Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mystery of Bacteria in the Clouds

In the news:

Bacteria and other tiny life forms are thriving high in Earth's atmosphere as they are carried around the world by prevailing winds, according to new research. 'We did not expect to find so many microorganisms in the troposphere, which is a difficult environment for life," said microbiologist Kostas Konstantinidis of the Georgia Institute of Technology. "There seems to be quite a diversity of species." Some of the bacteria and other organic material living up to six miles high, are believed to have an effect on the weather. Researchers think that common sea spray catapults them from the top of the ocean up into the atmosphere. But it's unknown how long these organisms can survive or reproduce in the high-altitude and low-oxygen environments.

What Reiki Doc says:

If you have ever seen a trail from a jet that lasts in the sky for hours and hours, instead of going away in ten minutes, it is NOT a contrail. It is a chemtrail. Many pathogens and toxins have been spread as a means of population control for decades. No wonder this research is 'turning up' such surprising results!

The most important thing, is to educate yourself about such events.

Spirit says, if you see them in the sky overhead, look at them, point, and say, 'Change it.'. This permits the help of the Divine as you are using your free will to ask for a stop to those terrible chemicals and bacteria and viruses in the sky. Many of them have been genetically engineered in the lab to cause harm.

The way to stop the chemtrail process is to send Love and Light everywhere you go. The Dark forces that are behind this chemtrail phenomenon are not fond of the Light. Love to them is as irritating as chalk on a blackboard squeaking. It drives them crazy.

So do your part to raise the Vibration of Gaia, every way you can, every where you go, even just with a point up and 'Change It' request for clean air to be a Right for everyone on earth once again.


Reiki Doc