Saturday, February 23, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 24

March 17, 2008
The fourteen year old wiry boy that died in the O.R. with five anesthesiologists working on him came back as he had promised...
Me: Where are you? (I could see him staring at me intently, looking at my spirit, my soul, trying to comprehend all of the afterlife.) Where are you going to go?
Boy; I am going to hang around for awhile. To visit my family. Love and family. Love and family. Love and family.  I will open it for us. That is the lady’s role. “When I connect to her I understand the immortal, the infinite.” It is the way of life for the woman to connect with the man to enlightenment. That is why the mother loves the son on earth so strongly. She gives him the spiritual as well as a physical life, for as long as she lives and after from the body the spirit if she chooses. (I can’t believe I am talking like this, by the way, I am SMART!)
That is why the man needs a woman so much, but only at the right strength.
You blew your lovers out—short-circuited them. They could not take the turbulence and miracle within you. All of them want ‘happy happy blessed happy joy joy.” It takes a man of infinite strength both of the body and the spirit to transform it into something of importance for the woman at a time of her transit in the body and the flesh to the spirit mode. (ed - when she has sex. My lovers have looked at me in surprise and said 'you are glowing!' I never saw anything, but perhaps I did?)
In dying on February 6 (ed- the date of major surgery I had in 1990) you accomplished that from heaven. A seed was started and it grew into a Christmas tree farm! (He smiles) All of them are cut and on stands so you don’t have to stand all of them! They Bless Jesus and smell very very nice.
God is good, if only you can get through all this.
I have a message; I am Happy. I want him to be aware of that. I want you to tell him (the doctor that took care of him) when I give you the sign. (ed-I actually did tell the surgeon. I think it was Mark Taylor, too)
I am older than you now (laughs) and older than the hills. I am lucky to be here on the side of God. Thank you for hearing my call/when I spoke to you I was unhappy. I am really really blessed. I will pray in intercession for my family.
I love you very very much. I thank you.
Your friend in Heaven,
The 14 y.o. boy that died on the table in OR 8 and messed up the anesthesia circuits. (ed--they were filled with his blood, the breathing circuits)
Try to get some rest. You did good work yesterday. I saw a lot of it. God Bless you for working so hard and missing your family.
I am blessed to know you.
From the body spirit life
Your friend from Earth in Heaven (rubs my hair)
I am a good kid. (Pinches my cheek)
Over in heaven we have fun! I want you to let everybody know all that on earth. It is Happy!