Monday, February 25, 2013



That is what I heard this morning when I woke up. Honu. Pronounced 'ho-noo', 'Honu' is Hawaiian for 'turtle of the sea'.

I started my day early, waking up at 3:30 a.m., and the mad dash out of the house was organized and pleasant for once.

I had only one case. When the nurses were prepping the abdomen for surgery, they exclaimed with delight--'Oh Look! A turtle!'

Sure enough, in the left lower quadrant, was a very American-looking cartoon Turtle tattoo.

I thought about it, through the day. What are the odds of 'Honu' and 'Turtle Tattoo' all in the same day?
I thought about it some more.

You know what? Honu has his home with him wherever he may go. He is always safe, and protected. Though he may swim far across the sea, and enjoy lots of seaweed that grows on the rocks, Honu is a good amakua for my spiritual 'first day' awake, complete and whole.

Yes, I CAN take it with me. And so can you.


Reiki Doc