Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 13

April 24, 2006

As I drove home from work, Mrs. Nolan (Gladys) came to me.
She announced who she was. I didn’t recognize her.

1)   She always thought I was a miracle. So happy and in balance with my environment. She used to watch me as I would play.
2)   She died of and MI in her sleep (mom confirmed this later—she died in a rest home)
3)   I asked her why she had not been recycled yet. She laughed. She said, “No, I have not yet been recycled.” (ed - 'recycled' means 'reincarnated')
4)   She said I would be happy.
5)   She said she would come back to me.
I asked Mom for more information
She said Mrs. Nolan never had any children. She was a secretary to a top architect or something. She had money. When her husband died young, she took a young lover and bought a sports car. It was always her dream. She lived in her house until she sold it to move to a retirement place.

Reiki Doc