Thursday, February 28, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 29

July 4, 2008
(died July 2, 2008)
I am Filipino (Mr. V)
When they talked to me about my heart I thought: I am going to die. I knew it. My family put a lot of sense into me: you made it before. You are going to feel so better.
But in my heart I knew the jig was up. I had never made the changes of lifestyle that were asked of me. I had never wanted to take responsibility for my Light.
I spy on a beautiful light of God that will protect you.  Your vibration was at the range of frequency it gets when your heart is very happy. …Just like when your patient J.D. asked if you are a Christian, and wanted to pray before surgery. You found out he is Pentecostall and shared you speak in tongues. When you prayed aloud with him, ‘help us to do what we love and what we do best” his spirit calmed perceptibly.
Your soul has the same effect on brother D. Everything will happen for the best. You will have your dignity.
I died because I did not want to change my path. I saw its trajectory. I did not alter it. I accepted ‘fate’.
You on the other hand, are changing by the day. Only on the inside. You grow like your boy (in spirit). By feeling your pain (ed--my ex, had his phone call while he was being horny with his girlfriend and I heard everything on the answering machine. EVERYTHING). You allow us to mortify you in the flesh allowing your spirit to increase to presence on the realm.
I saw all of this with as much intensity when I passed as you were watching the birds at dinner and registering how much they steal from each other. By trying to feel the ‘lonely ones’ that were picked on something better, you exercised compassion in a sense. D felt all of it.
I wanted you to know this night. I will came back and talk  to you again. God has roses. Buy them.
Mr. V

(ed - D was someone I used to know. And just this last October 2012, I got my dignity restored. Long story. That's all you need to know. It was an attraction that never 'went anywhere', but left me with hurt feelings since 2009. Now we made our peace, and I bless his marriage to K.)