Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sicilians Do Not 'Juice'

this crystal looks like both a Light Box and Brioschi, an Italian antacid.

I had the most interesting conversation with my patient. I can't say who they were, or why they were there, exactly. But I knew Spirit was having a 'POINT' for me to 'grow on' so now I am sharing it with you:

Patient presents for minor surgery. This is elective to relieve chronic pain. This patient also has a serious disease that will never go away. I scan the labs. There is evidence of active disease process.

There is a chance that the effect of my anesthesia medications will 'bump up' the labs even more. I warn of that possibility, and instruct to work with their physician who is managing their condition to give 'supportive care' and monitor the labs until they go down.

'I am vegan. For one week now!',  the patient shares with a big smile, 'Someone told me that my disease would go away if I went vegan. I am juicing now too!'

I smiled. I disclosed that I am on that path too. I did not say anything about the possibility of 'cure' from the diet changes from going vegan. I did, however, refer this patient to a place I go eat and enjoy. I said to 'tell chef I sent him'.  It is important to be supported in the process of going vegan, and it is a healing place overall.

'First start with Love on the table', my friend Mai had advised. 'Then you can heal great things, accomplish much!'

She is right.

In the Sicilian home dinner time is sacred. You don't miss it. And Sunday night is the best dinner of all. The family is there, and the joy at sharing a table, if only for the few minutes it takes for the family to eat, is a medicine for the soul. There are the courses, first the cut up vegetables like carrot sticks and celery. There is bread and butter. And next comes the meat. There is not a lot of meat in the day to day, but if there is meatball or ragu, it is served separately from the pasta. Then there is pasta! My grandfather could eat a huge pile of it! With gusto! We add cheese and sauce to taste, but the noodles are stained red from a little bit of the sauce so the pasta won't stick. After this is salad. There is ONE salad dressing, oil and vinegar. And that's it! At the end of the meal, we have fruit.

After the dishes are clean, we make coffee. Dark, oily, cinnamon-y coffee. Then there are the cookies. Italian cookies are hard and not that sweet. I love them.

Our tradition, as my ancestors all were farmers and bakers (my great grandfather, maternal side, was a left handed farmer. He had all special tools made only for him! I am left-handed too, and he is the only one in the family. I must have inherited it from him.) We were poor and lived close to the land. We eat seasonal food, grown as much as possible in the yard. You don't have to think about it--it just IS--and we try not to overcook the food. You get cannoli maybe once or twice a year for the big holidays. They take all day to cook!

Can a vegan diet cure a major, life-altering disease? Some say yes. I SAW the target organ in surgery. It was more messed up than my patient probably would have guessed. Is this salvageable? I don't know.

Why did I encourage this patient, and share some of my personal food choices? I sensed it was therapeutic.

On the deepest level, I think the energy from vegan (cruelty free) diet, and the more 'pure' form in the raw vegan diet, is only a start. It is the energy healing itself that is going to reverse the major diseases of the flesh. And this will be done with advanced forms of Reiki that is in new technology such as Light boxes.

So what did I do while they were operating? I scanned the aura. Sure enough, there were two Dark Entities attached to the aura, a Major and a Minor in just the area of the chronic pain! They are not there now. I enlisted the help of my healing guides. I also was directed to 'attune' this patient to Reiki 1. I did. This is not so much to 'turn them Reiki' but to facilitate an opening of the natural energy pathways for healing in this patient. There is so much more to medicine than what meets the eye. In so many ways!

The bottom line is everyone needs Hope. Everyone needs access to some way to raise their Vibration. Vegan food is awesome, and I am drifting toward that for most of my meals. But I enjoy my pasta. And  my bread. And pecorino cheese. And FIGS! Those things are imprinted on my soul.

I have a juicer, a 'Juice Man' and it makes foam. I don't mind. I do think it's a shame for all the fiber to go out the back end into the bucket on that juicer. It seems a waste.

My blender is the one my parents bought to make baby food for me. It is antique and I really love it. It purees soup better than my immersion blender I tried out last night.

I don't need a Vitamix. Or anything fancy. It is not in my heritage.

If you have a terrible disease, listen up! Listen to your body! Get quiet enough that you can get to know it. It IS your best teacher, for some of the most important lessons you will ever experience. Try to find what RESONATES with your heart center, and then follow it. No matter what, there are no mistakes, only experiences, as 'lessons'. You have all eternity to 'get it right'. Don't let the biological clock, your literal 'biological clock' stress you so much that you don't learn from the lessons that your body has created for you.


Reiki Doc