Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Your Aura From Psychic Attacks

Here is something you might like to know:  A Pleiadian Prayer to protect and heal the aura from psychic attack. As more are going to 'open up' to their 'Higher Vibration Abilities' such as Telepathy, Discernment is important. This is the ability to distinguish 'from the Light' psychic messages from the 'not-so-light' ones. Until everything is clear, and the Light wins all,there is going to be much Disinformation out there both in the media, the Internet, and the Telepathy 'channel'. So here is a healing that is good any time:

A similar healing was done by me on Valentine's Day. If you look to the right hand column, for February 14, 2013, and the link, you can see my healing too. It has aura protection and clearing too.

Both are written in the Now, and are active For All Time, and are gratis.


Reiki Doc