Thursday, March 21, 2013

Llama Llama And Their Mama

Woo alert!

This is a story about what actually happened with Reiki use in the O.R.  The names of the characters have been changed into 'Llamas'' to protect, well, to protect! LOL

Once upon there was a Llama. Just like all good llamas, this one was very edgy, and wound too tight. With mama llama right there with her 'not so little llama', this Llama Llama had the audacity to tell the surgeon what to do. And how!  I will take 'this' procedure and not 'that' procedure for the surgery.  Well, 'that' procedure is the bread and butter of this specialists' ability to heal. How else can disease of that particular organ system be visualized?

In fact, the surgeon warned me about Llama Llama an entire case in advance! Surgeon was 'just trying to be friendly' but I saw between the lines. Again, at the bedside, the pre-op nurses pulled me aside, making sure to let me know 'what was up' with patient Llama Llama and their mother Llama Llama.

When I met the patient, that was my first impression--I am taking care of a llama! Wow, mother looks like a llama too!  Big brown eyes. Long neck, and thin. Very very thin. And as I spoke further with the pair, the combined energy felt like llama: did you know that sometimes angry llamas spit?

Fortunately for me, I enjoy all animals, even the not-so-nice and sometimes a little-in-your-face ones. In fact, they give me opportunity to use my skill I have that sets me apart from the rest. This is not just Reiki. This is in fact, something that has been developing in me since medical school, and I added a layer of Reiki right on top of it. I call it 'The Cake of Heart with Reiki Frosting on top'.

Completely grounded, and utterly calm, I listened to the patient explain why the wish for no i.v., no anesthesia, no certain equipment used, no yada-yada-yada. With a smile and very grounding energy, I silently took energetic control of the situation. Out of love for fellow man, and for curiosity, I asked a simple question. Always watch out for the ones that ask the simple question. That shows they have read one too many stories about the Buddha! I am just kidding. If a patient tells me 'I don't want anesthesia' and they are scheduled for surgery, then the natural question is to gently ask, 'Why?'.

It turns out the last time was extremely unpleasant and the patient felt 'groggy'.

It turns out that there is a high intake of 'legal but recreational substance'.

It turns out that the dynamic between the mother 'llama' and 'llama' was less-than healthy.

It turns out that the PROFESSION of this 'llama' is so high-strung, that this disease, which is the only time I have seen it in my entire career, is epidemic amongst many of those who are in this line of work.

We go in the O.R. I 'titrate to effect', with very little sedative. I am watching the BIS monitor the whole time. Not even a blip of effect from the versed (anxiolytic benzodiazepine). BIS still sky high, like, 98. Patient llama says they feel it 'working fast'. O.K.

It is times like this experienced anesthesiologists turn to the 'verbal valium'--I have come to discover, through Reiki practice,--that 'verbal valium' is another term for Unconditional Love and Support.  I enjoyed my patient. I asked questions about the Profession--something I knew little or nothing about--with genuine interest. You can't fake genuine interest, even with people on anesthesia drugs. Patients know.

I also said, 'When the surgeon is injecting local, I am going to give you the World's Shortest General Anesthetic--I am going to take you out because I do not want for you to feel the needle and its sting. Are you okay with that?'

Llama agreed.

I showed Llama the BIS monitor, explained what I was doing with it, and where Llama's level of consciousness being read on their own brain wave activity was going to be for the case. Llama watched as I started the deeper sedation, with a great big smile of understanding in a way that totally made sense to them.

Llama took a lot of anesthesia. BIS 70 was my target for 'MAC', monitored anesthesia care. BIS of 70 is brain waveform seen when one has pulled an 'all nighter'. Groggy, slow, but still 'you'.

Through the procedure, patient kept reacting (but fortunately not remembering) even with BIS of 50, which is right in the middle of General Anesthesia range.

I had to run the case at 20, and still, there was some movement to the surgical stimulus, but it was very blunted.

BIS of zero is electrical silence of the brain. You can 'quiet' it, and people do fine, although it is not something you do every day. There is no need.

Where is the Reiki? The entire case I gave 'hands ON Reiki' while pretending to 'adjust' the BIS sticker.

That Reiki poured in through me like I have not seen in a long time.

I also had recently spend three hundred dollars in a good deed. I had bought healthy food to the O.R. potluck for both day and night shift. This food is pricey, but worth it, since the vibration is high. I supported the people who make it, gave the restaurant exposure, and also raised the awareness of Living Food to my colleagues. They are still talking about the food and that was two days ago.

