Friday, February 22, 2013

The Patient Who Healed Me

This article is 'schmaltz'. Pure, unadulterated 'cheez' that will get you 'perklempt'. So if you are not into being emotional, please stop reading here. Thank you.

Now for the rest of you, I have a story. It is a story about a lady who was terrified about her surgery. I am talking, 'I need Versed NOW' kind of anxious.  (I was called by the nurses in Pre-Op holding to settle this one down, with anxiolytic, if necessary. I did.)

The wonderful thing about this patient, is that she was recently married and having the operation to help 'with having kids'. I won't get into specifics, but let us say 'parts is parts' and we are there to 'fix it'.

Sometimes I get tiny wishes in my heart. Ones that I don't have the courage to say, or even 'say to myself'. But they are from my heart. It went: I wish there was something she could do that was nice for me so that she will get pregnant.

I know this sounds bizarre, but I am 'lucky' for people having kids! Every time someone has done something genuinely NICE for me, from their heart (and this is rare, seriously--but I get a 'vibe' when this happens) the next time I hear from them they are with child. I think there are about ten in all, so it is more than a coincidence. It is energetic.

The case goes along routinely. Except for one thing: everyone commented on how she was pretty. The scrub techs, the nurses, and the surgeon. I have NEVER heard anyone talk like that. But she was covered in a blanket, everyone was looking at her face, and saying 'she has a really pretty face. She is really a beautiful girl.'* Anesthesia wise she is normal and healthy in every way. Until I hook in to the energy system.

Healing energy flowed from her to me!

I felt it. Sweet calm energy of healing. It was unmistakeable! Instead of the usual 'flow' of Reiki (Source through me to patient), something flowed from patient to me. For the entire case! I just sat there  and enjoyed the surprise from Spirit.

It wasn't until bedtime that I put it all together, and I hope I got my wish: for her to experience the joys of motherhood and family. I hope 'it works'.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

* -- mom says it was like that the day I was born. All of the nurses were nuns, and were commenting on how I looked. Even the other mothers told mom how beautiful her baby was. Mom said this went on the entire week we were in the hospital together (she couldn't pee, after a big repair). It was kind of spooky to mom. She said it was like on 'Bewitched' when Tabitha was born and there had been a spell cast on her by Endora. : )