Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preferred Customer H Heaven

Today I went to see Nana Angelina.

Overnight she had gotten an i.v. She looked better. She looked at me when I said her name. There was no conversation.

I held her hand and just sat.

When some time had passed, I got out my Mango Shea Butter Hand Repair Moisturizer, and most importantly, my 5/8 dram of aromatherapy oil called 'Peace'.

I rubbed lotion into both of her hands. I couldn't tell if she liked it, but I knew she didn't DIS-like it. I was careful not to hurt her arthritic hands.

I am not a massage therapist. I took a class back in the nineties once. But what I did next was totally made up, borrowing from Yoga Bill my instructor and Ed who does my hair--I massaged Nana Angelina's head and neck and shoulders. I anointed her with the aromatherapy oil in the spots where Spirit guided. At the first whiff of the scent, Nana smiled, closed her eyes, and relaxed as I worked the oils in.

Her poor neck and shoulders were tight. It must have been painful for her to have them so tight. Although she didn't let out a big yoga 'ahhhhhh' sigh, I could tell she was experiencing relief from her pain.

Then I put both the lotion and oils on her feet that don't walk any more, at least, not without assistance. They look like my feet in shape and size. Mother actually gave me some of her shoes and they fit. They are higher quality than what I am used to. It was like looking into the future, as I worked on her feet with my hands.

Of course the whole time I gave Reiki. That goes without saying. : )

When it was time to go, I gave her a hug.
She hugged back.
She pursed her lips because she wanted a kiss.
I smiled, hugged and kissed her some more, and told her how wonderful a nana she has been to me. That is why I love her.

The entity I call 'the Buddhist' visited me again last night. The one that I have an assignment with, like ahead of us in time. He wanted to clarify his point he made yesterday: the love I feel for her is real. It is the ONLY thing that is real in the Illusion of Duality.

Because of this I was able to go to her, to honor her, and to anoint her with the very highest Vibration there is in Spirit: the vibration of PEACE.

It was healing for both of us.

When the mind is gone so much that one is robbed of the ability to speak, what remains is the ability to love and be loved back. Through all of her deteriorating Alzheimer's disease and emaciated body, Nana knew she was loved today. And wanted me to know I was loved back. Love is the Solution for Everything. Love is a Force of Nature. Love is like Breath. It just is.

You can't control who you love, or why. Only to accept the gift of Love when it arrives  into your life.

Always accept it.

To me Reiki is Love in Action. So is Anesthesia, when it is my life's work.

Love is the Solution For Everything.

Namaste, namaste, namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The title of this post is from the license plate frame of a car in front of me on the freeway onramp. Spirit wanted it to be the title. So there it is. <3

P.P.S. The oil is available through . Peace was a limited edition, but I think if you contact PeacefullScents they will let you know what other choices are available besides the ones on the website. They are a Godsend to me. Here is the