Did you know that a clearing of negative attachments, healing of the aura, sealing it, and installing a golden mesh of protection against further attachments costs, in spirit,  is one hundred fifty bucks? That is the energy equivalent of the healing that is done mostly by spirit, by the Guides of Compassionate Healing. Although I have not been 'designated' to use this healing and make it available (someone else I know and love has that business to support themself), the GCH have made allowances for me to use this in select cases in my work. As 'outreach' and 'compassion' in a limited way. And to access it, I have agreed to do a good deed of the value of one hundred fifty dollars for each person who I designate this process of deep healing to happen. Consent is done on a Soul Level, the guides let me know if it is not 'right' for each person. It is always 'okay' by the soul of the person first.

Well, during hands-on Reiki with llama, I got the notion to ask my friends of GCH to come and help this patient. Guess how many Dark Entities there were in there? There were three! At most I have ever seen was a Major and a Minor--one to learn, one to teach. This was a huge energy drain and source of suffering for this patient! How many Negative Entities were there? Nine. Most adults have only five Negative Entity parasitic energy attachments to their aura. A scattering of them have the Dark Entity--one that actively seeks to generate negative energy by causing pain and suffering to its host.

What is happening to Llama since I accessed this healing is at the minute of commitment, the Dark Entities were removed? The 'souls' of the DE's are negotiated and sent to the Light. Then over the next nine to twelve weeks, possibly sooner, the NE's will be removed on schedule one by one as the aura's energies permit. Then the aura will be healed, balanced, and sealed. Then through a special dispensation a protective gold mesh will be installed on the outermost layer. New attachments cannot come in, unless the host weakens the aura with their negative thought patterns, strong negative emotions, or participating in negative 'recreation' involving chemicals, and other weakenrs of the auric field.

I also 'bought' this healing for mama llama. This thought came when everyone in the O.R. made comment about the mother being a key person contributing to the high strung disposition of llama patient.

There was a wonderful warm glow through my core and my hands as I worked. I also kept the BIS low, which was technically a full general anesthetic, and as I helped maintain the airway for the rest of the case, which ran about thirty minutes, Reiki flowed through my hands.

I also sensed a peace and calm that feels amazing when I do good for somebody without asking for it in return.

Would you like to know a secret? By reading this far, you have earned a gift!

This same healing, if your soul accepts it, has been provided to you.

I publish my book online, one chapter at a time, for free. It was going to put me on the map as a psychic healing Reiki Doctor. Did you know there are six stories out there at the bookstore, in paperback print, with more than half of them from doctors, that are about 'heaven'? They are all international best-sellers. And these are from people who have had one--and only one--near death experience.

None of them work in partnership with source/spirit/etc. every day and bring it to the O.R. and never say a word like me. Except I say a word here in this blog, on Facebook as Doctors With Reiki, and on Twitter as @usui2012. And to my Reiki students. <3

Everyone who clicks, follows, 'likes' gets a chance at this healing--gratis. (that is 'free' in Latin)--if their soul accepts this. The GCH ask the Higher Self of the person before starting the healing process.

I do this because you are WORTH IT and your soul is very precious to me, as it is to all that are in the higher dimensions like the GCH.

You deserve a 'leg up'. If your vibration has got you to the level where might be interested enough in this type of subject, and in learning more, BOOM, I offer this extended hand and help lift you up.

Then you will have enough energy to discover your Purpose in this school called Life. I gently kiss the top of your head, and bless you on your way.

It just is. You are free and the energy exchange has been settled. There is no need to do anything more on your part. Sometimes some give thanks. And others, a handful, continue to follow this blog each and every day.

I love you. This is why I have made this gift.

And the llama? Well, in PACU, there was 'this was EXACTLY what I wanted!' and 'write your name down for me and put it with my stuff' and a lot of talk about yoga. This llama takes a llama yoga class not far from the hospital--surprisingly enough.  I did not write llama off. I saw the opportunity for healing at the root of the disease process: the energy imbalance in the chakras. And I gave this healing too.

As I was putting away my drug box, I had my hat off so llama could not recognize who I was. I heard llama still talking about me while getting put all dressed into the wheelchair to go home. 'What is her name again? Of my anesthesiologist? I REALLY LIKE HER and I want to remember her....'

It was a good case!


Reiki Doc