Sunday, February 17, 2013

Healing Candle 7: Bali Sunrise

If you have walked with me through the Candle Series, I have released major attachments through the burning of each one. The flame was a focal point for my Spirit to release that which had a hold on me: failed loves, tribal beliefs passed down to me through my parents, my perceptions of 'Paradise' and my earthly 'wants and needs', for example.

Now I am a blank slate.

I am ripe to co-create. We have the ability to manifest whatever we wish. And I have my heart OPEN to co-create something more wonderful than I could imagine!

If you ask me, Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction has a big gaping hole in the concept: the 'Or Something Better'. Many people make lists and time lines and goals. It bores me to tears to have to listen to that. It is like watching Sesame Street. Don't get me wrong, I love Ernie and Burt. But they are 'not my speed', if you get my drift.

Part of the joy of co-creation is having Spirit work with you.

When I needed a bigger car to haul all the mom duties around with the family, I went to Volkswagen and looked at 'what I could afford'. I was shocked by the aggressiveness of the sales man to push for a sale. He even hit on me as if I was a cougar! A MILF, that I have been called, but not Cougar! ICK!

I went away for three months. Every day I prayed, I need a new car but Dad, you are in Heaven when I need you now! Send help to me, Daddy! Send help! How I miss you and how on earth can I buy a CAR without you? S.O.S. These car salesmen use every psychological trick to sell their cars!

One night, on the say to Souplantation, inspiration hit--check out the local Mercedes-Benz. My OB friend loves her GLK. She absolutely raves about it! Sure enough, it was the kids who fell in love with a different car--a black station wagon. I drove both, and none really 'connected' with me. I had to go and sleep on it. The salesman was classy, and only shared that the station wagons were good and he drove one that was like, twenty years old, a diesel, and it was going to run forever.

I got a tremendous deal on that car. It was a close out from the last year. The kids had blurted out we needed to buy it to bring home the tree for the holidays. When it was time to close the deal, the clincher was that the kids offered to pay almost everything they had to get that car. To 'help mommy'. I caved. I signed the papers. I took on the loan. And every day since, I have 'fallen in love' and 'found something new' with this car. It meets our needs perfectly. (I have to admit, one of my criteria was for the new car to fit two Reiki tables in it, and it does!)

Co-creation is not instant. But it is deeply rewarding, pleasant, and our birthright from the Divine. Ask Spirit to help you. Ask Spirit to know your Pie-In-The-Sky dream. Then add 'Or Something Better'. Just know that when the time is right, you shall be delighted with what follows. You have to do your part too (it is co-creating, isn't it?). Do the legwork. Do the research. And possibilities that are 'uncanny' will happen. That is how the Universe works.

With Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc