Monday, February 25, 2013

Felder and Rousseau

Spirit guided me to the used book store. Let me describe it as 'acres of books'.  It was an interesting 'assignment' because of two things:

  1. Spirit clearly guided me to 'Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes', second edition, by Richard M. Felder and Ronald W. Rousseau, part of the Wiley series in Chemical Engineering. I smiled, inwardly. I was a nerd! All the way through High School, I loved my chemistry enough to put up with a horrible teacher who said that chemistry was where the axe fell in college and separated the men from the boys! On having a perfect exam this one would take off points for grammar! It was devastating! I had this book my senior year in undergrad! It wasn't 'my' book, but I enjoyed looking through it and seeing how 'smart' with numbers I once had been.  Chapter One was especially endearing to me, 'What Chemical Engineers Sometimes Do for a Living'. Did you know Frank Capra of 'It's a Wonderful Life' was a chemical engineer? Cindy Crawford too. 
  2. As I stood near the metaphysical section, I looked carefully for 'what category' my present 'work' with Doctors With Reiki would go? There wasn't even a 'Reiki Section'. Miscellanous Metaphysical would be not right...I was thinking...and then I glanced to the shelves of books OPPOSITE the metaphysical. Diseases by Alphabet. Many nurtition and other health books, some as overviews by big names such as 'Hah-vahd'. It was then the energy started to flow--a lot of it, right down through my head, and I realized,  neither one is right without the other! Someone needs to 'link' the two specialties-body and spirit! Once I realized this, the energy stopped. And at checkout I found a small pocket-sized copy of my favorite book ever, A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle! They had just bought it on Saturday. And I was able to buy it for me. <3
It is a good thing Spirit has spoken. Look at this recent assessment of medical care in the U.S.--
Greed and power is its undoing. After the system implodes, I hope we can work together to built our 'bridge' between the world of Spirit and the world of Medicine. We can go back to the days of the Kahuna once again.


Reiki Doc