Monday, February 25, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 26

May 31, 2008
Arturo came to me yesterday while I was at Garden Walk. He was quiet and sad. I asked why? He had seen his mother’s anguish over his death. He saw the truth in his mother’s heart. He was sad he had misread her—how hard she had worked to care for her children. It was not that she didn’t care. She was so busy. He was upset he had to pass on to see it. He can’t say he’s sorry.
A:  (touches my leg) It is all right now. God will have  a comforting. I got to go to her in her dream. I said everything I had to say. “I am sorry. So very sorry I had that drink—I am a drunk—and had to die because of it.” My mother understands. My mother understands. My mother understands. I will come back as one of her grandchildren. One of my brother’s sons. I will get to look a lot like me (How I did). She will get to help raise me (I will live with her.). Almost the same name as your baby…I will bring joy to her life…I will be appreciative. (rubs my arm).
God has worked everything out for the best. I am okay with it. I am okay with it. I am okay with it.
Your soul won’t have that hole/gap that lies open, the one I saw when I first passed, your sorrow of the spirit. Thy will is blessed! Your heart will be happy. Everything is going to be wonderful and happy. There will be no more tears. Only laughter and blessings.
Amiga, I felt everything up here—I feel it so much, your heart, your agony, all of your vibration. It is blessed what you have accomplished as a spirit in this lifetime. Now you can rest, be at peace. God wants you to kick back. I want to thank you (shakes my hand) for listening to me and guiding me and for letting me pass. I didn’t want to be a vegetable in a comatose body. “What for?” you asked while I thought the same. (I was floating above your machine by the door)
God will take care of everything. For both of us. You will be happy. Good Luck. Have a good life! I will get back to you.