Sunday, February 17, 2013

Everyone Has A Right To Health

Forget about 'Health Care'. That term implies that people have to get sick. And need help from an outside source to obtain 'Health'.

I say that 'Everyone Has a Right to HEALTH' in the first place. What does that mean? That everyone is given access to what it takes for the human body to run like the performance vehicle that it is meant to be.

Here are the five basic 'pillars' of Optimum Health according to Evita Ochel:

  1. Everyone has a right to clean and wholesome food the food industry needs to make some major changes. If we as a people get in touch with ourselves and enhance our connection to Source, we will not want to eat things that are bad for us. This is different from 'mentally making the decision to live in this diet'. The change comes from within. After eating to raise my vibration for years, I am noticing certain foods, 'heavy' foods, are all of a sudden not appealing to me. Processed foods, lunch meat, any meat, really, just isn't as appetizing as before. Alcohol, my 'wine with dinner'--my Italian birthright!--now I can take it or leave it. I don't want any liquor or beer. I crave organic produce, fresh water, and sunshine instead. Listen to your body--take away the junk food, processed food, and high fructose corn syrup, and of course, the GMO's. You will see how fast your body, once it is no longer bombarded with toxins, starts to 'call the shots' on how to eat, how what kind of 'fuel' is best to make it 'run'. (Because of a certain type of DNA some individuals have, it is right for them to consume meat that is free range and organic. They just can't function on an all plant diet. It is not their fault they inherited this normal variant of metabolism. Once the deeper healings begin, this issue will be corrected in the new technologies that are anticipated to arrive. The 'playing field' of DNA will be 'made okay'.)
  2. Everyone has a right to sleep No more insomnia. No more sleep deprivation. Sleep is important. Did you know you will die without it before you will die from lack of food or water? Your body WILL sleep. (We go 'home' at night, our consciousness does. And it takes notes about the day. That is why it is a good idea to 'erase the blackboard' of your day as you fall asleep, and 'start fresh' on the next day.) Painful overnight shifts will be a thing of the past. Not just 'enforced sleep' like in aviation and trucking. Doctors and nurses too. Even overworked housewives and working moms will get rest. Guaranteed. How will this be achieved? The work week will have to get shorter. How to bridge the gap? New technologies that are waiting in the wings!
  3. Everyone has a right to movement our bodies are built to walk, not to sit for eight hours a day. We have a right to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We have a right to have our sleep, work AND movement too. In my perfect world I would dance ballet, taking a two hour class, every day. Even on weekends! I love it so.
  4. Everyone has a right to a clean environment In the home--no toxic chemicals or mold. Good ventilation. In the ocean--no miles wide floating tangle of bags or nets to choke the fish. In the earth--no pollution. In the air--no chemtrails and smog. 
  5. Everyone has a right to psychological health Every day I imagine a world with no ads. They are EVERYWHERE and an intrusion into my consciousness. Abuse of all kinds has got to go. As people raise their vibration, this will go away. Remember the 'contact high' from being near someone with a High Vibration? This is how it is going to get to the abusers of the world. As the Vibration of the majority raises up, the jig is up for them. Then they have a choice--rehabilitate or leave Gaia. This was not the reason earth was made in the first place. She was made for our learning, in the role of caretakers of the planet. Living in balance much like the first nations did for ages. We can use technology to live in balance too.
People who have illness have a right to help them feel better. But more important is the chance to not get sick at all. This will take a lot more than alkalinizing our diet. It will take deep healing on an energetic level across multiple lifetimes we have experienced. It will take personal connection to Source, and the living of our purpose--by that 'little voice' or 'what resonates' to guide us to Optimum Health! Our contemporary lifestyle is made to get the most work out of us, while we are just healthy enough to work, and then to spend lots of money as we are retired till the end of life. How could Metheuselah live for a thousand years, and us maybe seventy if we are lucky? What changed? We have a right to understand the Truth. And we have a right to live in Peace and Joy, Love and Abundance.


Reiki Doc