Friday, February 15, 2013

First Witnessed Intraoperative Reiki at My OR

One of my Reiki Students is from Hawaii. He is a scrub tech, very amiable, very outspoken, and very funny. For example, he often plays music for us in the O.R. with his Pandora account. He made the offhand comment the other day, 'I have over four hundred stations on Pandora. They keep telling me to upgrade. Ya think I should do it?' I cracked up. Hello! Duh! It's only four dollars a month! His sense of humor is to state the obvious in a funny way.

He has done hearts in Texas, and like me, was rejected from the Heart Room at our hospital because of 'personality conflict' with the surgeon. My old heart surgeon was amazing, technically, and so good he could 'have fun while he worked'. Except for the most delicate cases, where he needed to concentrate, we had music playing and talked with joy while he worked. The entire O.R. was happy. Apparently this tech came from a place of 'that kind' of excellence, where work was a joy. Where I work now has excellence in the heart program too, of course. But this surgeon is very 'old school' and 'needs silence to concentrate' the entire case.

This tech seeks me out with questions about 'what is going on'. He showed me an article about Sandy Hook, and asked me what I think. If you have been reading and doing research on the ways of the Dark Hats, you would have the gist of my reply to him.

He bowed his head and said, 'I just can't believe that!' and shook his head from side to side.

'I'm sorry, but it's TRUE.' The rituals and 'religion' of the Dark Hats is darker than anyone would guess.  It is hard to accept. My acceptance is from a testimony at the very end of a link in the Cobra's Little Red Pill (on the Portal2102 website or Kauilapele's website)--a survivor of a genuine concentration camp, whose job was to bury the bodies from the crematorium and got sent back to the states to be a janitor at a Jesuit school--it was what this witness said that made me believe. He saw everything. (If you are doubting what is true, read the links of what the survivors have to say. Like him. And of  Monarch Mind Control and MK Ultra. Their tales will haunt you, and yet resonate with your heart center, as Truth.)

But we moved on.

'Watch! I am connecting to this patient's aura now!' I said to the tech (this is not the one I had the crush on before. This one is married to a massage therapist and Piloxi instructor--pilates kick boxing classes. My earlier crush 'faded out', 'fizzled', and I am so glad it did.) I said this while having my back to the patient and facing him! It was imperceptible to the eye, but 'right on' with the energy work. I felt very little life force. This patient was going to die, the disease load was everywhere, energetically. I did not say the operation would be a 'success' and yet it would 'recur' and lead to succumbing to the disease.)

"I can feel the Bovie when they use it on the patient when I am connected." I said. "I can feel the sensory and motor nerve testing on spine cases, and the shocks from extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) too when I am hooked into their aura.' I gestured what it feels like to my aura--'shock! shock! shock!' It doesn't hurt. It's just energy and you feel it because it is strong.

He thought it was cool. I explained in severe cases, there are typically dark entities (DE's) and many negative entities (NE's) and I step aside metaphysically and ask Archangel Michael to clear them out and put light into my patient's energetic system. This one had three DE's. I explained how most adults have five attachments, how many disembodied souls have not crossed and are 'actively seeking' an energy system to 'parasite' for survival itself! When our auras get weakened by strong negative emotions, they 'attach' in a millisecond without our being aware of it.

He asked how I can do this without getting affected? I reassured him I was assessed, cleared, and given the golden mesh of protection. This process takes at least five weeks to complete. What I did not say, is that all of my students, my Twitter followers, my Facebook 'likes', and the regular readers of this blog automatically get this service, for free. I 'publish' my book one chapter at a time, on this blog, instead of through traditional publishing (I had hoped for online version to help me pay for retirement). This supports the 'energy exchange' of one hundred fifty dollars Spirit requests for each clearing and assessment and protection that is given. I see it as a way to decrease suffering and 'level the playing field' that the Dark Hats have so seriously stacked against us in this life....You now have your OWN energetic system, which is parasite-free, and you are given a free pass so that no more will attach unless you invite them. Drugs and poor life-choices that lower the Vibration weaken the aura, as does strong anger and other strong negative thinking over lengths of time. The 'attachments' are guided to the Light, where they find nuturing, warmth, love, and compassion. So energetically, it is a Win-Win, not an 'exorcism' where the attachments 'die'. Exorcism is too strong of a work, actually, but at the moment I can't think of another one that 'fits'.

I saw St. Michael standing behind the Scrub Tech, patting him on the back, as I finished the Reiki treatment on the patient. The whole thing took about three minutes, and I shared with the tech what I saw. He laughed and smiled.

He does not know that with Reiki, by the time you get to the Reiki Master level, you are 'open' enough to see many of these Ascended Masters and Archangels--or at least 'feel their presence'--yourself!

It felt good to share this work openly with another in real time. Yesterday was a fantastic moving forward for Doctors With Reiki.

I also used my Reiki to calm down not one but two angry surgeons. I was thanked by a scrub tech (female) for 'everything you did' in that case afterwards. And another different scrub tech-number three!--said my music selection was excellent and that 'music soothes the savage beast'. He could see the surgeon calm down before his eye. What he didn't see, was the Reiki I was giving at the same time, connecting right to the surgeons' heart center, and sending Unconditional Love and Light along with the music as I took care of the patient, who was in 'Twilight Sleep' and very comfortable.


Reiki Doc