Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Leave Your Husband. Leave Your Job."

This is a story of Rebirth. If you like happy endings to stories,  read on.

Once Upon A Time, a girl was born to a poor couple who were young and deeply in love. She grew up loving Nature. In the garden at her grandmother's home, she spent hours saying 'hello' to each and every plant in the yard. As she 'made rounds', she wished for two things: to be a witch--someone who knows everything that there is to be known about plants used for healing, such as herbals, and to be a physician--someone who was nicer than the monster who would smile as he hid the needle behind his back and lied that 'today there would be no shots.'. Sick and tired of running naked and screaming out of the pediatrician's office and down the street in response to such treatment, this Little Girl knew in her heart that children, yes, EVERYONE for that matter, would be better served if there were no more doctors like this left in business.

The years flew by, and she grew to be a beautiful young lady. Although she did not have the means to apply to medical school, her dream never died of becoming a doctor who healed with the heart and the mind working together.

Except for a few costumes at Halloween, there wasn't much in the way of training for witches at the time.

This young woman respected her parent's wishes, and enrolled in engineering instead. Chemical Engineering. She married at twenty-three, and hoped that the 'white picket fence, house and two kids' would drown out her heart's desire to learn medicine.

Two times she was invited to go to the Famous Medical School Across the Bay just to sit in on classes with two different college friends who had gotten in there.

Two times she said, "no thank you", not because she was not interested. It was because she was afraid she would like it, and then have to make big changes in her life.

The third invitation she could not refuse--a brain tumor needed to come out. Although it was benign, and although it was less than one centimeter in size, the location where it grew was dangerous because of the many structures that lie near it. The optic chiasm (where the optic nerves cross). The cavernous sinus (where all the blood drains out from the brain). And the internal carotid arteries flanked the lesion on the pituitary. If it did not come out, she could never have kids without a lot of medical help.

The dream to become a physician was born anew in her heart when the anesthesiologist, a woman, acknowledged her tears of terror with a kind word and a smile.

Her dream filed with life as the neurosurgery resident looked in her eyes, reached out his hands and gave the command 'squeeze my fingers' to check her neurological status after the surgery. His eyes had the joy of following his life's work. And he was HAPPY. Even if she were the lowest score in the history of the MCAT, she swore one day she would take that test herself!

Like a dream, on awakening from surgery, somewhere in the fog from anesthesia, she heard and felt a command from a Voice that was not anyone she knew. It said, 'Leave Your Husband. Leave Your Work.' It was insistent. And she made up her mind to do exactly that.

It took months. Taking biology classes at night at a local city college. Meeting with the career counselor. Taking Stanley Kaplan review for the MCAT. Getting accepted and moving away, leaving both her career and her husband in one fell swoop...

In the months leading up to Medical School, more awakening started to begin. She frequented the crystal shop near her house, and bought Medicine Cards, and a Tarot. She also began to get impressions of Our Lady, in the same way as a family friend, who is the only medically-verified visionary and Locutionary of Mother Mary, did.

The medical student thought nothing of these new interests except as a source of comfort and wisdom to strengthen her on the road ahead.

After first year of medical school, she took a trip with her grandmother and aunt back home, to where they and her father were from.  It was in New England, the land of maple trees and a glorious autumn. On this visit she was aware she had once lived as her great-grandmother Emma, mother to her grandmother, and daughter to her Aunt's previous incarnation. It was time for unfinished 'business' to be paid on this trip, particularly, giving lovingkindness to Grandmother, who had her mother die when she was a small child, and was sent to live her childhood in a convent. Her experience in convent had troubled her greatly.

On this trip, another Auntie, one who lives in Massachussetts, took the three California visitors to see the tourist sites. Cape Cod. Plimouth Rock. Lake Winnepesaukee. And of course, Salem. Through the travel, the young doctor discovered a surge of energy in her core, something from Nature, making her feel like she had deep connection to the land.

Auntie whispered to her at the Witches' Museum, 'Witches were nice people. They healed many of the sick. Don't you buy any of that hype. The witches were GOOD! They were just very misunderstood.' The young doctor nodded and promised to do as she said. Later they met Laurie Cabot, who oddly enough, knew Auntie back from when they went to school.

Auntie is spiritual, and very catholic. She gives prayer healings as a group and also over the phone. Of the many healings while the young lady was in medical school. There was always a long silence on the phone as she healed. And she taught her to protect herself with the bubble of white light every day.

Incidentally, Auntie is Irish. Full-blooded. Just like the sliver of Irish blood in the niece from her grandfather's side of the family. Auntie was related by marriage, and did not share ancestry with her niece.

In the family, grandfather--who was Italian, surprisingly enough--was a simple orchard worker and farmer. No one would ever have guessed at his psychic skills. He could see angels.

One day mother told the young doctor, years after his passing, about his psychic ability. Which explained how a hundred miles away, the medical student 'knew' that her grandfather's time drew near and in his own way was saying, 'goodbye'. She was buying a hat for him with her school's name on it, for Christmas. It was his dream to have a doctor in the family, and it had come true. That voice she had not heard since surgery, said, loud and clear, 'Do not buy the hat, he will not wear it.'. She bought it any way, right before Thanksgiving. She thought to give it to him then. Again the voice said, 'That is against the rules. You are not allowed to give that hat to him before Christmas.' Rules? What? But the insistence of the instruction made her agree with the command.

Grandfather passed from a massive heart attack one week before Christmas.

The young doctor grieved deeply. When he was living, she had spent most of her life being afraid of him. It was only after she became a teen that they started to understand each other, and grew close. A surprise visit on the way home from college had him jumping with delight to see his granddaughter! She was his goddaughter, too, and at the baptism he 'breathed' on her, all of his knowledge and strength. He also had given her mother a pot of mint, so that the child would grow with the tenacity and abundance of mint itself.

She thought of grandfather often. And both her and her mother began to compare 'notes' on signs and messages left by him.

Deeply concerned by his fear of being forgotten, and what others might think of the mausoleum space (Italians don't like to be buried in the ground, they think 'it is cold')...she was moved to make a long-term agreement with the cemetery to have a new bouquet placed every week in memory of him. There would be one red carnation for him, and one white rose for her.  It doubled in price. She still paid for it. For ten years she made sure he was not forgotten. Then the price raised again. She prayed on it, and felt he said, 'it was enough, save your money.'

Not much time after that, she became pregnant. She had a son. And as he grew up, both her mother and her were puzzled by the uncanny coincidences this child had. Many of his gestures, words, and interests were like grandfather. Sometimes when he would look you in the eye, you 'just knew' there was a wise old soul 'in there'.

As a mother, she knew to heal his past where his life was shattered by his mother's death when he was two, the last time around. She took extra steps to be present for him, even working part-time as an anesthesiologist. He was a happy child, who took a strong interest in Reiki.

Last week, he said, 'I think I know who I was in my past life! I was Grandfather!'
Since no one had ever mentioned it to him before, he was asked, 'What makes you think that?'
He replied, 'I don't know how to describe it, I just know.'
There was a long, very-well thought out pause before the next thing came out of his mother's mouth.
' are right! How do you feel about this?'

He wanted to know everything he had in common with his ancestor. The love of pasta. And meatballs, The funny walk, The silly noises. The natural ease to take care of animals. Same foods disliked. Even the way he ate. He listened with interest.

And the psychic gift. He is the one who soaked up Reiki like a sponge, and wanted to learn as much as he could, since he was four...and made it to Reiki Master by seven!

The granddaughter-goddaughter doctor's heart leapt with joy! She did not share the OTHER past life that they had shared, one about one-hundred fifty years ago. But this was a big day for both of them.


This story is about me. My face is still numb from the surgery. All of it. I feel like you come home from the dentist, all over my whole face, all of the time. My top teeth are extra numb, too, from the surgery. The transsphenoidal took place on February 6, 1990. I changed my entire life, and in doing so, set the course for the eventual becoming 'Reiki Doc'.

It is both my calling and my passion to bring the 'healing' back into Medicine, and for the 'healers' to be Healed in the process.

Last night I had the dream--about the Irish DNA.

It went like this:
peaceful, goddess-centered society composed of fifth-dimensional beings of Light
part of this society  was the sacred school of mysteries
eight-thousand years ago, this society was decimated
except for the teachers, who were forced to 'train' the victors
then the teachers were killed after many generations as slaves
All other mystery schools in the world were destroyed by the 'victors'
The teachings, now twisted, took root in Egypt and several sacred societies there.

As the 'societies' grew, they took control 'over the masses', worshipping to their 'gods' with blood sacrifice 'to make them more powerful'

They even took over the native culture of Hawaii, to 'kill' any of the indiginous 'magic' left there.

They systematically took Gaia's ley lines hostage, diverting Her natural energy, which was well-known by the ancient Druids and Celts and older cultures who were long-lost--diverting her energy for their purposes, not Hers.

She grew weak. They took her remnants of her People, and mocked them. Drunks. Stupid. Weak. The country of Ireland is 'one big joke' they lied, to hide the evidence of the Goddess evermore.

There can be two secret societies--one mystery school based on the Light--and the other one by the 'victors'.

Both have been working 'under the radar' for eight thousand years, each with their own agenda.

What if, what if those who are of Irish Descent already have an in-born fifth dimensional capability? What if everyone ELSE has it too, but perhaps somewhat weaker?

What if the people slaughtered were not gone from the face of Gaia, but instead, live on in the DNA and blood that courses through our veins?

What if our natural gifts are being harnessed through mass media to 'manifest' that which the one-percent DESIRES, instead of what we are a people want ourselves?

That is why we are told 'to watch for Ireland' to start the new changes toward an equitable and transparent society, one that is not run by the fiat banking system and financial tyranny.

Please reflect on this. And if you are so moved, join me in adding Ireland, it's people, and all of the descendants of the lost peaceful society that was slaughtered by the 'victors'--onto you healing lists.

Send Light daily. Join group meditations like on Portal2012 on Sundays. And imagine a world where you are free to be who you are, psychic, awake, and fully empowered by your Birth Right, to experience Life as it was meant to be. Not as slaves to a global geo-political economic system.

That is my birthday request, on this 'birthday', the anniversary of my surgery so many years ago.


Reiki Doc