Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re-Birthday Message From M.T.

Last night, as I started to fall asleep, I was visited by my friend Mark T. He has been deceased over six years now.  I wrote everything down. He answered this question from me, and asked me to share his answer in the blog:

Me: About the split, the upcoming 3D-5D split...

M.T.: What about it?

Me: Is it like the Rapture -- two men are working in the fields, one is taken, the other is left behind?

M.T.: (waves his hand as if to say 'no-no-no-no-no!')  It is like letting go of a person in your life and their selfish ways. 'Good bye', 'I have not the time for this', you think to yourself, 'Don't forget to write!' The master-manipulator, alcohol-fueled egotistical one in your family has a heart the size of a pea/flea. Let this one fly first-class to another galaxy, Nibiru. (chuckles)

God wants you to have more time for peace. Think of it as a long vacation for this family member, like when they travelled overseas. 'Have a good time!' is what you should wish for this person with your heart.

Write about that tomorrow on your blog and upload it to the Galactic Free Press as 'Saying Goodbye to the Non-Dimensionals'. (Nods head once to emphasize point).


Reiki Doc


  1. Hey it was really Intersting?. You are saying your friend's spirit visited you?? Is it real or I understood wrongly.

    Any way I also want to give you a good Birthday message to you.

    "Be Happy and Enjoy the days here. Do not come back as spirit to give us more birthday messages. As per Hinduism only unsatisfied athma will come back. SO enjoy the day here and be satisfy yourself

    1. Dear Sajith, thank you for your kind wish for my birthday. February 6 is my 'second birthday'. I went on the table for pituitary surgery, ready to never wake up. But I did and made the most of my second chance at life. My real birthday is after the June bugs are out. I picked the most wonderful day in which to be born. : )
      My friend is Spirit. His soul is content. On Spirit side, you have the option to 'come back any time you want to' for times such as this. You will know a Spirit as its feet are about three feet off the ground. A Ghost is one whose feet touch the surface--floor, ground, etc. they are stuck between two worlds and lack an energy source. They are often confused or unwilling to leave someone or something they love. The movie Paranorman accurately shows this. Namaste, gassho, aloha and happy wishes to you.