Sunday, March 10, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 39

October 20, 2008
My beautiful angel! I will make love to you!that is what the father said, is saying, the one that will be fathering your children and giving you a son.
Who am I? Does it matter? Someone that loves you from beyond, someone you have known in life quite precious. I will talk to you from time to time. I want you to trust in me like you always have. I will come back.
I was very rich when you had known me. I was in love with you for a very, very, very long time. You were beautiful. My heart went pitter pat. I never told you. You visited my house twice. As part of a social gathering. Not my hotel in New Orleans (Dr. Moosa). You are not to guess who I am. Daughter it will come to you. Love God.
I will confess I was good to you in my own way. I helped you. You were beautiful and light when I was alive. You are bright and shiny like a diamond, far more pretty and also with worth.
You don’t know who I am?
C:   No. male, yes. But who? No
M:   I died a very very very long time ago. I have been dead since you were married to Mark.
C:   Did I go to your funeral?
M:   Yes.
C:   Did I read at your Rosary Service?
M:   No
C:   Did you grow rice?
M:   Lots of it.
C:   Grandpa Louis?!! (ed - he was Mark's grandfather on the paternal side. A very adorable man. Deaf, but loved to hear me play the piano for him more than anyone I know. Also had a pacemaker. He named it 'Duke'.)
GL:   Are you okay with this?
C:   Yes. How’s Grandma Dorothy?
GL:   Just as beautiful as ever! Holds her right hand with his left, fingers interlaced and raises them. She waves and smiles. I saw you have a picture of us. By that drive through tree. (ed - I have a picture of them in front of that tree in my home today. I look at it and enjoy it every day.)
C:   yes.
GL:   you loved me?
C:   yes.
GL:   you really really really loved me?
C:   yes
GL:   why?
C:   you were the strongest old man I ever met, like my grandfather. You made me laugh and gave me lots of hope.
GL:   (hugs me) Little girl? Something is going to happen to you. From all of us. We have been protecting you. About that boy (names my son's name). Love him very much. Great joy will overwhelm you in about an hour. Something very nice is going to talk to you….
God will be true to you. Trust in us, in God. Everything will happen for the best. You will be proud of your accomplishments when you get to heaven. I will accompany you—later, much much later when you are a prune with much wrinkles…you always will write, the hands will be spared…for this life and the next.
A powerful blessing is going to appear to you. In one hour! God has blessed this (strokes my hair and kisses my head). I love you. Grandma Dorothy does too. Always remember this. I’ll be back.
Louie the Farmer

Reiki Doc