Friday, March 1, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 30

July 5, 2008
(Note- as of July 2009 she was still alive. I checked online, and she has a Facebook fan page)
Julia Vinograd:   So what do you think of my book Street Cannibals now? Would you have bought it on the street?
me:   yes.
JV:   was it accurate?
me:   yes
JV:    was I ahead of my time always thinking forward?
me:   yes.
JV:   you stole the bubbles idea from me—it was I who had infected you.
 (ed - at Children's Hospital where I volunteered, I used to blow bubbles for the children being 'stitched up' in the ER. They used to scream with terror because they were strapped onto 'Papoose Boards' to hold them down. Somehow, the bubbles always worked. It was magic to see them smiling while the E.R. doc sewed them up. I wore a small vial of them around my neck at all times.)
me:   were you ever a mother?
JV:   Of my body? No. Of my spirit to the masses—yes. I was “earth mother’ of sorts.
me:   I was afraid of you.
JV:   That tells you a lot huh? (about yourself) A bubble –blowing street lady overweight.
me:   yes.
JV:   I had a previous engagement.
me:   to marry?
JV:   yes. I didn’t want to be anyone else’s wife.
me:   It didn’t do me much good.
JV:   Let me tell you something. There are ways and there are times (she looks at me earnestly) I did it my way when it was my time. Why do you wait honey?
me:   because I am afraid. The one I am attracted to is somehow not right.
JV:   It is right. Open it—your heart. Not--'open it close to him'. Open it ONLY for him. Can you do that, honey?
me:   yes.
JV:   It is right. It is right. I wanted to talk to you about something-about this doctor thing-it is not all it’s cracked up to be. Never let your spirit rest on ‘thy accomplishments’ and laurels. Always be curious and humble about the body/spirit/flesh. With arms open and embracing. Both of you have your assignment of the body/spirit/light. One is to love each other openly and honestly as the night is day (sleep together). The other is to hold hands as you walk towards the light. That will make a signal to guide others. Whatever else is curious along the way, enjoy it and investigate it much. God has a higher purpose for it.
me:   how do you open a heart?
JV:   say quietly under your breath ‘I open my heart to you and to you alone brother X of the body/spirit/light” Say that under your  breath whenever you are near him. Soon it shall become second nature.
me:   are you happy?
JV:   I am . I found my rest. My life was hard on me. I might come back. But not to you, you have your family. I want to go back to Berkeley. They way it was--so glorious, so wonderful! Back in the day. I wanted to talk to you about something else:   Blessed Mother is gloriously divine. You are blessed so much to notice her. She loves you, like a child, like Jesus. God will take good care of you because of it. Help others. You are worthy of your task. That is all.
God Bless you.
I believed in God. Even though I didn’t look it. I am an angel now because of it.
The Bubble Lady
Julia Vinograd
Poet of the streets
God has poetry and justice for your heart.