Monday, February 18, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 21

December 20, 2007
ASA 6  in Room 3 
Hi. (Dark Mexican man)
(He had asked for someone to get news to his father in mexico so he wouldn’t worry when contact was lost. I prayed—someone will send a newspaper clipping.)
I want to thank you for your time. When I got out. I was refreshed. Your spirit it wore off on me. In that short time. G. learned a lot that day…as my heart stopped in agony (ed: agonal rhythm)
Thank you for showing that my heart…taught…so that someone else may live if it happens in the OR with him, Dr. G. Dr. G. Dr. G.
God has something special for him. And also for you (shows me a baby in a christening gown, in his arms, looks at the baby and up at me and smiles.)
It is for you. Thou shalt be happier than K.W. (a friend) and more radiant when that time is near. The baby will not be jealous (of the new pregnancy). Only very proud of you, his mommy that ‘got his friend for me.” (gestures to tummy). God loves you. (pats my head). God has made a miracle. Only for life.
She was right. That other young lady. God is opening another heart ‘so I can talk to you” most tenderly.
Have patience. And loving. Lorelei.  (God wants you to look it up, the term, 'Lorelei').
I don’t want you to know my name. “An angel in the sky”
___ _______ _______ 
Lorelei -- teutonic for ‘destruction’. This is what he chose to call me. This is not the first time I have been called this name by Spirit. Also see and For an image of a Lorelei, click here Apparently this is the name of a mermaid of a river Rhine who sits on a rock, too. Pretty accurate for someone who turns off the ventilator/anesthesia machine during 'procurement', isn't it?

ASA 6 -- organ donor
Dr. G -- my resident for the day, a first-year
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