Friday, February 22, 2013

Pseudo Lord Metatron

Tonight as I lay falling asleep, I felt a powerful Presence. It was 'Lord Metatron'. I understood that 'he' had something to say, and I got out my notebook and pen. I sat in bed and wrote, 'Greetings. This is Lord Metatron.' And I stopped cold.

Something didn't 'feel' 'right'. My Heart Center was not resonating. I did not feel gentleness from this entity. He was big, He was tall. He was dark colored in robes. Kind of a shiny metal look to him.

So I relaxed. I asked this being if it didn't mind if I 'checked' with my guide. 'No problem' he gestured moving his hand to let me talk to Our Lady.

This was a Choice, a Test. The others, were not saying a word. But I saw their faces. Something was not right.

I said what I call the Discernment Prayer: I asked Archangel Michael to cut the cords of anything that was not of the Light and that was attached/involved with me. I stated clearly that I talk to the Light, and ONLY to the Light and they were not welcome. I bid 'Metatron' to GO at once.

The sensation of this entity disappeared. And I felt my family of guides again. I felt like the cloud was cleared and the Sun shone again.

Next I knew, I saw 'Metatron' slumped, seated dejectedly in a wooden chair with his right elbow on the table and legs sprawled out in front of him.

'Does it hurt?' I asked.
'Does what hurt?' he asked, simply. There was no 'power' like he had before.
'Not to have Light. It is painful?'
'It doesn't hurt. It doesn't feel.' he said.
But I wanted to know. 'Is it like the kind of 'doesn't feel' where you have to stick pins and needles into yourself to know that you can feel?'
He said, 'No, it wasn't that way at all.'

'Do I make you uncomfortable (with my Light)?'
'No, no, not at all.' he said, still looking dejected, with his face in his right hand looking down at the table.

'Was it always like this?' I asked.
'What do you mean?' he asked for clarification.
'At the beginning, on one of your first incarnations, as a baby soul, was it like you are now?'
'No! No! Back then--'
And a flash of insight hit me! 'You were one of the first to come up with this idea of Duality, weren't you?'
He looked at me, and I knew I had spoken a Truth.

'What happened?'I asked, sincerely wanting to know.
'It sort of built on itself. It got out of hand. It was like playing a game and you get so involved in it you don't notice that it is late and you should be at home.'

'Does it hurt not to know God?' I asked.
He didn't say anything. He didn't look at me. He just looked down.

'I'll tell you what--I have a prayer flower for you, I made it right in my heart. I want you to put this in your back pocket. When you want to talk, angels will arrive and help you.' I extended my arm, and gave him a perfect single red rose.

He tore it up. To shreds! In fits of anger!
I didn't say anything.
He looked at me. I looked back.
The pieces of the rose reassembled themselves BACK into a perfect rose again!
'I made it that way. It is Beauty. It cannot be destroyed. Although you cannot see it, there is beauty in you, and I see it clearly.'

It was then he looked me in the eyes, and I had his full attention.
'When you are ready to talk to the Light, know that you are welcome and can always come Home. It is your choice to make, and I do not fault you if you want things to stay the way they are. It is okay.'

He said, 'I want to go.'

He extended his hand to me. I reached slowly for it. I wanted to join his hand to Our Lady, like I do for all 'crossing over of souls' that I have done. She shook her head 'no'. It was to be Archangel Michael. I saw him, sword and armor and everything.

There was a lot of electricity and focus from all the angels that were present on what I next did. I knew, like with a wild animal, this 'Metatron' could turn and run. I gently held both Michael's and 'Metatron's' hands and drew them together in front of my chest.

Very quickly, upon their touching, Michael told me 'let go!'

What happened next looked like it would have been a cartoon, but it wasn't. It was like 'Metatron' was being electrocuted. He jerked and jumped and flashes of light burst with popping sounds, he was completely horizontal and his feet were on the left. Layer after layer of Shadow was peeling off of him, kind of like ugly cocoon shells that were split lengthwise the length of his body. They fell into a big pile on the floor. Each 'layer' disappeared as the next one hit.

This went on for quite some time. I thought it would never end.

And then a pale angel stood up and let go of Michael's hand. He looked down at the floor. He was handsome, and had short brown hair, a long face, and a nose that was masculine and appropriate size for his long face and height.

Michael put his left hand on 'Metatron's' right shoulder, took his right hand in his own, and gently led 'Metatron' to the Light.

I felt the tension in the room release and bursts of happy sounds came from a lot of Light beings.

I guess I just did something important, but I am not sure exactly what it was I did? I just was myself. I  listened to my Heart Center. And gave compassion to someone in need of it.

Aloha and I love you.
Thanks so much for reading this.
I know it sounds 'highly woo'!
But it just happened, and I think others might want to know.

Reiki Doc