Sunday, February 17, 2013

Operating Room of the 'Very Near Future'

Please read/watch the information in this link:


Now let us have an open discussion AFTER you have taken in the five following facts, with my anesthesia input:

  1. Technology IS available to focus an ultrasound beam. Just not this strong. I do TEE.
  2. We use sound waves (shock waves) to break kidney stones in the O.R. Anesthesia is needed. I have a concern about the demo in the video of the patient lying on their stomach and sliding in to the MRI tube. I don't see how tissue can be altered without some pain experienced by the patient.
  3. At UCLA during residency, I did anesthesia for surgery in an 'Open MRI Scanner'. The table was suboptimal for positioning for the needed central lines (no Trendelenberg, with risk of air embolus into patient). I had special MRI compatible equipment, and very long tubes and cables. The table would spin/rotate to put the head into the scanner. I had to make sure my breathng circuit and iv were okay. I also was the only person not allowed to leave the scanner and got exposed to a lot of MRI. Everyone else left the room to go into the control booth.  My point is that the 'check it and make sure it is gone' technology also exists.
  4. The current non-invasive treatment for fibroids is arterial embolization. Although it is done through a small puncture in the leg, and the patient leaves that same day, it hurts like crazy for the next two weeks as the fibroid 'dies' inside. (I elected for myomectomy with the robot--see June 2012 blogs for my 'inside' perspective as a patient)
  5. All neurosurgery (except for 'awake' procedures where they 'map' the brain before they 'cut')are done on completely relaxed patients. They are paralyzed by my muscle relaxants--think 'curare'--so that no accidental movement makes the surgeon 'miss' while he cuts. How is that head scanning tumor ultrasound device going to 'hit target' if the patient is awake? I don't know.
That being said, I am all for advancements. I am 100% in support of non-invasive technologies. I hope that all hospitals will stop the cutting and poking and somewhat 'barbaric' methods of 'healing' because we just don't have anything 'better' to do. This is 'all that we know', at this time. 

It is my hope that the pioneering work of energy medicine-trained allopathic-healers will create a bridge from 'now' to 'the future', and that Spirit will guide us as fast as possible across that bridge to a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, and where illness is caught as early as possible before the need to poke or cut human flesh. And the flesh of our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom too.


Reiki Doc