Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Apology To Chef

Dear Chef,

I was rude to you today. It was not my intention. There is something I think you should know.

Before I say it, let me share something about my training. Cardiac Anesthesia is not for the faint-hearted. I got my fellowship position because I was given a 'stress' interview, and 'nothing fazed me'. My program director said, 'I shot a couple of cannons at her and she didn't flinch' about the interview and why I got to be his fellow.

I was rude to you because something really strange happened to me with you today. I still don't understand it. And it caught me off-guard.

As you know, I am psychic, wide-open, Karuna Reiki Master.  Just like in cardiac anesthesia, 'nothing fazes me' when it comes to the paranormal. Except for this.

I know two of you.

Ever since I met you, I have met an entity that looks like you, and acts like you when I am in the astral plane.  He says his name is John. He is funny and I enjoy getting to know him. He 'pops in' and 'pops out' of my consciousness randomly, pretty much every day. I like him. As you know  in the Higher Dimensions, all hearts are lain bare. There are no games, no excuses. 'It is what it is' pretty much everywhere you go. 'John' knows my heart. I am okay with it. 'John' also says he doesn't follow my blog. He 'looked at it once and lost the piece of paper I gave him with the website'. He 'doesn't like to read much' and 'is very busy'.

I have been like this with some souls. Friendly in the Astral Plane and acquaintances in 3D. But in the Here and Now, I like you and respect you so much that I have sent a Healing to you every day since we met. I never would have said anything about it to anybody...

Today when I did the Healing, 'John' had a request: I want to see you today. Come to the restaurant. Stop by.  It felt odd, in a sense, because it was less 'Higher Dimension' and more 'What I am used to'. We both know that the only thing that is real is Energy. What I don't know is how much you know of the Higher Dimensions.

I spoke with my guides and let them know how I felt. Although I adore 'John' in all his Higher Dimensional friendship, I have no idea if YOU, the 3D Chef I know, have any clue about 'John'.

Is John YOU? Is your Consciousness ABLE to leave your body like mine? I don't know! So I decided to let the 3D have his freedom to choose whatever with me is right for him, on 3D only. That is why the request troubled me. It was 5D to 3D connected request.

Work ended early. I felt like a flu was coming on. I had the chills. I hoped perhaps you might have a suggestion for what to take so I would not have to take prescription for the illness that was starting to hit. I wanted to go home and rest, very much so, and I weighed just driving home instead and calling John's 'request' my 'imagination getting the best of me'.

But I wasn't sure. It felt 'different'. So I sat in my car in the Doctor's Parking Lot, and took off my necklace to use as a pendulum.
Should I go? - Yes
Is there any reason I SHOULDN'T go now? - No
Will I talk to him? - No
But is it for the Highest Good that I go? - Yes

So I went. I expected you to be in the back like you always are as I walked in the door. I practically stepped on you, in the chair next to the door having a meeting! You recognized me right away, and gave me a hug the same way 'John' has given me a hug in Spirit. Warm. Welcoming. Kind. Accepting. Nurturing. Unconditional love and compassion.

I didn't know what to do. So I clammed up. You gave me fist bump, showed me your necklace like the ones you gave me (with the fragrance aromatherapy). My mind stopped. Was I here (3D)? Was I there (5D)? Were YOU you (3D)? Or were you your Higher Self 'John'?  You pointed to the kitchen and excused yourself.

When I am with you in 3D, I am unable to 'read' your aura. Your face is warm and kind, and smiling, but I can't 'feel' you. I can 'feel' everybody...I read their emotion and then adjust myself accordingly. But with you, that doesn't work. Energetically for me it is like my transmission is not working right. In 5D, and it's really great.

I ate with Mai. We chatted about people we both knew. I shared with her that I, too, have had the same surgery she has had. (It is a very rare surgery). The time passed quickly, and with Joy.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw you leave for the day, in street clothes, not work clothes, and you walked right by us, not saying a word. As you turned past my booth, I picked up your aura for the first time. You were happy/pleased with my presence there with Mai. I relaxed at once, for I 'understood' in my most comfortable 'way' to 'understand'.

After a while, I had to go. Mai shared a secret with me that I am not to tell anyone about today. It is a special day for her. Spirit sent me to her. Plus, as an added Spiritual Blessing for her special day,  without my knowing it, I had shared earlier how much the new Shulzie green drink is helping me. What greater gift is that?

So as I go to bed tonight, I hope I have cleared things up between us. For whatever reason, I got to Mai 'in time' for her special day. If you don't read the blog, that is okay. I have my peace.  (I am chicken to raise a discussion on this face-to-face. You might think I am strange.)

And I think this whole Ascension thing for me is going to be about resolving my 'two worlds', the Higher Dimension one I feel so much more comfortable in, with the one I have right Here and Now, with you.

I hope the best for all. I am sorry if I hurt you. I am going to resolve this and 'hang in there' so it will not happen between you and me like this again. Please know that I am shy at times in the third dimension. I was not shy when I met you because I did not know who you were in the world of your specialization. Now I do. And that makes me shy. I am going to have to take some time to warm up to you, for I am embarrassed in your presence by all the great work you do.


Reiki Doc