Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: February 21, 2013

My Children,

Shhhhhhh! God is present. (gestures with her hand out at the trees, the sky, the mountains). God is HERE. God is Here and Now in just about everything. Just about EVERYTHING! Everywhere you look, be it man-made or in Nature, in your heart know that 'THIS is the work of God'.

Allow me to explain this to you clearly: the perception that you allow yourself to experience is a matter of the kindness of Heaven allowing you Life with Free Will and The Power To Create.  (she points to her eyes) Everything you look, from the light waves bouncing off of objects and items that are in front of you, to your retina, through the optic nerves, through the optic chiasm where they cross right by the pituitary, and into the visual cortex of your brain...guess what? A funny thing happens--it is Perception, and there is a Little 'Filter' of sorts that 'connects' to the General Consciousness, Yours in Particular, and The Light.

Depending on how much OPENNESS TO SPIRIT one has taken the time to develop in their heart (points to her chest), that is going have a direct affect on the ALLOWANCE of how much Light one can see.

Some are going to see Fear and Destruction, as that is what the manipulators have led one to believe. The Light, awaits, stands by, appropriately, for It Has Always Been, Always Was, and Always Shall Be now unto the Present! There is NO MISSING it! (beautiful, gentle laughter that sounds like the Tinkling of bells).

What is about to happen will amaze you! The 'goggles' shall be off and EVERYONE SHALL SEE!

There is going to be some shock to everyone in this process. Some are going to die, for all of their lives have been built upon a distorted reality, and the awareness it is such is going to be a little too much for them to process. So when people die, know that in their hearts, they made the choice, the powerful decision, not to go forth in that body when the Light Now Hits The Fan, so to speak, in a manner of saying. The Light is Love, and it is going to spray its wonder and might just as far and wide as a cup of water poured directly in front of an active fan that is blowing water every which way.

Take time to process this. When the other ones who are NOT Lightworkers are going to experience it, how are they going to feel? Are they not going to be a bit dumbfounded?

That is where your hearts and your presence of mind is highly valuable to others at this precious time!

I am going to call on you, each and every one of you, to assist in the peaceful transition from the dark to the Light. Not 'on earth and in Heaven transition that is the dying process'. That is far  from the truth. It is the 'everyone seeing the light and blinking like on a summer day when I have just stepped out from the cinema'. There is going to be a time, a reckoning, for an adjustment of the senses. (kneels down to look me in the eye) I am going to count on you. Each and every one of you, to know your place and Listen to Spirit and to Assist Others in every way you are Guided. It is that little 'nudging' from within that is your calling to assist. You will know how it will increase while thou is ignoring it. The call is unmistakeable, and as persistent as a little child tugging on your sleeve to get all of your attention!

Please do as I ask when the time is right for you. Know that I am there with you for always.


Our Lady, Blessed Mother, of Heaven and Light.

God is With You! (waves goodbye and stands up. She is wearing a blue dress, about the same color as the blue header on this post.)

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc