Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The 'Reiki is Witchcraft' Troll Comment

Reiki Nurse Meredith Kendall, R.N. recently presented Reiki at a conference of cardiologists. She brought others with her to demonstrate hands-on the 'hands that are electrodes' as Hawayo Takata once described to a Senate Committee.

By and large the presentation at the conference was greatly received!

Except for the one comment on an evaluation--'Reiki Is Witchcraft!'.

Talk about a buzz kill. Meredith blogged how surprised she was, since it was a scientific presentation that was carefully designed to showcase the work by Pamela Miles and other Reiki pioneers.

I wanted to console Meredith. I wrote a reply 'Haters Make You Famous!' and commiserated with her on how it does sting, the rejection for who you are and what you do. But Spirit wouldn't let me post it. Those little numbers to verify the comment kept jamming up on my phone.

So here I am Meredith.

I am going to turn your world around--Byron Katie-style--and state:

'Reiki IS Witchcraft'.

How does that make you feel? Kind of upset, doesn't it, because you are Reiki Nurse, and I am Reiki Doc, and we Reiki people are out to change the world...we work so hard...

How about this: 'Reiki Makes You Multi-Dimensional!' I know it might sound 'far out', but it is right. Tapping into Universal Source, and letting it flow through you to tap into the client's natural healing ability IS not of this world.

So how is it going to seem to a someone who is unfamiliar with Reiki and very entrenched in the third dimension? It is going to be 'hard to understand'.

And when something is 'hard to understand', it is either, 'they are right and I am wrong' or 'I am right and they are wrong!!!'

It is a natural reaction for someone who is of a Lower Vibration to be taken aback when faced with something of a Higher Vibration.

It is uncomfortable for them.

The natural response is to push it away.

And what did they call, historically, a band of Fifth-Dimensional People out in Salem, Massachussetts, who were a little 'sloppy' and 'giddy' in showing off their new 5D skills? Witches.

Now it is all starting to make sense, yes? No matter how it is presented, the Higher Vibration of Light that is associated with Reiki is going to turn some people of a Lower Vibration off.

One of my friends, who goes by the name of Panda, had this theory about running for class president. 'Some people are going to love me. I am not going to worry about them. Some people are going to hate me. I can't get them to change so I won't worry about them too. But the ones in the MIDDLE? Those are the ones where I have a chance to change their mind and bring them to vote for me.'

The only good news in this, Meredith, is even though the comment was a negative, all of the Loving, Healing Energy with you and your group directly touched the aura of everyone you met. Including that person who wrote that comment.

Love IS the Solution For Everything.

Is Reiki Witchcraft? Who cares? Because it is perception that makes it so. If my Perception that Reiki and Witchcraft are 'woo' and and part of who I am, fits with your perception, that is terrific. And if it doesn't? Well, that is all the more wonderful because it helps me to define who I am and also for you to define who you are too.

Thank you for 'venturing out' into the 'scientific community'. There is a first for everything. You made a bold step into the future that day for all of us! Thank you, God Bless You, Love and Light, and Blessed Be!


Reiki Doc