Sunday, February 10, 2013


Are you attracted by dolphins, whales, and the ocean? Do islands make you feel 'alive' more than anything you have experienced? Are you interested in creativity, for example, in the music,arts, and dance? Do you have the ability to light up a room with your presence when you enter it? Are you an enthusiastic supporter of the underdog and the downtrodden and unlucky? Does your heart soar and your voice cheer a loud woot woot when something wonderful happens? Then you are like me.

I am the first to laugh and to clap in a audience of people. My laugh is loud, easy, and contagious!  My spirit is of 'hummingbird' quality, very high vibration, and beautifully Light.

I have been told by Lady Isis, who is the wife of Cobra, of Portal2012, thatI am from Sirius, like her. It is the origin of our souls, although we are here on Gaia.

Yesterday I visited SeaWorld in San Diego. No matter what you might think about whales that are in captivity, would we agree that whales and dolphins are magnificent entities on Gaia? Let us set the 'whale argument' aside for now, and go back to what legend says about whales and dolphins: they are the keepers of all sacred knowledge of the universe. They also are also holding the energy and balancing it on earth. (For example, the recent slaughter of over nine hundred dolphins in the Solomon Islands was followed by an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude about ten days later. )

Whales and dolphins are from Sirius. They can light up an entire stadium of people with joy and wonder and delight!

Whales are also telepathic. There is legend that 'having a whale look you in the eye' can change your life! I have had that look from Kasatka. She judged me, and made the comment, "good mother!" . The information went straight to my mind, bright, and quick. There was no mistaking what she was thinking and that is was her who sent it!. Yesterday, at the end of Dine With Shamu, she softly said, from behind me, "I knew you were here." And sent me energy that felt like butterflies in my aura.

The trainer at Dine With Shamu says that whales talk by echolocation, with whistles, clicks, and growls. But they can talk through the partition between two adjacent tanks! Solids carry sound well. But it got me thinking--besides this method--they must use higher dimension perception!

For example, a dolphin will remember a person who played with them two years ago, and bring the same toy to that person at the edge of the pool.

I propose that whales and dolphins can 'see' the aura and intent of any entity on earth. This would explain 'unexplainable' attacks. This would explain why the dolphins help save drowning people (echolocation of a human torso must also be 'close' to dolphin internal anatomy). It would explain how pods can meet and form super pods across great distances.

There has been much study of cetaceans by the military. There also is 'super sonar' technology that is destructive to the delicate acoustic organs of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). I have a feeling that there is much more to these 'studies' than meets the eye. One day we will know more...

But for now, Higher-Dimensional creatures in aquatic parks have the ability to reach many people in the audience. This contact can help 'spark' healing and awakening to Source. Perhaps even through activation of Light codes itself?

On whales in captivity: no more capture. No more 'single whales or separation of whales'. Whales are social. Places with poor track record (one in Ontario has abysmal record. seaWorld had a custody battle over one over mistreatment, and won him back, ikaikai.) must stop. We must acknowledge that all whales in captivity have lost all of their survival skills and would require a larger pod to accept them to survive. And through some animal communicator, the whales themselves must have some say on where they are to go. We are not whales, but their keepers. A major apology is due to them. And to thank them for helping us learn how to take care of them, so we can rescue hurt whales and dolphins and seals in the wild and rehabilitate them back to health.


Reiki Doc