Friday, March 15, 2013

Reiki for OR Injury

See that curved vessel around one o'clock on this anatomic diagram of the heart? That is the aorta. Today, a scrub tech got stabbed with the knife that is used on the aorta during heart surgery. The scalpel, a long, thin, sharp blade on a handle like an exacto knife, was tossed carelessly by the surgeon and the tech's hand got hurt on it. It went all the way to the bone.

Instead of being in on the case, he was in the doctor's lounge talking about the injury with The Prominent Orthopedic Surgeon. (see earlier blog post).

I offered Reiki. I said, 'Here, let me see..' and I gently took the hand into my own. I felt the Reiki flowing, and The Prominent Surgeon said, 'Oh, you have that...stuff... what is it called?'

I kept giving Reiki, smiled and said, 'Woo?'

'No, that is not the name!'
'Yeah, that's it!'

I muttered to the tech, Reiki will hurt a little at first but it is going to make it heal faster.
The tech, who I know well and have worked with for years, watched in amazement as I worked.

I could 'sense' that he could feel the 'heat' from my hands, but was not saying a word.

You know, it is strange but I am having a much better time being accepted at my workplace than by some others in the 'raw vegan' community. More people know than not what I do. They don't know me as 'Reiki Doc' yet, but a handful are following this blog.

Today one of the other techs, who was a model for my patient 'Sam', asked to taste my raw vegan bread. He said it would taste good with cream cheese. I had spread hummus on it, with avocado, and rolled it like a burrito. Everybody else was like, what is THAT?!

It made me feel wonderful after I ate it.

Meanwhile, my friends and some of the servers at my place I hang out, look at me funny because I can see ghosts!

Go figure! Those with the highest vibrations, in theory, are less accepting? I think all of us at the O.R. must have been healers together in the past or something.

Wednesday, my dear friend, who I work with her husband, says 'he always sneaks to Vancouver when he is at conference. He is so happy, I think he had a past life there.'

I smiled. He was the one that suggested to me to go there in the first place. It turned out my Reiki Master son and I were together. I was daughter of Chief, and he was son of my friend. I was childless--almost died in childbirth and lost the baby. Uterus was damaged and my father's quick thinking saved my life from the hemorrhage. I felt so familiar with my friend when I met her. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us lived together in that life back then too?


Reiki Doc