Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Healing and You

Today I had the honor of joining with @Lightworker Community for a special, Valentine's Day 'Portal' combined healing. Many of you signed up for this. And as a specially-aded blessing in the 'Wrinkle in Time', this Healing shall ripple out into the future, in case any new Lightworkers 'waking up' would like to be a part of it. It is 'Retroactive' and 'Forward' into Time.

The healing began with a collective Clearing from our Heart Centers. Much of the Karma that was due to be released, the very tiny seeds of it, were targeted both by myselif and with some help from Sai Maa. Her Sai Maa Diksha was directed and the head (to the pineal gland, where the seeds of karma reside), and my hands were upon the heart.

There was a lot of clearing, a lot of 'baggage' being 'let go' collectively.

A lot of breath work was then directed, both by myself, and with the help of Healing Angels, to Open Your Heat more than it has ever been. There was toning work with Karuna Reiki as well. Spirit Guide Lynx, in the form of a Bobcat, came to assist, too.

As a result, each of your energy systems 'opened' and a small spiral vortex of White Light began to spin. It is vertical, about six centimeters diameter, and goes through the top of your head down deep into the core of the earth.. These vortexes (or vortii?) had a filament of Light interconnect with one another. We covered the globe, with each Point of Light connecting with those nearest like a 'hub' of an airport with all its flights to other places on a map Each of you is a 'hub' like an airport would be on that map. All beings healed included you, your deceased Loved Ones, and your Heart Connections currently including children, significant others, family (extended), and pets.  For these others, their Light to help them 'waking up' is being shined upon their hearts by you.

Once the clearance was complete, bright green Light of Unconditional Love has been and is still being given. It is to last twenty-four hours. It is nourishment for your Heart Centers.  The Archangels added Golden Light to the Healing Mix.

When each individual has had an amount sufficient to match their amount of healing that is 'enough' for their 'need' , the flow will gently stop.

One individual being healed came to me in Spirit, and I was guided to help them experience the joy of changing form in the higher dimensions. With my assistance, we explored the marvels of life as a dolphin together. It was a little 'new' for this person, and within a short time, I helped us to 'change back'. I had to smooth out the form somewhat, because this 'one' got 'stuck' with a fin I had to help change back into an 'arm' where the left arm should have been!

As a result of this healing, each of you shall be ready for the Advanced Healing with Light opportunity as it shall come available. There are Lightworkers in the wings with special places of deep healing on a soul level who have been making preparations for you. In your Dream Time, if you are presented with something that is a cross between a Light 'Tent' and a Light 'Sleeping Bag', it is safe to go in. You have been prepared for this next step. Be sure to ask your guides if you are uncertain before you agree to go inside.

The last part of today's healing was to address your Third Eye. It has been given a blessing to open it, help it see more, and to see more clearly on your path.

Your painful memories from your past have been 'diluted' somewhat. The energy that they had to made your emotions 'sad' and 'angry' and 'upset' have lost their power over you. Only the 'good' memories shall be available for you to enjoy with 'fondness'.

If your Living Situation is 'not the best' as far as on a Vibrational Level with someone who is 'Dragging Your Down' energetically, solutions will become clearer to you because of your Third Eye's increase in functioning. Listen to your heart and you will know what to do. No problem is too complex for you and your angels. You are a team, together, and you can count on them like you can count on the fingers of your hand. They are THAT present!

Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, all functioning together with a Miracle of Light...

That is my gift to You for this Valentine's Day. Combined with the Lightwork of Lightworker Community.

Please pause for a short meditation now, and listen to this before you leave this page:

The Boss wrote this song for Patti Scialfa. It is the sound of the dance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. And you can hear Clarence Clemmons on sax. If the images are distracting, just close your eyes and watch your own 'movie' instead as you listen to the words.

Namaste, Much Love, and ALOHA!!!

Reiki Doc