Friday, February 1, 2013

Talk Story: the "Iole Dream

Last night I had a dream that was so vivid! In it, I had a pet store or zoo of sorts. I had many animals, not just 'Iole, the Hawaiian word for 'Rat'. I could pick them pet ones up and hold them, cuddle them. It was very warm and loving. I even picked up one that had no hair! It felt funny, not soft, but in its own way it felt nice.

I do not ordinarily dream. This dream must come from Spirit. My aumakua for now, is no longer Moa-Chicken. It must be now, 'Iole-Rat. I look up.

O kupukupu kahili o Koa-ka-mano. It said. Translated to English it mean: Many new lines of chiefs spring up.

Upright--If 'Iole is your guide, you are truly blessed, for the qualities of courage, tenacity and resolve Rat displays are remarkable. Your consciousness is growing strong and you are growing bright-eyed, fleet of paw and swishy tailed like 'Iole. The links you are making are helping others too.
Learn some more about the knowledge of the stars - particularly the Pleiades - and you will be even more empowered. 'Star' spelt backwards is 'rats'. The glory of 'Iole is now yours.

In this lovely myth, 'Iole teaches the chief Makali'i the many qualities of generosity - and saves the world. It is set in Ka'u, or South Point, on the Big Island of Hawaii - a hot spot for its UFO sightings.
Makali'i was a selfish chief who came from the south to dwell in Kona, on the Big Island. One day he gathered all the food plants, stalks and all, and put them in a huge net. This net he hung up among the stars known as Na Huihui a Makali'i, 'Constellation of the Pleiades.'.
Once they had eaten all the food they had in the house, the people of Kona began to go hungry. And it wasn't just the people who were affected; the animals were starving too. So they held a meeting to discuss what could be done. First, a rat offered to climb a rainbow. He went up and up until he could jump onto the rainbow-colored net of Makali'i. He gnawed holes in the net until the food began to fall out. A piece of the net fell out of the bottom, scattering food far and wide. Some of the food was found , and people planted some and ate the rest. Some food fell in the forest and mountains where it grew wild. The earth saw saved.
The rat was clinging to the part of the net that fell out, and down they came together, landing in Ka Lae in Ka'u. The imprint of the net can still be seen, not far away from the rat's hole. When he was very, very old, the brave rat turned to stone, and his remains can be seen today at South Point.
The rat overcame his inertia and captured the food hidden in the stars. his bright consciousness is represented by the rainbow, which has the ability to harmonize all his different selves. The brave rat climbed up the rainbow and released the food. The net that held the potatoes stands for the net of consciousness. The net is a symbol of Lono, the god of consciousness. 'Iole climbed to the stars and transferred the knowledge of the gods. Don't we all need to do the same?

You've climbed a rainbow to the stars and now your bright consciousness is raining down and feeding the world. You are no longer eating animals, and are avoiding all products that are tested on them. Your Rat spirit guide is calling for you to help others to recognize the godly essence in all our creatures.
Your essence is of the stars, always existing in a greater perspective than earthly wisdom. Studying star lore serves you well. Are you drawn to books about the Pleiades for instance, which seeded the ancient star language of Lemuria? They remain in the sacred teachings of Huna and help you remember. Then you must help. 'Iole, O lihilihi kuku, 'the rat of upstanding whiskers', taught the earthly chief that he shouldn't keep all his resources to himself. Likewise, the star seeds on earth need to share their rich inner resources appropriately. For o kama a uli a kama i ka po nei la, 'the child of the dark and the child in the night are now here.'

Talk Story:
This knocked me with Truth. In 1996, the first time I set eyes on Ka'u, I wanted to live there forever. There is an energy to South Point (the southernmost point of all America) that was so pleasant I never could forget it. This Halloween, I was able to make the drive there one more time. I stopped at the bakery, and bought many tee shirts, guava rolls, mango bread and cinnamon bread. I also have a very strong connection to the Pleiades (I have all my life) and Lemuria (I wear a Lemurian crystal at all times). Who would have ever thought that Spirituality, South Point, Vegetarianism, and Rat could all connect?

This morning I had the last piece of cinnamon bread from that bakery I had been saving for a special occasion. I also had a cup of Peet's Kona private blend from my press pot.

The rat in the picture above is Mama Rat with her first pups. I learned so much from her! I had to give her away, to a rescue, because she was so much a rat that when I went to clean the cage she would bite me. That was not good for both of us. She also bit the rescue director, but he kept her in his room, and she was nice to the other rats. She was found dead in her cage around Christmas. I had given that cage to the shelter--a ninety dollar Rat haven--so she would be happy. The director cried over her loss. For she was a good mother, a good rat, and even to the end, true to herself.


Reiki Doc

'Iole card taken from The Hawaiian Oracle, Animal Spirit Guides from the Land of Light --Rima A. Morrell, PhD