Monday, February 18, 2013

The New Chakras from Ascension

I am smiling and laughing as I write this. I didn't think it could happen to me. But it did!

I feel wonderful. Radiant. And happy.


I feel the way I do because my chakras have 'shifted'. And I passed two 'tests' and 'know' it is true.

Yesterday when I was doing self-Reiki, something was 'missing'! I reached down to my red and orange chakras. It was just 'empty space'. It surprised me, and I felt higher towards the yellow to make sure that I was not imagining things.

The yellow one was magenta-golden, not lemon-yellow like before.

Up from that was totally normal--for me, there is the green, then at the manubrium (the bump where the sternum joins the bone between the clavicles--not the sternal notch, about two inches below in me) is pink, then blue (I got a lot of energy there yesterday--and after that energy I think I wrote like eight blog posts!), indigo, white,  silver, and gold.

These new chakras are working! In yoga class, a woman came in late and put her mat next to me. 'She has cancer!' I thought. I felt the energy and I 'knew' by clair cognizance. About five minutes later, when the teacher asked if anyone has any injuries or physical limitations, she raised her left hand and said, 'I am fighting breast cancer.' The left arm had the sleeve for pressure to treat lymphedema from node dissection (her cancer had spread to the nodes for her to have had a complete dissection to need that sleeve.)

Yesterday was the acid test. My childhood was spent in bitter jealousy with my middle sister. Mom gave her everything she asked. Including the golden teapot, creamer, and sugar that was promised to me. At my grandparent's fiftieth wedding anniversary, on my father's side, my MOTHER'S side grandparents, Nana and Nanu, who are also my GODPARENTS had given that gift. Mother promised it to me to inherit it after Grandma and Grandpa 'passed' because since I had the job of the reception table and signing in guests, they had forgotten to save me a seat. I had nowhere to sit to eat. All the tables were full. I had to eat with remote cousins whom I had never met. For a twelve-year old girl, social 'shunning' like that is extremely painful. The scars ran deep, and I cried bitterly at the reception that my own family would 'forget' me as easily like that, and my Aunties and Cousins would laugh and say, 'sorry, no room here!'. Only the 'strangers' understood and made an effort to make room for me. And I was squeezed in, as an extra setting, and needed a plate and fork and napkin to be brought.

Anyhow, every time I went to my sister's house and saw that gleaming in the china cabinet, the added betrayal gave me rage. I couldn't look at it, I couldn't think straight, and the nerve of my sister to ask mom, and take it, when she very well KNEW what I wanted and why was salt in my emotional wound of 'rejection' by my 'family of origin'.  That wasn't the last time my family let me down. It was the first of many, that fiftieth wedding party! And the emblem of the broken promise was illogical and childish of me, because my sister and brother in law are the kindest people who probably had forgotten not that I wanted it, but the pain that had been caused by being forgotten. That 'tea service' was the emotional 'band-aid' that had gotten me 'over' that 'wound'.

The worst disappointment from my family was their buying a cat. I am allergic. My eyes swell shut, and my skin gets welts if I touch one, even if I am on medication. I remember the longing and jealousy I felt once when I went into the home of a classmate in high school, Melinda. She and her brother had severe allergies, and the home was the first one that I could breathe freely--no dust (like where I grew up). And after college, and marriage, that cat literally slammed the door to 'run home to safety' in my face. I could not BE in that house without getting sick. As a result, I suffered four years too long in a marriage that had been abusive emotionally. I didn't know where else to go.

I once confronted mom on the teapot (the cat got put down while she was in the hospital with her kidney transplant. The box wouldn't have been safe for her to clean, and the cat too, the hospital said. Mom still thinks the cat 'ran away'). 'How COULD you?' I asked. Mom remembered. She knew. But she said, 'Your sister ASKED. And I NEED her.' She was right. In all of this illness, the sister is the one who lives closer and has done more than myself and the baby sister to help mom. More time. Runs mom's finances. Visits and coordinates an ambulance for mom to have her follow up visit today.

Yesterday we were at the house for my niece's sweet sixteen birthday. And the china cabinet, with the shiny gold teapot, creamer, and sugar, were not even a BLIP on my 'radar'! I LAUGHED inside at what a funny story it was! A remnant of my life in the Third Dimensional 'game' of Duality, where it was 'her or me' and 'respect' and 'honor' and all of those 'messy' emotions having to do with 'survival'.

I felt great. It was the last big hurdle. Now with my new chakras I feel like a big teddy bear inside, all warm and fuzzy, all of the time! My life is turned into a 'drama-free zone'! Woo hoo!

I have to be careful though. At dinner on Saturday night I sat near a Selenium Lamp. It made me giddy without my knowing it. I had no alcohol on board--none whatsoever--and I was on an energy 'high', looking back.

Life in the Higher Dimensions is going to be a blast! I can't wait to discover MORE about it!

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc