Thursday, February 28, 2013

Think With Your Heart and Dream Big!

February has been 'think with your heart' month. One of the greatest abilities of the heart center, is to manifest a dream into 'reality'. It is the consistency of the desire for this, and the willingness to work on it, together that can create a future in which that dream 'manifests'.

An example of this is the olympic gold medalist who dreams of winning the gold, imagining every day what it is like on the podium with the national anthem playing, swims hard each day in practice, for many years, and makes that dream come true.

When I saw this image, my heart leapt in my chest! It was real! I thought. It was my dream I have had since I was sixteen and took my first class in French.

Ever since I heard of the Cote D'Azur I wanted to visit it. Have I been? No. Not even looked at a travel book.

Why? Because as I got older, I 'saw' this house, a rented villa, white white color, high on a hill overlooking the ocean. There are rooms there. I am not alone. I am with a special person, someone who will be in my life for a long time. Someone with whom I am deeply in love. We walk to the beach and go swimming. We come back all sandy and full of sun. We make our own food, something simple, like bread and cheese and fruit. There is no worry, no stress, and no end to this vacation.

I go over it in my mind again and again.

I realize now, in fact, I have been doing something in the meantime to make this dream come true: I have been working through all of my 'issues'. I have jettisoned my 'baggage' left and right, fearlessly and with much introspection I can say, 'I know who I am. I know myself. My past is not me.' I have discovered my Truth.

I wouldn't have been much fun on my trip if I had sought it before I was 'whole' and 'emotionally optimized' for such friendship.  Now it can be enjoyed thoroughly when the time is right. I can wait for it to be perfect. <3

What is your dream?

March is the month of Dreaming. Pisces are known for that. They also make excellent lovers, according to the astrologers. This is because they are the most spiritually advanced of the twelve signs. Aries is for 'new souls'. Each incarnation progresses to the following sign with spiritual advancement. As a result, Pisces is the 'last' rung on the 'ladder'. So let us reach deep into our Piscean qualities, and spend the next month 'Dreaming with our Hearts'.


Reiki Doc