bear fruit any more, or withered, it was pulled.
The metaphor/meaning is that each soul accomplishes so much on earth, and then it can produce no longer. It is changed so that the soul is released and can do more. I heard OW’s mom say she can do so much more for her family in spirit than she could on earth and was happy to go.
But I can’t touch her!” he complained.
Blessed Mother said think of it more as when you are talking on the telephone. “Only I can’t hear her talking back!” OW protested.
Blessed Mother said she had to go. She took my hand and placed it in his. She wanted us to talk about something. I don’t remember/recollect what. She had business to do.
It was quiet and we were still by the patch of dirt and garden.
And I woke up.
I thought I should write this. The last two times someone I felt in the spirit but didn’t recognize them…I didn’t write it. It turned out to be  Ed Stemmer (VA Chief)  and David Moss (next-door neighbor growing up). This one I will record as it happened to me.